Sexy Reasons Behind Why Do Men Cheat

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Why Do Men Cheat

Why Do Men Cheat, You are a nut if you think cheating is the only option guys!!

Yeah, try to explain to me please with your creative imagination why you cheated your loving spouse with your girlfriend!!!

Only a few of the men admit that they cheat for sex but most of them always blame their spouses their bosses and other women for cheating and that is no excuse.

Why Do Men Cheat

I understand that women also cheat but today I am discussing MEN.

Men must give reasons for their unfaithfulness as fascinating because mostly all reason revolves around the logical solution to their relations. It’s common to feel fed-up from daily issues and other problems in life but it doesn’t mean you opt for cheating. You have made your choice by cheating but can you think for a second does any of those justify lying, using and keeping your secrets from a woman who truly cares about you?

Why Do Men Cheat

Mostly man doesn’t have that type of awareness. When opposed, they abate and justify their behavior with lame excuses like I was not having enough sex or I don’t feel the freedom of doing things my friends do, my wife is fat, I was stressed, she is no more attractive for me…etc.Why Do Men Cheat?

Then what you cheat? Did you choose some over her? Really? How do you feel if she does the same?

In the psychotherapy industry, we have a name for this type of perceptive: Rejection. They told series of false statements it is a form of internal lye. To them their behavior is OK but to us, it’s NOT.

But the most important question here again is WHY? WHY men cheat ?even if they got caught and they know all the unwanted consequences of it like separation, loss of kids, losing their common friends and what not?

Why Do Men Cheat, There are many factors why they chose to cheat:

Immaturity: if a person is immature he is not aware of his actions he has no check and balance in life then obviously cheating for him is normal. he will not find it wrong to cheat. He does not care about the consequence and hence continues to cheat in future.Why Do Men Cheat

Ongoing problem: maybe he is disturbed In life and is alcoholic taking drugs then these can affect his decision making and sex with other women and as a result, he will make choices which are going to hurt him. He will create false fantasies in his mind and will engage himself in them and his behavior will change and this will ruin his life permanently.

Anxiety: getting old age is also the main cause. Maybe he is thinking he is not handsome anymore, not rich enough, not smart etc… he may think he is in midlife crises to its best solution is to have sex.

Lack of social support: maybe he felt alone because his friends are not supportive enough, he is being emotional and expecting too much from them and expect it from his spouse and when she fails he seeks that elsewhere.

Why Do Men Cheat?

Why Do Men Cheat

Why Do Men Cheat

Misunderstanding about sex: men have this huge misunderstanding or you can say fantasies about sex. They always fail to understand what healthy relationship is, they just don’t want long-term commitments. Their interests change, they become less intense they don’t know what meaningful connections are.

JuvenileExploitation: it’s a likely possibility he may have suffered from a childhood abuse- abandonment, manipulation, physical misapplication, sexual abuse etc., which rendered him of emotions and thus destroyed his personality so bad that he thinks its ok to cheat and cause other pain.

Why Do Men Cheat

Egoism: it’s a possibility that he only thinks about himself and he always gets what he wants that’s why he lies.

LethalExclusivity: he thinks he is different from others he is special and other men can’t be like him. All the rules of faithfulness don’t apply to him so he feels free to do anything he wants.

Unethical desires: maybe he has never thought about it in past he seems a nice guy who is committed to his spouse but suddenly an opportunity comes and without thinking he jumps on it.

IdealisticBeliefs: some men are so ego bound that they think women are their property she should listen to his every whim and fulfill all his desires. They don’t care about her feelings. They don’t love her enough. They want to be the center of attention her everything as should revolve around him. They have huge expectations from their spouse.

Why Do Men Cheat

Fury/Vengeance: men like to take revenge when they get angry and want to hurt her they always chose to cheat her. Sometimes they don’t even bother to keep it secret and tell lies because he wants her to know that he cheated.

There is a saying: “once a cheater always a cheater” that is true in men case.

Trust me we never know why they cheat and strays from their happy marriages. Men are complicated beings and they have a whole lot of reasons for what they do.

Why Do Men Cheat? Sometimes its also based on thrill and pursuit of taking over. Some are sexually addicted also. They think their needs are not met by their partners they feel unhappy with them or might be just afraid of the real closeness with their partner.

Why Do Men Cheat

Wives should meet husbands emotional needs and inquire what is happening in their daily life, show some excitement and appreciate them. Sometimes lack of communication is also causing of cheating. The affair is not because of how you look so don’t be sad. It’s their own insecurities that they cheat.

Why Do Men Cheat? I know its hard to forgive but divorce is a bad thing for you and the kids. Cheating doesn’t fix itself you must have an open conversation and honest discussions together.  You should clearly tell your spouse what you want from them. Your thinking should be on the same side that’s when your relationship will work and please always think about your kids before you think about cheating. Otherwise, cheating is a deal breaker guys!!



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