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Gundi Gabrielle is associate 8-time #1 Bestselling Author, web enterpriser, former Carnegie Hall conductor and Digital wanderer.

She is that the founding father of SassyZenGirl  #ClaimYourFREEDOM (, a platform that helps initiate entrepreneurs, authors and bloggers flip their passion into a thriving business, and loves teaching web selling in an exceedingly fun, straightforward to grasp approach.

Her flagship series The smart approach….when you don’t have any CLUE! has helped thousands around the world begin their initial prospering weblog, created multiple #1 Bestselling first-time authors and helped varied new businesses begin with a smart web selling strategy.

Her legendary posts How to sit back with the M-WordSassyliscious whole Explosion and The NO Fluff/NO bachelor’s degree Blueprint for turning your Passion into a Thriving Business have gone infectious agent and are still fun (and educating) thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs  and selling phobics…:)  round the world.

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