Sibling Relationships 

Sibling Relationships, A sibling relationship is such that we endure it throughout our lives sometimes with joy sometimes with patience and sometimes with envy. The impact of this relationship is great for both our young and adult life.


It can shape and build our character to a far greater extent than we think. Younger siblings are just not an edition in the house they have their signs in the house too. Relationship with them is fixed in our psyches. You don’t know anyone better than what your sibling know about you. They will not always admire you or interested in you.

Sibling Relationships


Sibling Relationships, Younger brothers mostly are the naughty ones in the family while the elder one is sober by nature. Their character and habits always differ from each other and it can be a reason a younger brother always gets against elder one. 

The poor relationship between two brothers can lead towards depression in later life. So it should be the common effort of both elder and younger brother to work the differences against each other and sort them out as soon as possible.Sibling Relationships

Younger brothers are comparatively more emotional and have anger issues than elder ones. Elder brother can make efforts to develop happy harmonious and close bonding with his younger sibling. The Younger sibling is always of rebel nature. Sibling Relationships.



“The younger brother must help to pay for the pleasures of elder”- janeausten


Sibling Relationships

I also have a younger brother and he is mostly against me on many issues we have common. He always wants to stand out in front of the family so I think he thinks  I am the one everyone likes and adorns more but it’s not the truth everyone in our family loves both of us equally.

Sibling Relationships

He sometimes said you get more benefits being the elder one but it’s not true in reality he the one always gets what he wants by fighting or by force. He gets away with anything easily however I have to answer my parents being the responsible one.

He thinks there is a constant competition going on between us. We have a very limited interaction because of this. He also has anger issues, he easily gets angry in any situation. Yeah, we have some unpleasant memories but I love him equally.

Sibling Relationships

I know my parents give me more credit for things I do than him. I was after all their first born so they have kind of special memories related to me they eagerly celebrate my birthdays and always plan holidays with me giving me special gifts.

Too often he gets ignored or we can say gets overlooked. I know he is hardworking and love us all but somewhere he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves and that upsets him. He got more emotionally against me. Sibling Relationships.

Sibling Relationships

I know I am very important for my family or you can say a key figure but I can also say that who I find beside me through thick and thin is my younger brother. Yes, he is annoying at times but he is my best friend also. Somewhere that naughty thing I never took seriously grew up.

Sibling Relationships

Yes, I admit he is the most important person in my life but yes he is not very much fond of me and ignores me and is always against me when there is an argument going on. Sibling Relationships.

Sibling Relationships


“Oddly enough, when the tears dry up and your tunnel vision clears, you’ll realize he was actually right.”


Sibling Relationships


Here are the reasons why he is always against me:

  1. I gave him advice regarding his friends and relations but he got offended. My intentions were pure but he just refuses to listen to me. He should understand that I care about him and he is my first priority and I don’t want him to get hurt but I guess he is too dumb to understand it.
  1. He always puts the blame of his doings on me and I feel he is really irritated by my presence. I love him unconditionally but I am sure he doesn’t feel same for me. I just want to tell him that I have seen you at your worst and is love you regardless of anything.
  2. I know you think that you think I am more important for my parents but honestly, you are always our daddy’s and mums little cute boy. You complete their family and that’s why they adorn you more.
  3. Yes, we argue a lot but trust me I will always defend you no matter what.
  4. You want me to look bad in our parent’s eyes and do things which upsets me yet I have to endure this because I am the nicer and the good child.
  5. You think I am more close to our parents and they listen to me closely and with great attention but they love you equally.
  6. You make me laugh sometimes but yes you have made me cry too.
  7. I did what I feel right for you but you turned against me. That hurts me more but you don’t listen to my reasons.
  8. You are against me because you think I am a villain in your life.
  9. You always go against my opinions

Sibling Relationships


I just want you to know that I will always present here for you and I will try my best to help you out in any situation. I don’t want to see you worried about something. You are my little brother I am truly blessed to have you in my life. I will go out of my way to do stuff for you. I can go to the ends of the earth just to see you laugh and joke.

Sibling Relationships

I want you to share your things and in return, I want to share mine. I want you to get all the happiness you deserve. I know you don’t want to face me because of the resentment you feel. I wish you success in every exam of life. I don’t wanna make you a failure rather a huge success. Please don’t hold me accountable for the things happened in your life. I am and will always love you.

“The greatest gift my parents ever gave me was my younger brother”

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