Beetroot, In recent studies, scientists have concluded that one glass of beetroot juice can effectively lower the blood cholesterol and is very beneficial for hearts health.


There is nitrate present in beetroot which opens up blood vessels and entertains proper blood flow through them and removes any congestion or blockage beetroot n blood vessels resulting in lower heart strokes and heart attacks.

Angina patients mostly require medicines containing nitrate in them so it is advisable for them to drink one cup or one glass of beetroot juice daily. Health practitioners say that our soil has natural nitrate which vegetables automatically absorbs mostly those which grows under the ground and beetroot is one of them so eating those vegetables are very healthy for our heart.


Blood pressure when not controlled properly can result in heart attacks and restrict movements of body parts too. Try to include green vegetables which have nitrate in them and beetroot too so your brain and hearts function properly without any damage to them and your overall health also.

Beetroot is a super vegetable with tons of benefits for each part of our body mostly it is ignored by the chefs during cooking but one needs to include it in our diets to gain maximum benefit from it. it is a stamina booster also and improves the flow of blood throughout our body.

If you want to make yourself safe from blood pressure problem drink beetroot juice and see the magic you will not need any medicine again it will cure your problem naturally. Nitrate is a natural chemical found in beetroot which when eaten absorbs into bloodstream protecting our inner. Nitric oxide is a result of this nitrate we take in our body.

Drink beetroot juice for these benefits

What are you waiting for drink beetroot juice daily and get these amazing benefits:
1. Wanna be a healthy human being away from all those adult problems? Drink beetroot juice. It is a study that one who drinks two cups of beetroot juice daily never faces any blood pressure issues. You can also try it and see the amazing results. When you start exercising to reduce those extra pounds include beetroot juice in your diet, it will increase your stamina and you can work out for longer periods of times. Drink beetroot juice for 6 consecutive days and boost your stamina during intense workouts.

2. Beetroots are a good source of healthy substances like fiber, potassium, vitamin C, folate, and anti-oxidants. A cup of beetroot juice contains 100 calories which are considered very healthy. When you eat one beetroot in raw form it has 58 calories so you can choose which way you want to have it, either way, is beneficial for you. Other foods containing nitrate are spinach, radish, celery, and lettuce.
3. There was a study conducted in 2015 which suggested many benefits of beetroot juice one of which was that it lowers the heart failure due to muscle weakness in people it states that when we drink beetroot juice our muscle power increases after two hours so drink beetroot juice more and more.
4. In 2011 there was a study which results that nitrate in beetroot increases blood flow to the bran and helps save old age people from dementia it helps restore cognitive decline beetroot contains high amount of nitrate and when there was MRI done on people consuming it daily it showed increased blood flow in the frontal lobes of their brain. These are associated with thinking and behavior of a person so as it improves there are very fewer chances of memory loss. So it proves beetroot prevent slow dementia.
5. Beetroot has very low calories and is high in energy so it is very helpful for people who are struggling to lose weight. Make smoothies with it and start your day with a pure refreshment.

6. Beetroot has the rich red color which is due to betalains which is a water-soluble antioxidant that prevents the growth of abnormal cells which results in causing cancer in the body. It also fights with the cancer cells so it is very beneficial for cancer patients.
7. Beetroot contains the high amount of potassium which helps our nerves and muscles to function properly as it is a mineral electrolyte. If potassium is very low in a body you are at risk of heart failures but it must not exceed from certain limits so take it in controlled quantities to maintain the optimal level of potassium.
8. Beetroot juice is good for bones and teeth health it also provides calcium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, and copper. It is a good source of vitamin C and protects our cells from damage.
9. It also supports our liver and improves its functioning. The function of the liver can be disturbed due to poor diet, alcohol consumption, and toxic substances intake which can be very harmful to us so beetroot juice reduces fatty acids and keep our liver healthy.

Precautions while taking beetroot

You can experience a startling thing which is taking beetroot may cause your urine turn to pinkish or red don’t worry it is a harmless condition.
If you are patient with low blood pressure try eating beetroot in moderate quantity and not regularly as it can further lower your blood pressure which is not good for you.
If you have kidney stone don’t drink beetroot juice, as beetroot is high in oxalate which makes crystals in urine.
If you have decided to include beetroot in your daily diet start with half of it and gradually increase its intake. Cooking them will make their nutritional value low so enjoy it in raw from either in salads or as a juice.
Make a glass full of the tangy sweet beetroot drink with mint leaves and enjoy your energy drink!

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