Signs Of Bad Relationship

We all admit is that relationship which started with a warm welcome and with the excess of promises turns into the something bad relationship. When we are in a relationship, we wear like black colored glasses just focusing only the good qualities of the partner and ignore their faults. And that is the only reason why our family and friends are better at predicting the outcome of our relationship we are.

Bad Relationship

Bad Relationship

Below are some signs that might be a good time to finish your bad relationship.


When don’t have an excess of freedom in bad relationship?

The relationship is not like controlling another person.  They give complete freedom and always sees that each other decisions are fully aligned. Every person has a different unique needs and the best relationship is which when partners look after each other important needs.
When you see that your partner is interfering more like how do you spend money, whom you hang out or how you dress, take it like a big red flag, it is not they are trying to dominating you but people who try to take care of their parents are more insecure about their ability to meet their needs.
They keep thinking that freedom with help their partners that life is very better without a relationship.  A very secure partner is very confident about the relationship and gives full freedom to the partner. They have got the thinking if the partner leaves them then the relationship was not there actually.  But at the first place why do feel insecure because our relationship age is not much that we can make our own decision. We need someone for our decisions and we usually lose the self-confidence.
The tough part is to observe the beginning part of the relationship ending, it is like tough to take a first but at the end, there is a better match out here and the relationship ending always opens more door for the more fulfilling union.

 Bad Relationship

Your 50/50 ratio is finished.

One of the most couple researchers, John Gottman predicts divorce with the accuracy of 90%, how does he do that?  Only by watching the partners communications with each other and coding their ration of positive to negative.  Couple must have around 80% of positive interaction, The other 20%  can’t get resolved. 
The arguments that are started at the beginning of the relationship will be going to remain salient all the way. Instead of focusing those 20% conflict the goal should be considered for 80%. Always try to make your relationship better and positive as possible, and let rest go.  If you find your relationship with the reaction towards negative it will be not the healthiest sign.


When you start thinking that you wish you were home alone.

You are in a bad relationship when you started thinking or wishing alone when your partner is not around. Because it is the sign of bad relationship. You would be thinking the life would be easier and happier without them. You can live with everything except your partner. And When your heart pumps a lot and good feelings come to your heart when you hear that your partner is no longer coming to the house today. Waking up in the morning with dreadful because they are still with you. You can always predict that the conversation will turn into an argument soon.
Bad Relationship
When you are with each other, things are tensed. Arguments start and you will be feeling unhappy. Try to avoid this relationship and you would need to understand the fact because we always think that we will not get the partner like that how can I live without the partner or so on.  If your heart feels good it means that it Is a time to just break the relationship. Otherwise, it will turn worse.
But every relationship sees the tough time and if we both think together it might come in a right track but the ratio would be around 20%. When You see the irritating face expression onto your partner face on morning or in evening it is that your partner is having the same arguments running in their head and will explode soon.
As all we know life is very short so why we waste the time on someone who is good for us. Your well-being is always connected to your partners and when you feel that your importance is not really meant to your partner.
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