Long Distance Relationship Gift

Long Distance Relationship Gift, These stainless steel necklaces are the best gift you can give her on this Valentine ’s Day. With carving, words of your choice depicting your emotions on this occasion are the perfect jewelry piece for her.

Long Distance Relationship Gift

It has “not whole without you” and “I♥U” carved on them in black and this is made of pure stainless steel so it is durable and won’t scratch too. There are two phrases engraved on it with laser technology and they are in a puzzle shaped which is unique and like no other piece available in the market.

You can get his and her key chains too with the same puzzle shaped and engraved words on them too. This necklace set is best to give your someone special this Valentine’s Day or you can gift it to your best friend showing your love and gratitude towards them.

Long Distance Relationship Gift

Long distance relationships are harder but you can make it sweet on every occasion by gifting her something and these necklaces are surely a pleasant surprise for her. This has 45mm*30mm cutout keychain shaped in the puzzle and 30mm*20mm necklace also shaped like a puzzle and this piece is very beautiful and graceful.

Long Distance Relationship Gift

Our product

This is a proper set you can’t order just one of these both come as a set. They will be sticking together as we made them like this and once they reach you, you have to separate them or you can break the puzzle by yourself. It’s an exquisite piece you will share with your friend or your loved one.

Long Distance Relationship Gift, Your soul mate is waiting for your special gift and makes her happy by giving her these, she will absolutely love them. You are guaranteed a great experience from us as we pay great attention when we ship our products to our beloved customers as you people are very important to us and we value our clients very much.

Long Distance Relationship Gift

Your satisfaction is what we desired and we always look forward to your response regarding our product we are open to your suggestions as for how we can improve more, we are and we will do our best to provide you satisfactory and best customer services and won’t disappoint you ever, you can trust us.

Product description

You can order necklace and we will write words of your choice on it like beautiful and unique phrases from your favorite serials for example “your person” from grey’s anatomy will be a perfect gift for your girlfriend. These necklaces come with personalized initials too and we can add different shapes on them too like smileys and hearts.

When you want us to write “you’re my person” or “my special human “and engraved hearts on it too you are basically ordering a perfect gift for her imagine how much happiness she will feel after seeing it. it is the best gift from you to her and of course just don’t forget your wives they will also love it from your side and you will make them feel special by gifting it.

These beautiful necklaces are made of stainless steel so they cost us a bit more than normal ones that’s why we sell them in about 11.41 dollars. They fit quite well and due to the making of chain its size can be increase and decrease. It’s a perfect gift to give Long Distance Relationship Gift.

Long Distance Relationship Gift

Details of product

  • It can be given to fathers from daughters and vice versa.
  • “You are my person” is available in white color and “not whole without you” is available in grey color.
  • The material is stainless steel in white and grey
  • You can give it to your girlfriends, mothers, best friends, and wives.
  • It’s quite in and due to its style, it looks fashionable.
  • It is available in two sizes one is 45mm*30mm and another one is 30mm*20mm.
  • The chain is 18 inches long by 2 inches wide extension and lobster clasps.
  • We value your feedback and wait for your responses do visit our website and order. We want your shopping experience with us the best ever and we make constant efforts for such. We will be highly appreciable to you if you leave good reviews we need your positive feedback on our store and product. If you have any issue with the product you have ordered feel free to contact us we welcome you to our store and value your response. Best customer care is waiting for you.

Long Distance Relationship Gift

Other details

Unique packaging and package have 3 x 2.9 x 1.4 inches of dimension and shipping weight is 0.32 ounces you can view shipping rates and policies on our site. No gems included in these products. They are not resizable. Every product has a separate model number.


  1. I gifted it to my girl and she just loved it we were about to break up but when I gift her this she came back and now we are united again and very happy she daily wears it.
  2. I gave this my person necklace to my wife on our anniversary and she absolutely loved it and she is wearing it from then on. It is a perfect gift quite reasonable in price and all that, I highly recommend it as a gift, five stars.
  3. This was my valentine’s gift from my boyfriend and it is so cute, simply loved it.
  4. Mine was cheap broke within a week.
  5. Was very happy to receive it as a gift and I am quite surprised by the quality too as it is very durable and I am wearing it since I got it on valentines.
  6. No doubt it’s a perfect gift but you need to work on the quality as I gifted it to my boyfriend and it broke after few weeks, he really liked it. Seems like I have to order again for him.
  7. It is a delicate product with fine quality, love it.

Long Distance Relationship Gift


Long Distance Relationship Gift




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