Relationship Arguments

Relationship Arguments, Does it feel like people enjoy arguing with you just to make you feel low and depressed? And you being the aggressive one has issues with it? You cannot deal it with wisdom instead you start shouting and arguing more? Then you are right you are patient with hypertension.

You can’t handle stress and become hyper easily it has many drawbacks and it has also a negative impact on you and your personality as well. Some people like the idea of debate and exchanging opinions while others start arguing out of habit.

People cant take negative opinions and start yelling and creating a fuss about petty issues. They draw a defensive wall around them by yelling at other during an argument.

Relationship Arguments

All these are the result of meaningless verbal fighting and it’s very dangerous for you. Anger controlling problems are very common in our society people quickly reacts in aggressive ways when they feel they are being wronged and insulted or are being treated unfairly.

They explode at others and start the blame game. They just forget what they are doing in argument and just yell without giving other person chance to speak his views.

Relationship Arguments, We all get angry sometimes and its quite normal and sometimes it’s a necessity, if a person is hurt by something he will speak up and its natural human phenomena but when a person has done some wrong and he starts shouting and blaming others it’s not good and if he does that often other people are going to distance themselves from the situation even before knowing what truly the case is.

Relationship Arguments

People having anger controlling issues react way more intensely and aggressively and wanted to hurt themselves or others in an argumentative situation. Some will take out their frustration by yelling and even trying to punch something. While yelling they might start calling names and used abusive language.

Its difficult for them to hold their anger inside they rot in their own hostility and in some situation start plotting against another person.

Relationship Arguments


Effect Of Anger Control Problems On Others

It has negative impacts on relationships and families they got destroys just because of a person or family member yelling and shouting during arguments.

They might lead to physical fights and that goes quite nasty. It is very dangerous for the individuals and it has made his personality bad. Family can go into stress and depression. Relationship Arguments.

Effect Of Anger Control Problems On A Person

During arguments person when cannot prove his point and he feels he is being disrupted again and again he began experiencing physical sensations in his body which is always related to stress. His heart beats faster and face and ears become hot and red. Muscles start tensing he began breathing faster and his palms got sweaty.

Relationship Arguments

Relationship Arguments

He became extremely edgy. These are the symptoms of anger and he starts yelling excessively without thinking further. These can lead to emergency situations sometimes. He might feel guilty after the fight is over but during it, he doesn’t notice what he is doing. This situation is very uneasy and upset for both the parties.

Rejections in Relationship Arguments

When somebody pushes you towards arguments it drives you crazy especially if you work with them or live with them daily. It’s quite hard to go for conflict-free conversations. Some people are very self-absorbed they have a lot of tendencies to show arguments.

They don’t think twice about what they are saying and how will their behavior is going to impact on others. They are afraid of rejections and start arguing when confronted with it. They cant take others different opinions they got threatened and become defensive. They start blaming others and try hard to find faults in others.

Relationship Arguments

Some Positives

Good points regarding this problem are very minimal I have just thought of few:

  • It builds motivation to stand up for yourself.
  • Learn the debate techniques so you can argue better.
  • You start maintaining your self-esteem.

Maintain Sanity

it takes a lot of energy to maintain your sanity during such argument. Let me tell you how you can maintain your sanity:

  • Try to defend yourself using sane points.
  • Make yourself mature and use a productive defense mechanism to protect them.
  • Try to tolerate their company patiently.

Relationship Arguments

  • Try not to ask their opinion and views on anything.
  • Avoid using negative phrases instead take calmly like ‘ I don’t want to argue with you ‘.
  • Stop reasoning with a person who seeks power and control over you just ignore them.
  • Withdraws from an argument then proving them wrong.
  • Feel good about yourself when you initiate an argument.
  • Try feeling control and power over them that is very critical for you.
  • The feelings and opinion of others are not important.

When you think its enough and you cant deal with it own your own now try to seek professional help from a counselor, he will give you therapeutic sessions and medication also.

Relationship Arguments

Maybe you lack confidence and you’re self -worth is low, maybe you seek attention during an argument by shouting and aggression therapist will help you in this regard.When you began feeling confident from inside your conflicts will start decreasing. Just keep in mind everyone uses some defense mechanism to prove them right you should update yours as well.

Your main concern is to learn such defense mechanisms that are constructive ones. We are naturally programmed to protect ourselves but yelling is not an option.

It can deeply harmful to the relationships. Try to engage yourself more openly and compassionately in an argument. Listen to others with open heart and respond accordingly.

Arguing is normal in fact sometimes fights are healthy for a relationship you get to know about the worth of each other. We suffer at times but communication breaks all the barriers but it should be in a healthy way bot a blame game. Take recovery time but don’t end the relationship. Relationship Arguments

Relationship Arguments

“Be nice to everyone, always smile and appreciate things because it will all be gone tomorrow”

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