Benefits Of Green Tea

Benefits of Green Tea, Who doesn’t like green tea? There is a study in Japan’s capital Tokyo where health practitioners say that when you drink green tea daily it is going to lower your LDL cholesterol levels which in return saves you from heart attacks and heart strokes.

Benefits of Green Tea

They did a research in Japan on the people who volunteered 40 thousand of them drink five cups of green tea daily and they noticed visible lower cholesterol levels in them. So there are 26% fewer heart attacks in them as compared with the people who don’t drink green tea daily.

Scientists say that green tea contains polyfinalik in it in greater quantities which helps fights with cancer and gives powerful energy and boosts our immune system too. When you have or you recently face heart issues you need to drink green tea which is very helpful in this condition.

Benefits of Green Tea

If you have acidity or you face problems in digestion drink green tea and you will feel good the. Green tea has a solution of every problem, try to add cinnamon stick when you boil green tea leaves this will strengthen your liver and prevent you from getting pneumonia, itching, joint pain, toothaches, allergy, asthma, and hypertension.

Benefits of Green Tea

When you age you need green tea more as it will relieve problems associated with old age. But you need to be careful as you should not drink more than five cups of it daily.

Some interesting facts on green tea

  1. Green tea has been used since early ages in traditional Indian and Chinese medicines and is very effective to relieve the symptoms.
  2. Green tea has several types which are easily available in the market.
  3. It is used to treat many ailments and it helps in weight reduction also.
  4. It needs more research to fully support its uses in medicines.

Benefits of green tea

Benefits of Green Tea, There are many possible benefits of drinking green tea few of them I have listed below for your benefit:

  1. Cancer prevention – there is polyphenols present in green tea which have shown to decrease the growth of tumors and protect human against ultraviolet rays. Countries that drink more green tea have lower rates of deaths from cancer as compared with countries where its consumption is lower. We need to introduce more green tea in our lifestyles to prevent ourselves from dangers of cancer. Green tea prevents breast, bladder, throat, lung, prostate and ovarian cancer. Polyphenols is a substance that prevents the growth of cancerous cells and further stops their production. Try to drink 2 cups of green tea daily.
  2. Benefits of Green Tea
  3. Heart benefits – it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. People who drink 3-4 cups of green tea daily has shown a lower rate of dying as compared with people who don’t drink green tea. Green tea has catechins which protect our heart from various diseases.
  4. Low cholesterol – it reduces bad cholesterol either you take it in liquid form or as a capsule. It has endless benefits.
  5. Diabetes –those who don’t consume green tea has more risk of having type 2 diabetes them those who regularly drink green tea.
  6. Weight loss – some people strongly supports green teas effective for weight reduction but there is no scientific proof that claims that green tea helps in weight reduction.
  7. Skin diseases – green tea is very effective in treating skin diseases, it clears dandruff and inflammation of the skin. Dry, red and flaky skin is used to be treated by use of green tea. It slows the growth of harmful skin cells thus prevent skin diseases.
  8. Memory booster – green tea is very effective in boosting working memory in humans. It enhances brains cognitive functions and keeps us refresh all day.
  9. Alzheimer’s – scientists support claims that green tea prevents Alzheimer in people. Further research must be done to support such claims. But it’s a fact that it fights laziness and stress.

Benefits of Green Tea

Types of green tea

It is available in many types of markets:

One type is bottled and it is sweet as artificial sweeteners are also added to it. The second type is available in tea bags. It is also available as loose tea leaves and also as an instant powdered form too. You can also find supplements of green tea in shops which are either in liquid form or as a capsule. Researchers say brewed tea is better than bottle teas as they have more polyphenols than bottle ones. Benefits of Green Tea

Risks and side effects of green tea

Avoid drinking too much green tea if you are caffeine insensitive as it will trigger insomnia, nausea, anxiety and will upset your stomach to a great extent.

If you are taking blood thinners than avoid drinking too much green tea as it has vitamin K in it so you need to avoid it. It will reduce your ability of blood clotting more and is highly dangerous for you.

If you are already taking some drug don’t drink it as it increases blood pressure and heart rate.

If you have stomach ulcers and kidney problems stop drinking green tea.

Growing and harvesting of green tea

It is grown in a variety of ways to enhance its aroma and taste. Loose green tea leaves are the most popular form which is preferred by people to drink. It has unique taste is different from the black tea. Other most popular Japanese’s green teas are named as; bancha, gyokoru, kukicha, matcha, sencha and shincha.

Benefits of Green Tea

Drinking just one cup of green tea daily will not give you enough benefits so you need to consume more than 2 cups daily for its proper working. Brew it and sip positive! Benefits of Green Tea

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