Silent Treatment In A relationship

There are many occasions in Silent Treatment In A relationship when you feel your partner is not responding you or you both are not on the same page. Your thinking is totally opposite to each other. If you say that OK let’s watch the movie at home but if she has got an option to go to shopping she will not accept your offer.
Ignoring you or becoming irritated with your conversation doesn’t mean that she is angry at you, she might be with stress or not feeling well, if she has got the kid obviously she will be giving priority to the kid rather to you.

Silent Treatment In A relationship

Silent Treatment In A Relationship.

The most common problem in the relation between you and your partner is that none of you understand each other well, to be onto the same page you both have to start a conversation, Conversation reduces all the problems and solves it because the more you communicate the stronger relationship you will be having. If your partner is getting irritating with you it doesn’t mean that you do the same to your partner. It just means that they need some little extra time to think about it and to act normal in Silent Treatment In A Relationship.

Below are some facts that we can follow to make your partner happy without costing lots of $$$.


Communication is the important factor in a relationship the more communicate your love will get polished and you will come closer with each other. If you are running out of topics you can bring up some new topics from childhood or from Work, the Key point is to make engage your partner in conversation, she will not be having any free time to observe the negative thinking for you.

Silent Treatment In A Relationship

Silent Treatment In A Relationship

Give Importance to your Partner.

Give respect to her and you will get more respect in return. If she cares for you she deserves the same thing back. Respect is the important factor as well which partner needs in every stage. Don’t ever let your partner down in front of the third party. It ruins the relationship.

Avoid shouting at your partner.

We always have to avoid shouting to partner because by shouting it shows that you want to become dominating on your partner or if you are losing the conversation lack of truth etc. If we shout we will be receiving the same treatment, and when we are angry we don’t consider our self and behaviors, but once the partner shouts on us we can’t cope it.

Always give Attention to your Partner.

Every partner is an attention seeker because it is the another important factor in a smooth relationship. It can be formed on communication, mobiles emails.

Silent Treatment In A Relationship

Silent Treatment In A Relationship

Share Past Experiences

Recall your past experiences and share it with a partner because if your partner is irritating with you those important time will overcome the mood of your partner, it is the best exercise.

Silent Treatment In A Relationship

Tell your Partner that you are there.

You have to make your partner a habit that he/she always needs you for every stage of life, the key is to share the thoughts and most important part is you are there with them. Talk about the problems that the partner is facing or you are facing, always appreciate them that they shared that with you. Your appearance is important as well.

When your partner is happy, their behaviors towards will change. So it means it is up to you that you want your partner is irritating with you, you should have the reasons why they are behaving like them, Once you figure it out, you can Change them or you get change for them.


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