Broken Trust 

“Each betrayal begins with trust”

Broken Trust, there is just one condition on which relationship will boom that is Trust. If your partner is not honest faithful, kind, respectful towards you there is no point in staying in that relationship. Trust once broken cannot be mended there will always present some doubt which is not good for a healthy relationship.

Mostly reasons for break up is broken trust, and that is very common these days. Mostly reasons for broken trust are partner having affair or lied about something. Cheating is the most damaging thing one can do to its partner.

Does your partner continuously lied and never fulfills his/her promises? Does he always unavailable when you need him emotionally? These are the situations that destroy trust in a relationship and result will be the destruction of the family.

Broken Trust

Broken Trust

Trust is a very fragile thing and most important too, it’s very difficult to rebuild it but not impossible it will require a lengthy process and time it doesn’t just happen on its own. Both partners have to work for it to build.

Broken Trust, People always an emphasis on honesty that however always depend on support and trust on your partner. Nobody’s perfect we all have flaws but we should live on the principle “walk the talk” so that we live a life of integrity.

Every relationship has some occasional slips but it doesn’t mean we should end it, you can work on it and rebuild it for your own and for your family’s sake. When there is a violation of trust it’s important to eliminate those conditions that are responsible and to engage in a healing process to restore trust and goodwill in a relation.

Key to maintaining integrity in a relationship is to stop all lies and denials except your mistake and promise to not do it again. Not all betrayals and deceit can be healed but we can always try.

Don’t sacrifice your trust just for some mere entertainment purpose, stick with the truth. Acknowledge your mistake before your partners before they find out from another source.

Broken Trust, The longer you live a life of lies the more damaging it will be for your relationship. It will be more difficult for you to rebuild the trust. I am going to explain some points which need to be followed in order to rebuild trust in any relationship.

Broken Trust


Please get honest otherwise there is no point in staying in a relationship. If your partner requires a lot of time and honesty from you to convenience about your trust then do it prove yourself trustworthy. This will require a lot of patience on your part.

Stop lying

Broken Trust, Always answers your partner’s questions with honesty, do not lie. If he or she needs the information provide it without hesitation. Don’t be defensive in responding. If their questions are unnecessary or repetitive just answer them with patients thinking that you want to restore your relationship.

Broken Trust



Be considerate of their feelings. Don’t over evaluate or judge their behavior. Keep in mind that mistake is yours so don’t analyze them wrongly. Have patience you will have your turn that you are going to express your feelings and your perspective.

Listen to what they are saying try to understand their point. Feelings are not always unreal or unnecessary they are sometimes rational also.


Reassure your partners they can have all the time in the world to rebuild the trust. A lot of compassion will be very helpful from your side Broken Trust.

Use reassuring words like ‘I know you are right and I am going to listen to you’ and ‘ I understand you’  ‘ I know you need time all my time is for you’. It will deepen your connection with your partner.

Take responsibility

Take responsibility for your actions, you know you have done wrong so own it. Avoid any unnecessary explanations or justifications for your behavior. Don’t blame their behavior.

Broken Trust

Clear intentions

Stay with clear intentions and committed to your relationship. Benefits of doing it will be enormous. Healing can be done which will transform a relation into a sacred union.

Your partner is in great anguish but remembers recovery is the ultimate goal. Try to give them more love and care they will automatically start trusting you again.

Inner trust

You need to be trustworthy about yourself and your feelings first it will build a stable foundation between you and your partner. There is always an inner voice telling and alerting you what is good or what is bad what is damaging to your relation follow it.

Don’t ignore your instincts warning you. Feel it the first time and don’t ignore it. Sometimes your partners become extra charming with you so that you cannot notice their wrong doings but there will always be inner voices which give you warning signal listen to it.

Deal with the conflicts like a mature person Broken Trust.

“Words mean nothing when your actions contradict”

 First, you begin trusting your partner again ask yourself are you ready for this again. Understand whats right for you. Use your wisdom and inner feelings about giving second chance to a person. When you will learn about your feelings regarding trusting your partner again then you will automatically become trustworthy of yourself.

Sometimes you need to ignore your doubts and start trusting the voice of your heart and soul. When you have trust in yourself you will feel when to believe them and when they are lying to you. You will able to judge their truth about certain situations.

Broken Trust

Sometimes therapies also help in rebuilding trust. All the reasons behind the betrayal should be healed and addressed collectively. It’s a hard work to heal broken trust but not impossible  Broken Trust.

Don’t be stupid to think that you can build trust just by a hug or few apologetic statements you have to prove yourself by your actions. All the causes of betrayal need to be identified not for it to resurface again.

Both partners need to learn to love each other and have a clear approach towards each other. Try to maintain their self-respect and personal integrity.

When you make a commitment fulfill it with compassion and trust don’t harm your selves by indulging in cheating or lying. Listen properly to each other and welcome all the disagreements with open arms Broken Trust.


Lisa Martin

Love to write about love and relationship


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