Gift For Mother

Gift for Mother, If you are looking for a perfect mother’s day gift for her you have a choice of this gold rose which is long stem real rose dipped in gold and it is an exciting gift for her as mothers are the ones who look after home and they are always curious about its presentation so this will add to her decoration item for her home.

Gift For Mother

They are unique in their design and style and very few sites offer them. We use real roses and then preserve them and lastly dipped them in gold. We are planning to do this in different colors so you can buy the color of her choice. We are always open to your suggestions.

Gift For Mother

We carefully chose real flowers which are of good quality and long lasting and are fresh with perfect petals and shape. Length of the stem is also considered while selecting the flower. We made it with pure love for your loved ones and it is the perfect gift for your mother on this occasion.

What is this?

To make it clear to you let me explain further:

It is a uniquely designed special high quality rose which lasts forever and add beauty to your home decor. It is currently in fashion for women to give as a gift on their special days.

Gift For Mother

Roses are always considered as a gesture of love that we show towards our loved ones and especially women, they loved to have roses as a surprise and as a gift too. This golden rose is a compliment for your mother and tribute towards her it is a symbol of appreciation and beauty and of course apology too.

They are the best gift for your mother on mother’s day you can give it on Thanksgiving, birthdays, valentines days, Christmas also on graduations, weddings and anniversary. You can also take it with you for the family of deceased when you visit his funeral. They make every occasion and event memorable for you. Gift For Mother

As it is made from real roses and all the roses along with petals and leave and stem are picked out fresh they are assembled carefully dipping in gold and preserving for forever so that it lasts longer and a source of love for her forever.

It also comes in an enclosed box specially designed and made for it and just sold exclusively by ZJchao. Gift For Mother


They will look so good when placed on the side tables of your drawing room. Everyone will surely notice it when they saw it in your rooms. Due to their unique design, they are the real eye catchers and people will definitely ask you from where you have bought these.

Gift For Mother

They are perfect to give as a gift to your loved ones. When you themed you’re drawing or living room white this gold rose will compliment your theme and adds beauty to it and perfection too. You can keep it in glass upside down jars just like in the movie beauty and the beast they have kept the rose flower and also you can buy golden color pot for it will bloom in that forever and make you remember it as a beautiful memory.

You can keep it separately or can add more ornaments to it too. Placed it in a golden jar and add lots of white artificial flowers around it and viola your heart favorite centerpiece is ready for everyone to appreciate. Place it in a separate glass jar and around it in a circle place small candles light them up and you will see a masterpiece I can guarantee you everyone will ask you about it. it is going to be a secret charmer in your décor.

It’s design

Material that is used in it is gold and real flowers are used that are dipped in gold to preserve them for forever. It will last a lifetime.

They are the perfect thing you can give as a gift to your loved ones it depicts your love for someone it is a symbol of I Love You if you want to express your gratitude towards her gift this. It also shows thank you or just a simple I am sorry too.

Gift For Mother

Don’t just think it is easy to make it we have to pick a fresh rose and preserve it first they dipped into the gold sometimes we pick perfect petals and some long stem and arrange them into a uniquely designed rose. We are doing hard work here hope you will appreciate our efforts. Gift For Mother

If she is sad, if she is angry with you, she is disappointed in you to give her this and she will immediately fell in love with it and you too.

It is available in gold color currently with 12.4. 3.3 and 3.4 inches of dimension. Its weight is 8.8 ounces,


  1. I recently bought these for my mother she absolutely loved it. The flower was, in my opinion, a bit small as compared with the stem but my mother adorns it very much. Whoever is coming to visit us these days she shows them this flower and I must say people are pretty much impressed with it shape and design, but I will suggest you make it a bit bigger and add some perfume for the fragrance too it will add more beauty to it.
  2. I gift it to my wife she absolutely loved it and the color is also noble. She liked it a lot.
  3. Excellent quality beautiful rose makes it in different colors too.
  4. It arrived on time and packaging was up to the mark too gifted it to my mother she loved it it’s a good idea as a gift women of all ages loved it.
  5. It’s a great gift, I gifted it to my best friend, and she saw it the first time and loved it.
  6. A very nicely displayed and a perfect gift I am giving it to my mother with my fingers crossed hope she liked it too. Gift For Mother


Gift For Mother



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