Abusive Relationship

There are different kinds of Abusive Relationship, it can be emotional, physical, or sexually. We are focusing on physical abuse which means any kind of violence, such as punching, pulling hairs, kicking, hitting and punching. This abuse can happen in friendship and all kinds of relationship.

Abusive Relationship

As we read the Abusive Relationship word it itself gives the abusive and negative feelings. Unfortunately, we all belong to the society where the abusive relationship really exists. People think that if they abuse or shout they would be given more priority. But it is not that case it actually shows that you are losing that battle and you don’t have enough conversation you just want to end it up without letting the partner so this is the last step which 70% of the people takes.

Emotional Abusive Relationship

Emotional Abusive Relationship is difficult to recognize, sometimes people mistake intense jealousy and possessiveness as a sign of feelings of love. It even seems flattering at first. Threats, intimidation, controlling behavior, betrayal, and putdowns are all danger forms of emotional abuse. Which can be really hurt. It is not just during the time it is happening but long after too.

Abusive Relationship

Using Abusive Relationship language comes in your habit since childhood. And Childhood habits are very difficult to stop. If the father or mother fights in front of their children and uses the abusive language the children do the same thing as their parents. The first schooling system of the child is their home.

Getting out of an abusive relationship

The first step in getting out of an abusive relationship is to realize that you have the right to be treated with respect and not be physically or emotionally harmed by another person.

We totally agree that we learn abusive language from society as well but the very first society is our home and our parents. How they treat each themselves we follow them.

It is not necessary only the father keep an abusive relationship, we have seen many occasions where a mother of the home keeps a very abusive relationship with the father and children. This kind of relationship doesn’t destroy the home but it destroys the respect in each other.

Father uses abusive language

We have seen that father uses abusive language to his children and wife but still they are very attached and frank to each other it is because everyone uses the same abusive language in their home and it already destroyed the respect so it means son can abuse to father and mother in front of a daughter or vice versa.

We have to be more careful how we are treating our children and how we are growing them. If we treat them well and shows cares and love for them, it gets back and you get the same thing in return and it keeps the respect for each other in their hearts.

Abusive Relationship

Bad Habit

If we keep using this bad habit there will be a tie when our children will not introduce us to their friends not because they don’t like us, it is because they are getting fed up for our abusive language habit.

Second biggest problem is smoking in front of children. We already knew that it is very harmful to our health and very harmful to the person who sits after you. But we still do because we cannot stop them. The study shows 80% children smoke if their parents smoke.

Relationship Ruined

The relationship ruined when we cross the boundary line of abusive language. IF we keep fighting with the partner everyday children will prefer to stay out of it and stays out from home until it gets resolved.

If you treat well to your family, care for them spend money onto them feed them etc, everyone likes you but once you use the abusive language everything comes on zero, your family will pick this negative habit and will forget every good thing you have done for them.

For example, my Uncle who uses abusive language and feels that he is a great man because he shouts over to his mom and his wife. And they just listen to him without arguing him that it is in his nature he cannot change.  He loves his family but when his some grew he does the same thing to him, his mother and his wife. The cycle goes like this.

Abusive Relationship


Important warning signs that you just could also be concerned with associate abusive relationship embrace once somebody.

harms you physically in any manner, together with slapping, pushing, grabbing, shaking, smacking, kicking, and punching.

tries to regulate completely different aspects of your life, like however, you dress, World Health Organization you hang around with, and what you say

  • oftentimes humiliates you or causes you to feel unworthy (for example, if a partner puts you down, however, tells you that he or she loves you)
  • threatens to damage you, or to self-harm, if you allow the connection
  • twists the reality to form you’re feeling you’re answerable for your partner’s actions
  • demands to grasp wherever you’re in the slightest degree times
  • perpetually becomes jealous or angry after you need to pay time together with your friend
    Abusive Relationship

Unwanted sexual advances that cause you to uncomfortable also are red flags. spoken language things like “If you liked American state, you would . . .” may be a warning of attainable abuse and an indication that your partner is attempting to govern you. an announcement like this is often dominant and is employed by those who area unit solely involved regarding obtaining what they require — not caring regarding what you wish. Trust your intuition. If one thing does not feel right, it most likely is not.

For this bad habit, we will be loosing our new friends, new guests and our in-laws will not be respecting us anymore. We always blame that we have learned it from the society but actually we learned it from our home. Parents blame children that they are just gone out of hands and use Abusive language and children blame their parents that they have taught us like that and we feel good to be in it because we have grown in it.

Abusive Relationship

Shouts in front of parents

When son/daughter shouts in front of parents only that time parents realize that they have done the same thing in their childhood. We have to understand the key factor that life is kind for the cycle you get what you deserve and according to what you have done in past. And if this Abusive Relationship bad habit continues it grows in to in insulting each other. And that is the most awkward situation that we face in our surroundings.

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