Simple steps to strengthen the relationship between the spouses

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The marital relationship is the sacred bond that brings together a man and a woman who chose to be partners and companions in the path of life, except that the state of marriage is the same as the rest of the relationships, sometimes the relationship may worsen or decline due to an imbalance such as the domination of boredom in marital life or default by one of the two parties.

Did boredom infiltrate your married life?

Your marriage is the most important relationship that you have to maintain, but this relationship needs to work hard to make it strong and ensure its continuity, by strengthening the relationship and making your marriage a priority on a daily basis, things may go wrong and tense and the couple neglects the problems accumulated between them, so that you may hear some husbands say: “I do not know-how We have lived under one roof for twenty years !? “Of course, you will not know when boredom crept into a relationship, and at any crossroads of the road here; I forgot the love that brought you together in the first place!

And you know that sharing values ​​is the strong foundation of the relationship, it is not necessary to be two identical copies, and here you must make your effort in order to make your marital relationship succeed, especially if mutual respect and friendship are the heart of your relationship, and through some steps, you can achieve more compatibility and harmony with a life partner.

Simple steps to live a healthy relationship

Simple steps for a couple to commit to living a healthy relationship

  1. Take care of your relationship as you care about your work: There is no objection to following educational courses for the couple or reading some books that deal with the marital relationship or resort to counselors who specialize in marital relations, in the event of a dispute or desire to bring the distance between you two.
  2. Tell your partner that it is one of your priorities: that you will never abandon him, do not think that he knows but rather hold his hand and tell him that whenever you have the opportunity, this behavior will create more sense of security with you.
  3. Learn something new together: Register for cooking lessons, learn a foreign language, for example, or participate in a TV competition program that requires two partners together.
  4. Always be close: Don’t make your partner feel lonely, let your partner know that you are his support and that you will be with him when he needs you, whether on his happy or sad occasions.
  5. Bring with your partner your beautiful memories: your first meeting, the moment you confessed love and your last vacation, witnessed your wedding photos, laughing at old antics, because it is great to revive old memories and the feelings that accompany them.
  6. Do not allow the problems to accumulate between you: and hurry to solve any problem that occurs in your relationship, and do not underestimate it, no matter how simple you seem, review your relationship each period; Is one of you busy or neglect the other? What satisfies the other party?
  7. Create a balance of feelings for a life partner: Your relationship with the partner is different from any other relationship in your life, so there is nothing wrong with ignoring some small mistakes sometimes, and remember whenever you get angry with the partner for the balance of good feelings and happiness in support, situations, and memories that he gave you in the past, this is enough to forgive him for His small pitfalls.
  8. Follow the advice of the important grandmothers: One of you does not sleep with something in the heart of the other, and whatever the size of the dispute between you, do not intersect with each other or separate from each other, continue with your daily common habits such as eating food or drinking tea and watching TV, and certainly not one of you sleeps far away From the other.
  9. Improve your intimate relationship: take care of your health and your appearance in front of the partner, and tell him that you feel pleasure and happiness with him, and do not make the visual communication and the caring touches and hugs limited to the time of the intimate relationship only, but rather adapt it to express your love and your closeness to the partner always.

Simple steps to live a healthy relationship

  1. Do not neglect surprises and gifts: why not surprise your partner with a vacation reservation, an invitation to spend a night in a luxury hotel, or even a movie ticket or an invitation to a restaurant he loves.
  2. Express your love differently: Do your partner love roses? Give her roses every day, as well as you share his PlayStation games or green football match for his favorite team, as well as you can cook for her favorite meal, and accompany her in the shopping if that makes her happy, and you will appreciate that.
  3. Gain the partner’s trust: through honesty, no matter how small the lie is, and find justification for it; Remember, the partner may not forget her, and you will be a key to doubt in the future, so be honest and clear, no one likes mystery.
  4. Delete the word divorce from your dictionary: do not use it to threaten or intimidate your partner.

Since the task of making marriage a success is an urgent and necessary daily task for every partner, Babong suggests these daily tasks and small notes to achieve happiness and keep the love affair burning.

Simple steps to live a healthy relationship

Small daily tasks to strengthen the relationship between the spouses

We always invoke the routine as a negative trait in the marital relationship, but why not adopt a useful routine that you practice daily, such as kissing before leaving the house in the morning, and hugs when returning to the home after a hard day’s work, as well as walking together every evening, and you are holding each other’s hands and exchanging conversations, Likewise, eating a favorite drink for both of you at a specific time daily, with exchanging conversations away from home affairs and children. It is necessary to eat at least one meal with the partner daily. For example, work may distract you from eating lunch with the partner, so compensation for that is agreed to eat Dinner together daily, and you can get used to the following things:

  1. There is nothing wrong with that you value your wife’s efforts and praise her on a daily basis without delaying it for occasions only.
  2. Likewise, you do your part by appreciating your husband’s efforts to provide an adequate life. Men love their loved ones to appreciate their efforts even if they seem indifferent to this.
  3. Always tell the partner, and every day, that you love him as he is, do not try to change him, perhaps your difference is what makes you attracted to each other.
  4. You should go to bed together so that the two of you do not sleep together (it is okay to sacrifice the completion of the movie or program you are following or browse social networking sites when your partner shelves the bed, it is worth).
  5. One last tip … you may have read the article in order to improve your relationship with your partner, or perhaps just to see; After you’ve lost hope in your relationship or in preparation for the next marriage stage, you are used to benefiting from expert advice, articles, and specialized books on improving marital relationships.


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