Benefits Of Chilies

Benefits Of Chilies, Are you deficient in vital minerals and vitamins? Add more chili in your meals and get rid of the deficiencies. Chilies are the most underrated spice but it is to inform you that chilies are full of various vitamins such as vitamin A, B, C and E and exceptional minerals like magnesium, folate, thiamin, copper, molybdenum, and potassium. Chilies contain seven percent more vitamins especially vitamin C than an orange.

Benefits Of Chilies

Chili is basically a fruit of the plant which belongs to genus Capsicum, it is also best for garnishing in various dishes. Chili belongs to family Solanaceae and species Capsicum Chinese. Chili means to bite in greek.

Benefits Of Chilies In Asia, we used chilies as a basic ingredient in our dishes and it adds more flavors to our cuisines. It can be used as crushed or its powder can also make by drying them. Some dishes require adding chili flakes while others require it in powder form.

There are many forms of chilies overall 400 varieties available in our world. They can be divided into different categories according to the size, color, shapes, pungency, and flavors. Asian climate is favorable for its cultivation so many varieties are available in this region.

Basic Spice Benefits Of Chilies

Many dishes require chili powder used as a basic ingredient it adds spicy flavor and a good smell too. It has many benefits for humans it is an important thing in herbal medicines too used to fight and destroy many diseases.

It removes harmful toxins from the body and it has properties which help in digestion of food. If you are suffering from nasal congestion it will help clear it. it helps to relieve throat infections and is an excellent painkiller for muscle spasms. It gives a red color to the food.

Versions of chili

There are two versions of chili powder and they are different from each other:

Mexican chili–this version is basically a mixture of different spices including grounded chili, garlic powder, cumin powder, and oregano. It is the most popular spice of Mexican cuisine.

Indian chili – this is used in South Asian countries mostly in India, Pakistan, China, Japan and Bangladesh. It is made by firstly drying the chilies and then grounded to give it a unique pungent flavor and bright red color.

Benefits Of Chilies

The more pungent the spicier it will be, in India and China they add small amounts of oil in them too which helps in retaining its red color and also preserve it for longer periods. Chilies help in slimming as it burns the calories and helps clear the lungs of toxins.

Benefits Of Chilies

There are several benefits of chilies and they are an essential item in our daily cooking:

Antioxidant: as they are rich in vitamin C and A, they contain beta- carotenoid which is a powerful antioxidant agent. They are known to destroy free radical bodies in our system.

These radicals travel through our body and damage the cells in their wake they have the capacity to damage nerves and blood vessels in diabetes patients. Chili helps in wiping out these dangerous radical bodies and lower the cholesterol and prevent heart conditions.

It is very effective in treating arthritis and diseases related to it. it helps in reducing asthma and wheezing due to infection in lungs.

DE toxicant: detoxifiers are used to remove waste from our bodies and it increase nutrients supply to the tissues of the body. Chilies act as a gastrointestinal DE toxicant which improves digestion process.

Painkiller: chilies are said to release endorphins which is a natural painkiller, it relieves shoulders from muscle spasm. It is good for arthritis.

Benefits Of Chilies

Antibiotic: when you eat chili fresh blood is produced and that goes to the site of infection fights it and produces white blood cells that fight various viruses.

For brain: it when eaten produces a sense of pleasure that’s the reason most people like to eat spicy food because they are addicted to chilies Benefits Of Chilies.

Cancer: chili reduces the risk of cancer by producing beta-carotene and folic acid and these fights with colon cancer. it is a great spice to prevent cancer-causing agents.

Heart diseases: due to the presence of vitamin B6 and folic acid high levels of homocysteine have been reduced which reduces blood vessel damage and prevent heart attacks and heart strokes. It also lowers high cholesterol in the blood.

Lungs: for relief from nasal congestion and to increase your metabolism eat chilies. It reduces asthma by dilating airways of lungs. Heavy drinkers are recommended to eat chilies.

Some General Facts About Chilies

  1. Columbus mistakenly names it as Chile pepper.
  2. It is cultivated since 3500BC
  3. It is used in Mexico from 7000BC.
  4. Chili has 400 varieties worldwide.
  5. Every language has its own name of chili.
  6. As to taste chili, one should have pain receptors so fishes can’t feel them as they don’t have it.
  7. Tomatoes and potatoes and chilies belong to the same family.
  8. India is the largest producer of chili people are engaged in the cultivation of chili.
  9. Hottest chili is called “Naga Jolokia” found in India.
  10. Drinking water will not relieve burning feeling after eating chili so take it with curd or milk.  Benefits Of Chilies

Medical value of chili

It contains a lot of vitamins so doctors recommend the use of chili in regular meals. It relieves pains caused due to arthritis, it lowers blood pressure, throat infections can be cured through chili, it is also used in making cough syrups. It treats flu and insomnia too. Chilies are used to treat joints too.

Benefits Of Chilies

Chili can be in yellow, red and green color. Without chilies, every dish is incomplete as it would be tasteless. Black pepper is different in taste and texture from red and green chilies. If we want to make best ointments for pain relief than add chilies to increase its effect.

If someone is suffering from acute diarrhea than eat one seed of black pepper you can swallow it too then it will relieve you from diarrhea. There few disadvantages of chili to one is it increase acidity in the stomach.

In today’s world colors are added to make it brighter in color which is harmful to our health. If you eat it in more quantity it causes ulcers too. It needs to be handled with care due to burning and pungent effect. It can increase wrinkles on the skin. Everything must be taken in balanced quantity to take full benefits from them Benefits Of Chilies.

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