How to forget Love

How to forget Love, Who’s a boyfriend? A ‘special’ someone in your life. Someone who is always present in your thoughts and when you wake up you think about them and when you go to bed for sleep you think about them. You just smile thinking about them they are that much important in your life and obviously same case with them.

Both of you hold a special place in each other’s life. You just count the minutes to meet them and finding of their routine what they ate and did the whole day. You crave for their smell and touch.

“Every girl has a guy that she won’t stop loving, and every guy has a girl that he won’t stop fighting for”

When you are in a relationship you are not alone. You become kind of private person for others. You just open in front of your boyfriend discussing things with him. But think about it if that person you think such high of cheats you what will be your reaction? How will you survive this? Will you go into depression or seek revenge?


How to forget Love



It’s your choice but once you are done with them it’s quite difficult to forget them. I am here to help you out. I am going to explain the tips and scenarios that will help you forget them easily.

How to forget Love

So my 21 exclusive tips to forget your loved ones, for you are:

  • Shoulder to cry on: How to forget Love, you just need a shoulder to cry on and telling him or her all your problems which you used to tell your boyfriend. Once you start doing it you will easily forget him. They will hug you and try to console you and that’s going to make you forget your ex.


How to forget Love


  • Go to your girlfriend: How to forget Love, girls, when your relationship is over just go to your girlfriend and discuss everything with her and guys, do the same, visit your best dude and share things with them. It’s a human nature, we want someone to listen to us so it’s pretty normal if you crave someone who listens to you.


How to forget Love


  1. Divert your interests: How to forget Love, it is difficult and requires a lot of strength but try to divert your interests. Play sports and take out time for swimming as it’s a great sport that releases tension from the body.


How to forget Love


  • Inner struggle: How to forget Love, I know its very difficult but muster some courage and try to be happy again this is not the end of the world for you. You will meet new people they are going to like you, you are going to like them, this will go on. So don’t feel dishearten and try to move on.


How to forget Love


  • Other chances: How to forget Love, you will have multiple chances again and you will meet someone you are going to love again. You are destined to meet new people to be happy and give other chances, you never know maybe they are the ones meant solely to you.

How to forget Love

  • Positivity: How to forget Love, in life positivity is very important to move forward in life without it you just cannot take a step further. Teach yourself to think about the situations rationally. Maybe you are better off without him. He was not good enough for you. It’s better you two are separated now. Maybe his influence on you is bad. It can be anything so pray now that you are saved.

“if I treated you the way you treated me, you would have hated me”

 How to forget Love

  • Patience: How to forget Love, patience is the key to anything. When you have patience you can do anything which seems impossible.
  • Determination: How to forget Love, try to remain firm and determine your decision of leaving him. Everything has been for the best. Be confident about yourself and try to mine forward. You are going to meet new people every day and he was just not worth your time or effort.
  • Get rid of his things: How to forget Love, if you have his personal items still with you get rid of them as soon as possible. They will constantly remind you of him and that’s not good for you. Give back his belongings to him. If you are having his gifts and other things he gave you also return them.




  • Music and art: How to forget Love,  try to listen to music it has a soothing effect on us. Listen to the bands which are your favorite. Indulge yourself in art. Not only it will keep you busy but you will forget your ex also.


How to forget Love


  • Books and traveling: How to forget Love, books are a great source of knowledge. Try to read books of your choice. Read fiction it helps you to be more imaginative and creative. Make some plan to travel to your favorite place, one you want to visit for ages but postponing. Try hiking and bungee jumping.


How to forget Love


  • Stop pitying: How to forget Love, first of all, most important thing is to stop pitying yourself. Yes, you became a victim of cheating but that’s just not the end of the world. You are young you have time utilize it. Stop thinking about him. He is not worth your time.
  • Value yourself: How to forget Love, by mourning for him you are just decreasing your value in front of others and yourself. Please value yourself, are you and your health worth all this drama. Obviously NO, so stop thinking about him. Let him rot in hell!
  • Look forward to future: How to forget Love, try to understand that your life doesn’t end here. You are other greater things ahead of you. You have your family who looks forward to seeing you. Just try for their sake to forget him and move on.

“I am no longer afraid of the monsters because I once loved one”


  • Hugs and chocolate: How to forget Love, select some of your close friends and family members and do something special for them like giving those hugs and gift and chocolates. Trust me this little act will make them happy and in return, you will feel so good and contented.


How to forget Love


  • Dinner dates: How to forget Love, for happiness just don’t depend on your boyfriends and girlfriends you can be happy alone also. Take yourself out alone sometimes. Try to think about just yourself. Going to lunches and dinner alone is not a bad thing.
  • Take a break:  How to forget Love, try complimenting yourself, you are important just feel and know your worth. Once you get that you will not shed a single tear for that cheater.
  • Indulge in fantasies: How to forget Love, fantasies rule our world. They are very important for our survival and it’s not bad to indulge in your fantasies.

How to forget Love



  • Seek advice: How to forget Love, if it’s getting very difficult for you to forget him try to seek expert advice make an appointment with your doctor or therapist. They will guide you professionally and provide you with necessary help.
  • Time: How to forget Love, always remember a famous saying “ give time, sometimes” believe in this motto and apply in your life also. You will gradually start forgetting him.
  • Keep yourself busy: How to forget Love, keeping ones –self-busy also works in forgetting. Indulge in healthy activities don’t overtire yourself.

Try following all the above tips and give us your feedback. Take care!  How to forget Love

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