5 Things To Do Immediately About Break Relationship Silence

Break Relationship Silence

Break Relationship Silence

Break Relationship Silence “Distance doesn’t separate people … silence does.”

Silence always gleamed but alas not always golden.

The main cause of silence is negative thinking it defines a thin line between talking and urges to talk. Most relationships are dependent on talking and strengthen it but silence also occupies its position and that has a negative impact. Silence can make or destroy any relation it is that strong an aspect. It can make or break any relationship.

There is a study that 80% of women use silence to show emotions and ignores you, as a result, u know that she is hurt.

Break Relationship Silence, In my opinion, there are people who love it that silence is good or in their benefit but there is always an unconcerned behavior when thy judge and when they act on the accepting side. How will it feels when you enter into the office one fine morning say hi on your way to your desk to your colleague and he responded in silence? Obviously bad!

 Break Relationship Silence

Break Relationship Silence

Definitely, you will lose your cool. Don’t fret don’t think negative about him don’t plot revenge be cool just say a simple Hi with a bright smile and move on to your seat that’s it. Trust me your day will be more productive.

The beauty of silence is you don’t have to pull the trigger to kill someone.

Silence has countless advantages- it develops imagination, amplifies compassion, nurtures heeding, and crowd others. Now how is all this possible when the main thing that is your mind is not at ease. Fancy, how can a sane mind muse when he is upset with a colleague. No work can be finished when the workers and team members are not talking to each other. Okay, this non-contribution is good when members are not an acquaintance and don’t know what to say but too bad when they know each other very well and refuse to talk.

Sometimes silence could be toxic. Communication is very important in a relationship and when this bridge is destroyed, all the pressure and trauma can leads to drastic steps including Suicide not in all cases but in some. And our media is responsible because they shoe it in dramas and in movies all the time.

 Break Relationship Silence

Break Relationship Silence

There is also a fact that when you put out what’s bothering you by talking and not remaining silenced your mind will definitely be at ease, you’ll sleep well eat well and communicate well.  It is naturally an inside-out capability.

“some hearts understand each other even in silence”

According to the National Sleep Foundation, nervousness, worry and anger are the main causes of sleepiness. Once you get rid of these factors sleeplessness count among adults would drop.

 Break Relationship Silence

What should be the ways that I can connect silence with love?

There is famous saying:

“When silence between two people is comfortable you know you have found love”

It’s been a year a new employee joined an organization basically in my department. He was brilliant and reliable we swiftly got along because of the excellent compatibility between us. Within half n hour we got along so well sharing ideas and laughing together discussing things our families and life in general, sharing all our creative ideas and that was so relieved.  Break Relationship Silence.

But I was very disappointed because I had to travel urgently for a project and I was gone for 2 weeks and when I came back he ignored me my call was never picked up don’t even chat with me even he denied my invitation of a dinner .. I wonder what happened to him all of a sudden. I was heartbroken feeling so bad it even affected my performance I felt lost couldn’t communicate well my boss was also feeling that I was down.

 Break Relationship Silence

After several weeks I thought to myself what am I doing why I am bottling it all inside me so decided to break the silence my ego was hurt but when an office colleague approach I finally break down in front of her.

All the things inside me are felt right now I am relieved and happy and my performance boosts also. We are now on good terms and a clear sweet line is drawn between us.

So my advice to you all how can you all achieve this too?

  1. Check Your Steps.

Stop assuming much, double check your steps what are you saying check your words. Just check your conversation and take actions according to it. Always speak with the relevant person don’t speak here and there because others will always twist words according to their need. Basic aim should be to make up your mind towards the unknown and then start your conversation.

 Break Relationship Silence

  1. Make Justifications For Equally.

If you think that you don’t deserve this unwarming silence from your friend and partner then you should double check whether its true or not are you just thinking about yourself. Maybe you are wrong in thinking yourself innocent. It’s a possibility you have slipped something bad and is unaware of it. Your words and actions might have upset them and are causing them discomfort – remember everyone is wired differently.  Break Relationship Silence

Stop making excuses for yourself no one is perfectly made be realistic in life and try to subside emotional traits.

 Break Relationship Silence

  1. Compassion

Please don’t be hard on yourself if you are delaying communication then have the courage and take the blame. Only strong can forgive and ignore the mistakes. Just set aside all the negative thinking and try to talk to your loved ones with compassion and accept their thinking also. It has a lot benefits for you too you’ll sleep better and feel stress-free and generates positive thinking.

 Break Relationship Silence

  1. Understanding Others

Never know that someone is also adopting silence because he thinks that it is best in current situation may be he is emotionally very stable and thinks about your also. Maybe he thinks that silence is best in this scenario. If he is showing calm and cool attitude then you should also learn and understand him well.

 Break Relationship Silence

  1. HaltThe Hush — Talk Gently

There is a right moment for everything to be done. Talk gently first ask for the reason and then show emotions. Everything should be done in an order to overcome the differences – apologizing is key to better relationships and then moving on with ease of mind.

 Break Relationship Silence

Trust me it is an amazing feeling when you change your thinking according to the world and have showers of love in return…. And trust me it’s okay sometimes when things are not going right ways.  Break Relationship Silence


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