How To Become A Good Husband, Son, Brother, and Father

How To Become A Good Husband, a sensible man always wanted to be a good husband, son, and father to his children not in any particular order. He knows all these relationships cannot be compared to each other each of them

has its importance but he becomes super confused between the two. Which two? If he becomes a good husband to his wife does it makes him a bad son to his mother? Poor thing remains worried that how to resolve this issue.

How To Become A Good Husband it’s really really difficult to answer this question because its main cause is not addressed properly:

The first main question that needs to be answered is who is forcing you to think that you are not a good father..son..husband or brother?

How To Become A Good Husband


How To Become A Good Husband

It indicates that if you have this question in your mind then I am pretty sure your mother or father is blaming you that you are good to your wife but bad as a son. Let me clear this simple fact that you didn’t choose your parents they decided to bring you in this world. They have all your responsibilities as a parent. They are the ones who agreed to bring you in this world by knowing all the associated responsibilities of a child.

And apparently, you have no commitment towards to siblings and parents. But as you get married to a girl you take her full responsibility you have come into a contract with her that you will take care of her, you’ll make a family with her so you need to fulfill all your obligations towards her. How To Become A Good Husband

How To Become A Good Husband

And now that you are creating a child so you are all the more responsible towards fulfilling your obligations as a father to your child even if you have to upset others in doing so.Your kid needs a harmless atmosphere to discover their approaches and relish righteousness and uniformity of behavior.

You don’t have to lose heart because it is possible to be good in everything. Keep that in mind and clear all the misconceptions that its good to treat your wife and child well it doesn’t mean that you have to harm your relationship with your parents or siblings yes set your priorities straight nothing is difficult to manage.

How To Become A Good Husband

If your parents are well educated and are good people they will recognize that you have a family now and you have their responsibility on you they are your priority then they will appreciate and respect it. It’s not your concern whether they think of your choice as an insult or appreciate your decision. How To Become A Good Husband

You exactly have zero resistors over everyone else’s moods (except maybe your child since parents have a frightening amount of power to control and manipulate their own kids- as you well know). Don’t let your family manipulate your feelings and making you guilty, do what you feel is right and best for your family, take full responsibility for your decisions and be proud of them.

No need to feel bad about anything. If they think you are bad then it’s their opinion and thinking it shouldn’t affect you badly. They do it willingly because they want you to make them happy and are unable to understand your obligations and they are not willing to make themselves happy.

How To Become A Good Husband

  • A lot of questions are needed to be answered in this regard:
  • Why am I still single?
  • What it feels like to have an elder brother who takes all the responsibility?
  • Do I have to talk to my mom and dad to be a good son?
  • Do my parents think I am a good son or not?
  • How can I be a good father to my kid?


How To Become A Good HusbandParenthood is no doubt tough to handle and trust me nobody is perfect in everything. Not many people are managing life as a son father and husband without fights, wars and sweltering out. Parenthood is a family living together with each other no outside world allowed this may develop conflicts and problems among them. It may feel like a burden and obviously, it’s hard to fulfill your own wishes when you live with your family because they always come first.  How To Become A Good Husband

The best solution to all this is to make compromises among priorities. Rank them according to the importance that this is one this is two and so on. Your basic priorities are being a good father-son and husband so there is nothing to worry about you just needs to really concentrate on them.

Yes, some relationships may suffer because of your choices but yes you are a human being and this is life. Don’t blame yourself because no matter how hard you try some will be disappointed in you. They are unwilling to understand how hard you are trying but I wish you good luck and may all power to you!!

“Stay like a noble person and the rest of the things will follow!”

If you are attempting hard to be good at everything to “someone” it could rebind.  Just be good in any role. Stop following the expectations of others. Everyone has different perceptions not everyone thinks alike they have different definitions of good husband and a good son to act on your definition because it’s your role and you know it best.

Maybe you are acting like a good husband but your wife thinks you’re not and same goes for the good son too. So it’s gonna be your decision to be good according to them or according to you and if you wanted to be good according to everyone around you then you are in big misery. How To Become A Good Husband.How To Become A Good Husband


A good husband and a good son originate from a good person so do polish yourself and ultimately you’re gonna be the best in everything. Try to fulfill all the justifiable and entitled demands of your parents and wife and children. Do justice and explain to both parties accordingly. Then and only then you’ll be a perfect son and a good husband. Remember to give everything time, by time you will figure out everything. GOOD LUCK!!! How To Become A Good Husband



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