Overcoming Shyness

Overcoming shyness, What is shyness? It’s the awkwardness or feeling of social anxiety that some people face while talking to another person. It’s not like introverts they just enjoy the alone time but the shy people they want to talk and be social but failed miserably.

They don’t have the energy to connect with people although inside they desperately want to connect. It’s kind of anxiety for them to make the effort of talking because it’s very difficult for them to make conversation. They often ignore others when being called shy but inside they also know its true.

If a person feels that its difficult for him to make social interactions he become so depressed that he can feel difficulty in carrying out his daily routine and this pretty much is quite intense and he needs professional help. For example, students joining new school will always feel shy and it can become so intense sometimes that they need a cure to overcome it (Overcoming shyness).

I was reading a few days back a story of a student, she used to feel so shy that she got into a depressed state and she didn’t brush her hair for many days and result was tangled and matted hair.

overcoming shyness


Social Encounters Importance

Social encounters are very important to build confidence so you don’t feel shy while talking. There are many forms of shyness some low and some intense people even feel shy to use public washrooms sometimes. Mostly shy people are afraid of the crowd.

They don’t feel good in big social gatherings. They don’t fear the presence of people but interaction with people. Shyness should never be confused with the introvert disorder. Shy people should not be judged.

We can motivate them to talk freely but making fun of them is a bad thing. Shy people always want to join social gatherings and other social meetings and enjoy them quietly but they are most afraid of not being able to cope with the people.

Therapeutic Help When Needed

Don’t be left behind to help a shy person, there are special therapists who help their patients overcome their shyness. Remember one thing it’s not to be ashamed of it’s a part of your personality you what to improve, it’s a fact, so don’t feel shy seek help for professional.

Overcoming shyness, Once you will feel you are understanding by them your anxiety and shyness will disappear. Therapists need to learn person characteristics and help them accordingly.

overcoming shyness


Is Its Lack Of Self-Confidence

How much you are confident about yourself matters a lot and its called self -confidence. Firstly you need to trust yourself and your abilities. Be free of any false things about yourself feel confident that’s how you will be able to overcome your shyness when to talk to others.

Just have a good opinion of yourself others will automatically start liking you. Positive self- esteem is very important for shy people; it makes you successful while talking and others will feel good also when they talk to you. Don’t be overconfident just be in your limits and life will move into its right place.

Overcoming shyness

Here I am going to give you some tips on how to be confident individual:

  • Express your real feeling don’t fake anything.overcoming shyness
  • Act maturely and think before you talk.
  • Be positive about everything trust me it will give you a good approach toward life.
  • Be competent with people and in situations.
  • Stop being reckless accept yourself as you are.
  • Don’t be afraid of the risks or fear anxiety maybe you are just over thinking the situation.
  • Try to explain what your point is in minimal sentences and gradually increase talking.
  • Overcoming Shyness.

Remember self- confidence is everything it is going to take you and believe in you and gives to enough courage to speak for yourself.

Try to build your trust on others this way you will feel less shy. Start with small talk and when you will get to know a person your shyness will automatically disappear. Stop looking at your past failures and try again and again until you are successful.

Factors Effecting Shyness (Overcoming shyness)

Development of confidence level is very important. Parents are the one fact

overcoming shyness

or that can influence anything and everything in their children’s life. In early years of his life, they are 


the ones who can mold his personality according to their liking and who will want their child to be shy in real life.

Every parent’s dream is to create a self -confident child, for that they need to work hard and build a solid foundation of good feelings in them. Don’t discourage them from anything try to explain positive aspects of everything. Let them make mistakes children will learn by making mistakes.

Having friends is also very important for a less shy individual. They make you powerful in taking whatever they want. Society just wants to overcome them but both parents and friends help them shape their feelings into words.

We Feel Hard To Communicate

Groups like universities, workplaces and schools are very biased towards people. They are responsible for your attitude towards life. There is much criticism involve them that can harm your personality. It’s very hard to communicate in such situations.

overcoming shyness

You need to make a constant effort to communicate with people from other classes but understand that it’s not impossible. You just need to understand the dynamics of that place then it will become easier for you to make friends.

Overcoming shyness

Let me give you some tips for good communication:

  • Educate yourself about the situations and places.
  • Put your insecurities and fear of talking aside and increase your understandings.
  • Public speaking is very crucial so try to talk when in a big crowd.
  • Don’t be scared of being judged and laughed at.
  • Learn about people and make strategies to fill communication gap.
  • Be persistent in trying to overcome your shyness.

overcoming shyness

Its difficult I know I was once like you but it’s not impossible, have confidence in yourself that you can do it and you will do it trust me! Overcoming Shyness.

“Believe in yourself and all that you are, something inside you is greater than any obstacle”

overcoming shyness

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