Magic Plant

Having hassle finding one excellent gift? Magic Plant provides a bit of everything with this tricksy treat. celebrate a love day and each big day with the distinctive things.

Magic PlantMagic Plant is that the new generation of acknowledgment Card! Nature’s acknowledgment and Magic Plant fits any reasonably store for every kind of populations and for any purpose. a novel magic beans gift designed to surprise and excite- Nature’s acknowledgment is that the gift to be remembered for years to come back.

Just open the will, add water and watch it grow. the live Magic Plant can reveal your message!.

Magic Plant Bean. It’s incredible!

A new gift Magic Plant that quickly sprouts to reveal a secret personal message carved on the attractive plant’s central bean.Just open… water… create your want and watch your message grow and grow and grow to Share the marvelous spirit of any occasion with family, friends and worshipped ones.

Pick one in all our felicitous Nature’sacknowledgment varieties:

I really like you, Happy Birthday, Best desires, and many, more it is alive, unique, and superb gift Magic Plant designed to surprise, excite and be remembered for years to come back.

 Magic Plant is that the New Generation of Greetings!

Instead of cluttering a drawer as ancient acknowledgment cards typically do, Nature’s acknowledgment beautifies and reminds the receiver daily of however special there. Magic Plant This distinctive gift plan is intended to surprise, excite, and amazing!

Magic Plant

Magic Plant is that the gift to be remembered for years to come back. It will definitely become as recognizable because of the ancient card.

Magic Plant may be a rare breed of a bean.

In every will, one bean is pre-planted in an exceedingly special mineral soil. per the directions, when watering; the bean grows up to a height of 10-20 inches or 25-30 cm. The message or acknowledgment are going to be found carved on the attractive plant’s central bean.


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