Cloves are the Indian spice which is used in making many delicious curries but it has many benefits for our health too. Cloves are a herb and are known to add flavor to food and drinks. For its fragrance and other health benefits, it is used in toothpaste, shampoos, and soaps too.


If you use it during cooking you are reducing its benefits, no prominent benefits and side effects, in this case, it is advisable to use in the raw form. It can be a herbal supplement but if the condition persists one needs to visit a doctor.

Researchers say cloves are not only beneficial for a toothache but it is also helpful in diabetes and cancer. Cloves have natural benefits which help to treat many diseases. Cloves are full of antioxidants, when there is some damage in DNA of humans it helps repair it and prevent it to occur again.


It is advisable to take cloves regularly as it prevents cancer cells to grow in the body. Cloves are good for intestinal cancer.

Cloves are good for weight loss as it reduces fat especially it stops fat occurrence around the liver. You have seen much toothpaste which has cloves powder in them they are made for the pain relief of toothaches. If you have a toothache put one clove in your mouth you will feel relief after some time.

Cloves are considered world’s best mouthwash as it is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic too. Cloves are good for the plaque on teeth and prevent many gum diseases.

Uses and benefits of cloves

These are the great benefits of cloves:

  • If you are suffering from extreme toothache dab a little clove oil on cotton and place it on the part where the pain is originating it will relieve pain and the added benefit is it will also prevent any infection.
  • Traditional medicines suggest making tea using cloves to treat flu and cold. They are the painkiller agent and will kill any germs inside your body. It is very good if you have a sore throat. Boil some water with few cloves in it and gargle with this water you will feel good afterward.
  • If you are suffering from sore muscles and joints pain massage yourself with clove oil for instant relief.
  • If you have a bruise due to something dab some clove oil on it but you need to know that clove oil stings a bit so better to mix it with olive oil.
  • Cloves are known to reduce vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and gas problems they smooth lining of digestive tract but as it irritates you need to take care amounts of it.
  • Cloves are known to enhance sexual health in men.
  • Cloves are very effective in treating bad breath problem you need to chew one clove and it will make the bad breath go away.
  • Cloves increase production of insulin in the body hence it is very beneficial for diabetes patient.
  • It reduces cholesterol levels and controls blood pressure.
  • If you are in your early pregnancy phase and is experiencing morning sickness than drink clove tea it will make you feel refreshed and energized and alleviate symptoms of morning sickness.
  • It prevents skin blemishes and is best for fair complexion.
  • It is used as relief provider in a cough by reducing phlegm.


Side effects of using excessive cloves

Immediately go to the doctor or an emergency if you face irritation or an allergic reaction, there is any swelling on your face breathing becomes difficult. Instantly stop the use of cloves if there is severe burning feeling on the skin, pain or redness of the skin.

These are the most common side effects of cloves:

  1. There may appear rashes on your skin or any part of your body.
  2. There is itching on the skin.
  3. You feel irritated skin.
  4. There is bleeding from the gums, they swell, and irritation of the mouth.

If any of the side effects occur call your doctor. Muscle pain and extreme numbness is also a sign of allergic reaction. When you have an infection of mouth you may have mouth sores and pain in them is so bad that you can’t even drink anything. If you are taking cloves notice the color of your poop and urine. Increase in heart rate and dizziness is very common in its allergic reactions.


Cloves are considered the most prized spice in the world and have great medical value. It is a great warming and soothing agent. You can extract clove oil and use it in your daily routine. It also contains magnesium, potassium, and iron in it.

It has a good amount of vitamin A so it is an excellent antioxidant. Its oral intake protects from lungs and mouth cancers. It has a unique and somewhat pungent fragrance. In Asia, it is very popular spice used in cooking many dishes. It is also beneficial in aromatherapy.


Uses in home and culinary

It is advised not to add this in an earlier phase of cooking but should be added just after the cooking process is finished in this way its essential oils will not go to waste. It is used in marinating process of chicken and meat and adds flavor and fragrance to the dishes.

Famous Asian dish biryani is incomplete without cloves. It can be used in the preparation of different soups pickles and essential element of curry powder.

One must avoid excessive use of cloves as to avoid stomach irritation. Everything should be taken in modest quantities natural ingredients has no doubt countless benefits but one needs to be care full in its use and never overdue anything which may later cause us discomfort.


Herbs are very powerful agents and taken under the supervision of the doctor don’t just apply any home remedy may be one thing that works for you is harmful to other. People sometimes miss use it too like making of clove cigarettes. Cloves are best in pain reduction but take it in limitation.

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