9 Signs He’s Constantly Cheating on His Phone

As per the General Social Survey taken from 2010 to 2016, a higher percentage of men (20%) admit to infidelity compared to women (13%) while married, raising concerns. Jealousy and doubt can pop up, especially when you think your husband or boyfriend is texting someone else. If you notice a change in your husband’s behavior, a breakdown in communication, and a constant attachment to his cell phone, your instinct may signal infidelity. Here, the main question arises, “How can I check whether my husband is cheating?”

This review is your guide, presenting 9 signs of a cheating husband cell phone to help you reveal the truth.

What Are the Signs Your Husband Is Texting Another Woman?

So, if you suspect your husband of infidelity, here are the 9 signs you must pay attention to before condemning him for an affair.

Sign 1: He’s Always on a Cell Phone

Is your husband always on cell phone? We are not talking about casual TikTok scrolling or YouTube watching. It’s about a sudden and suspicious possessiveness over his cell phone, late-night calls, and secretive text messages. If you have noticed any of these signs, it is the first sign your husband may be involved in an extramarital affair.

Sign 2: He Deletes SMS

Does your husband delete all SMS and explain that his cell phone is out of storage? And this never ends up? Deleting SMS is one of the other signs of a cheating husband cell phone.

Sign 3: His Social Media Profile Is Filled with Other Women’s Photos

If your husband’s social media profile has no photo with you but is filled with dozens of other women’s photos, it can upset you. Of course, these may be his friends or colleagues, but what if the same woman is mainly in every photo? How will you act in this scenario?

Sign 4: He Has No Time to Spend on You

One of the other signs your husband is texting another woman is his lack of time to hang out with you. He might explain that he’s busy or tired, or may give you one hour and then say that he has to go. Where? Who’s so important that he sacrifices the time he could spend with you? Of course, he may have some important tasks at work. But come on, if the person desires, they’ll find the time. If not, they will find the reason.

Sign 5: He Does Not Share Posts with You on Social Media

Does he ask you to take a family photo and share it on social media? If not, he might intentionally keep his family status hidden so that she does not know about your existence.

Sign 6: He Flakes on You and Judges All Your Actions

When your husband constantly changes plans, flakes on you, and judges you in all his problems, it is one of the guaranteed signs of cheating. Accepting the reality is a must for your well-being. Therefore, you should realize that the person you love has changed his behavior toward you and does not deserve to be loved anymore.

Sign 7: He Hides His Smartphone When He’s Texting

Is your husband texting another woman every day? If your husband used to text openly beside you, but now he does it discretely so that you don’t see his texts or who he is messaging, it’s really strange. He only does it because he chats with another woman and knows that it would upset you if you knew what the conversation is about.

Sign 8: He Uses a Password to Lock His Phone

If your husband suddenly decides to use a password to lock his cell phone and does not tell you the password, it’s a reason to start worrying – it’s one of the signs your man is texting another woman. Worse is if the password to his cell phone is his fingerprint, so that nobody except him can unblock it. If your man has nothing to share, he won’t hide that password code from you. But if not, there is a risk there are some text messages, videos, or photos he does not want you to know about.

Sign 9: He Sleeps with His Smartphone Hidden Under a Pillow

You may ask, “Who sleeps with a smartphone under his pillow?” We’d say, “A man who’s determined to prevent you from getting hold of his cell phone while he’s asleep.” This behavior is among the signs he’s talking to another girl through text.


If you have noticed your husband is chatting with the other woman, you first have to decide whether you want to stay with this person. Remember, if your husband is doing it now, he’ll do it again, especially if he believes he can do so without consequences.


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