Happy Mother Day

Happy Mother Day, Mothers are the nature’s loveliest creatures and we all are thankful to them for their contribution to our lives. Mother’s day is celebrated by many people who want to show appreciation towards their mother and if they don’t have living mothers then mother figures.

Happy Mother Day

This day is celebrated worldwide as it is an annual event but it is held on different dates, every country has its own date of the celebrations of mother’s day. People show appreciation by giving flowers to their mothers along with wishing cards and cakes too.

Happy Mother Day

It’s a great occasion on which people remember their mothers and their efforts form themselves. This day not only mothers but mother figures are also given importance and they are also included in the celebrations as a token of love.

Mother figures include the mother in laws, guardian, aunts, and stepmothers. You can think of many ideas to surprise her and she will love all of them. Many people held family gatherings at their places to celebrate mother’s day or they pay visits to their mothers.

There are family lunches and dinners either at home or at a fancy restaurant where you can do some decoration too. If someone is far away from home and cannot make it to this day he can give a call to their mothers this will also make her very happy.

Happy Mother Day, Mothers like most of us like gifts on this day and you can arrange that for her too it can be a piece of jewelry, clothing chocolates or any other things which she likes. I would personally love to spend the entire day with her going to movies and having fun with her is my idea of celebrating mother’s day.

Many countries make extra efforts to promote this day especially Asian countries like China where celebrations are held publically and carnations are very popular there as a present. They organize proper songs and dance for this day’s celebrations.

Happy Mother Day, What Is It

In England during 1600 year mother’s day got very popular you can say that it is the recent history of mother’s day. After 40 days of Easter mother’s day was celebrated to honor all the mothers. They used to perform services in church for mother Mary, they brought gifts and flowers with them as a tribute to their own mothers and their services for themselves

Happy Mother Day

On this occasion, all the servants and helping and employees if they are away from homes are encouraged to visit their home and honor their mothers. It was a tradition back then to bring special fruit cake and fruit pastures for their mothers. Many nations during that observed same traditions.

When we reached 19 century this custom completely died and the world forgets this day but after World War 2 Americans again bought this day to its glory and started celebrating this day again, many companies to grow their sales use this occasion.

Now, mother’s day is again celebrated in many countries around the globe people are now taking this day as an opportunity to honor their mothers and remind them that they are not alone in this journey infect their children are with them and they have all the support and love they need. Now, this day has become so popular that during that day phone lines got so busy and its traffic increases in many countries like Italy, Denmark, UK, US Australia Mexico and Canada.

People buy cards, flowers, and cakes on this day so manufacturers have to do its production beforehand and they benefit maximum during this day. There is a huge business selling these things in that day and sellers make good money and advertise their products too.

Why We Celebrate Happy Mother Day,

Why we celebrate mother’s day is a silly question in my opinion. People think that we should not fix one day to pay tribute to our mothers but tell me what we do in other days of the year, do we give her importance that she deserves, nope I don’t think so in my opinion mothers are the creatures we ignore and take for granted the most.

Happy Mother Day

Why we do that because we grow up, we should think about this fact that if we don’t have the support of our mothers where we stand in our lives, we were abandoned by everyone. She takes care of us day and night so why not give her importance for just one day.

We are so busy in our lives so when we take out one day to make her happy then why not. This day is a special day for her she waits a whole year for this day and she deserved this day very much. Mothers are the other face of God so to praise her this day should be celebrated.

We celebrate it with her and to show her our love and care which she has shown to us when we were little. This day is for her and must be celebrated fully.

Pros of mother’s day

Do you know what mother stands for:

M for meals

O for ointments

T for teaching

H for hearing

E for eternal

R for right

Happy Mother Day

She provides meals for us not just when we grow up but since we born she provides for us even we don’t know how to ask her for the food we just cry and she immediately understands that we are hungry and asking for milk. When we are infants she cooks semi-solid for us, especially so that we start developing taste for food.

And when we are a fussy toddler she runs after us to feed us and sometimes skip her meals just to feed us. When we grow old she asks us what we like to eat and cooks that.

When we get sick she doesn’t sleep and take care of us even if she herself is sick and we always want our mothers when we are ill as we all know she herself is the best ointment for us and even the whole world discard us she will be there for us no matter what.

She teaches us what’s right and wrong and told us what is best for us she takes out time from her busy routine for us and wants us to learn everything that needs to be learned for our survival. She hears our problems when the whole world ignores us and give fruitful suggestions. She is an eternal beauty and sunshine in our lives one must respect her and give her rightful place and value.

Happy Mother Day

Cons of mother’s day

Mothers who have lost their child due to any reason were hurt when we celebrate this day and they want us to understand that it is a painful reminder for them and opens up their unhealed wound again.

We all should be careful when we want to make her cheer up we need to understand that she has lost her precious baby and it is hard for her and leave them alone. Women who have no children also suffer during this day it hurt their feelings to see joyful faces everywhere and it is painful for them that people have a gift for children and they don’t have.

Advantages of mother’s day

These are the advantages of mother’s day:

  1. We gather and share delicious foods together and time is spent to revive good old memories.
  2. We can spend our day gardening our lawns with our mothers and enjoy a beautiful spring day with her.
  3. What is better than watching a good movie and healthy dinner afterward. Choose movie of her choice to watch it at home or in cinema and she will love it.
  4. If she loves to shop like my mother take her shopping and let her buy anything and pay for her it is good as she bought present of her choice and it shows you are considerate of her feelings too.
  5. Help her clean the house or prepare lunch or dinner for her.

Disadvantages of mother’s day

Below are some disadvantages of mother’s day:

  1. People wrongly promote it for their own motives.
  2. Prices of flowers and cakes got so high that it becomes impossible for the lower class to buy them.
  3. Some companies have commercialized this occasion for their own personal needs.
  4. One day must not be fixed for the celebration instead more than three days must be given for the celebration as mothers do more for us so one day is not enough.
  5. Happy Mother Day

Does Mother Get Happy?

Mothers are known to have softest of the hearts so if we just give them one flower on this day they will be immensely happy and tell everyone within reach about their happiness. A single message wishing them makes them joyous. Although they need more they are always happy with what their children do for them.

When her child smile at her she becomes happy so wonder how much happiness she will get when we celebrate this day to show our gratitude towards her.

To all the mothers out there you guys are the best gift from God and we can’t thank you enough for your care and love. Bless you! Happy Mother Day.


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