Give Our Relationship A Second Chance

Give Our Relationship A Second Chance ,Does it feel bad to be fooled by the one you care about the most you feel left behind? Does it punch to be taken aback? Did you get fooled twice?

I can understand your pain. Not everyone deserves to be trusted by you. Do you have an abusive partner who tortured you to the extent that you feel yourself breaking down? Why you should be treated terribly you are also a human being you deserve happiness also. You have the dignity that you should not be betrayed by your partner every time don’t lose hope do not lose your trust just have some patience there is a right person waiting for you and he/ she will be your right choice.

Give Our Relationship A Second Chance

Does it feel bad to be fooled by the one you care about the most you feel left behind? Does it punch to be taken aback? Did you get fooled twice?
They say: “sometimes, second chances work out even better than the first because you learn from your mistakes”
Here I can tell you not all relationships are disastrous some can be really really bad but I am not discussing them here I am talking about ones which we see on daily basis like where there is no respect for others opinions and no care and a lot of hatred involved.

Give Our Relationship A Second Chance

These type of relationships are more deadly and ended pretty fast. Where there is no respect that relation is off from the beginning. I will never give it another chance. I am not a fool.
Trying again is not a bad option and if I am to have it I would definitely try it things cannot be same every

time .and you should also avail that opportunity ..why?  Give Our Relationship A Second Chance
These Times. Our Ages Are Main Cause

Often we are told by the people we love that you will never change. Cat and her loyalty, fox for her cleverness, lion and his dominancy etc . all these things are true for people who are fully grown ups but too dull ahead that they do not learn from their mistakes.

Give Our Relationship A Second Chance

Now what we can do we should change in our early twenties that when we can change our opinions our likes and dislikes and all are preferences that are very exciting in this decade of our life. We can make better decisions than choosing our pizza toppings.

So what if you dated someone in school college and it didn’t turn out good you end ed up alone or rejected no problem, not a big deal it shouldn’t stop you from trying again. That time your reasons for breaking up were different it doesn’t mean they will be same every time. people change and that is a beauty of nature.

Maybe the same person comes back again in your life maybe they are really really sorry they have learned their lesson. Imagine how satisfying it would be they admitting their mistake. This bachelor phase is like a Disney show every day is different and definitely worth watching! A lot can happen!

Give Our Relationship A Second Chance
They could be really sorry, they could have learned their lesson. They could have finally admitted that The Bachelorette is a show worth watching! So much could have happened!

Fresh Tabs Are Hyped

You think I have dated this particular person why I do that again … you should because of the last time you have spent with him and obviously they are acquaintance also you would defiantly feel comfortable. So what if it’s not fresh start again you already know this shit you are getting in it gives you comfort this topsy-turvy jumbled mess is your strength have the hang of it.

You should be like yeah I am okay with giving someone a second chance as long as they know there will be no third. People make mistakes but if you fail to learn from them then I have no more time to waste on you.
It’s not a bad thing it really is not it’s your big advantage you have everything in your grasp you know everything already you are the man.

Give Our Relationship A Second Chance

You are the master here you know this person fully you know his faults and his behavior and you can use it to your advantage. You are totally in control this time nobody can stop you .not only the flaws you also know how to make this person happy or miserable. You know their history when their dads birthday what happened when and other details. You can take this chance and turn it into a better one this time around. you can go way shallower and way closer!

It’s like bouncing over the stroppy bits and getting to the perspires on the expressage.

How Will You Know Unless You Try Again

Are you feeling pressing feels for someone that is just not going away they are heavy on your chest … is it protectiveness or homesickness or straight up anger wow you are in exploring phase go for it!
Ohh and the romantic in me foretell you that it could be real love alongside. Give Our Relationship A Second Chance

Give Our Relationship A Second Chance
Once you’ll start trusting people and jumping in and try for a healthy relationship you’ll also learn a lot about yourself. Trusting is not a flaw it is your strength. It is a saying :
“If you’re lucky enough to get a second chance, don’t waste it “

Apologizing doesn’t always mean you

Apologizing doesn’t always mean you are wrong and another one is right it means you value them more than anything in this world and this is kinda cute it’ll make you caring and what not!
Do remember couples who fight often are stronger than couples who do not. But it’s not the fights that make them stronger its what takes place after fighting “the making up”.

It’s coming to the realization that your relationship is not worth all this fuss. Your differences don’t matter forgiveness matters most. Accepting one’s mistake is important, every time you fight you learn something new about other person and that’s the beauty of it.

“Real relationships aren’t perfect and perfect relationships are not real” Give Our Relationship A Second Chance

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