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What is uric acid? Uric acid is a waste which is produced when our body breaks down the purine and food substances, we can say that uric acid is present in blood and its normal but when it becomes in excess and carried through blood to the kidneys and excreted in urine it cause many problems for a person.

uric acid

This condition is called hyperuricemia where high levels of uric acid are present in the blood. There can be tons of reasons for the high uric acid in blood it is due to nitrogen-containing compounds or due to purines which gather as a mass in the kidneys and affect the functioning of kidneys and infections in urinary tracts.

You may feel extreme fatigue and inflammation in joints it can lead to kidney stones in extreme cases. For cure and prevention first, you need to make changes in your diet then if the symptoms persist consult your physician he will test the level of uric acid and prescribe you medicine according to it.

Symptoms of high uric acid

There can be several symptoms through which uric acid can be identified but first, you need to understand that it is caused by purines which are the substance found in humans tissues, many foods also contain it always break down in the form of uric acid.

Healthy uric acid is not harmful to us and can pass through the blood into kidneys and eliminate through our body in the form of urine. If not eliminated properly it begins to shape itself in the form of crystals these crystals cannot pass through urine from our bodies and settled into the kidneys and make kidney stones it can cause severe pain in kidneys and also promote problem of gout which is normally known as arthritis.

Symptoms of high uric acid are different in individuals it all depends on the severity of the condition. Some people who have high uric acid levels don’t even feel all the symptoms. Here I have listed down some symptoms of the uric acid problem:

uric acid

  1. Joint problems – uric acid can settle into joints also and this is called gout in common language it always forms a shape of crystals and difficult to remove. You will feel extreme pain in joints and in some cases experience swelling, inflammation, redness, and tender when touched. You may feel hotness in joints too and these symptoms are more active in the night.
  2. Joints that are most affected – your big toe is the one who is going to be affected first. Next, your fingers, knees, heels, wrists, and elbows will suffer from high uric acid. When it first shows its symptoms you will feel pain in just one joint and after some time it will attack other joints.
  3. The time duration for joints – when it first starts it usually peaks in pain severity and lasts for 12 to 24 hours. Once it eases with painkillers you may feel discomfort in the joints and it can last for days and even weeks. The second attack will be longer than the first one and then there will be repeated attacks followed. Uric acid is so dangerous that it can permanently damage the joints.
  4. Symptoms of skin – skin can be affected when you have uric acid for many years and crystal of uric acid can be formed beneath the skin as lumps. They are mostly nonpainful and occur in toes, fingers, and hands. You will feel tenderness in this condition.
  5. Kidneys symptoms – when the crystals in uric acid settle in the urinary tract kidney stones will form. Men are more affected by the kidney stones than women. Back pains, pain in the groin, nausea, vomiting and bloody urine are the symptoms of kidney stones.

Issues Patient Feels

Patients with high uric acid may feel several issues and problems and consequently results in many other problems:

  • We men reach middle age say after 30 they suffer from high uric acid so middle-aged men are more prone to this problem.
  • When there is a family history of pain in joints it means you will also likely to have it in future.
  • Obese people have higher uric acid than people who have their weight under control.
  • If your blood pressure remains high it is due to high uric acid levels.
  • Diabetes also leads towards the uric acid problem.
  • Most kidney diseases are due to uric acid in the blood. And kidney stones are also due to uric acid increase.
  • When uric acid is high there is always disorder in certain enzymes in the body.
  • When people drink more alcohol and meat diet is more than vegetables, increase intake of fatty substances and there is lack of active lifestyle then the problem of uric acid is common.

uric acid

How to control it with home remedies.

There are few home remedies to control uric acid and they are very effective:

Tip 1: drink plenty of water almost 2 to 3 liters daily.

Tip 2: less caffeine is advised if you have just started symptoms of uric acid. Alcohol is said to increase production of purine so avoid it too.

Tip 3: you need to drink citrus drinks, for example, you can make lemonade at home and drink it frequently.

Tip 4: winter season has a great fruit which is called orange drink one to two glasses of orange juice daily to avoid high uric acid.

Tip 5: decrease use of meat as animals are loaded with protein which causes high uric acid. Eat plenty of vegetables.

Tip 6: try to eat less salt decrease intake of processed foods and sodium. Salt increases uric acid and oxalate and forms stones.

Tip 7: stop stressing and eat healthily, consume fresh foods.

Tip 8: it is said that hair attached with corns are boiled and that water is very beneficial in lowering uric acid.

Tip 9: try to eat green leafy vegetables as they are also best for decreasing uric acid. Lettuce is also said to lower uric acid.

Tip 10: drink milk and eat yogurt better if homemade.

uric acid


When you take supplements which has vitamin C and D you increase your chances of forming kidney stones and it also raises uric acid so take them in balanced quantities. If the condition persists and you feel no relief consult your doctor

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