Unhealthy Mother Son Relationship

Unhealthy Mother Son Relationship

We all always get into the stage of life where we get apart from our mother beloved mother. It can be a form of that we get married. Once we get married we start prioritizing our partners than the mother that is not that we don’t love our mother that is because we have a new member in our house we take care of her as a new guest and it takes time to get adjusted.

Unhealthy Mother Son Relationship

The very hard time for

the mother is when we stop sharing our thoughts to her because we do it with the wife. We shouldn’t just change our feelings like that we have to give some time for the mother to accept that we have got a new partner In life. Unhealthy Mother Son Relationship
Mother is the one who always understands her child. We share all the things with mother every day it feels good to her because she has grown us up and we have been doing that since our childhood. We suddenly change our behavior towards her due to the partner.

We get change

because there are certain topics that we can only share it with wife rather than the mother but for those topics, we start spending all the time with wife and ignoring the mother that is waiting behind us. When we get married we obviously get excited and that is why we wouldn’t judge the things that we are doing are good for us or bad. But the steps which had taken at the early stage of marriage becomes a bad habit. If we start-stop sharing our thoughts like we use to do it with mother it will be our bad habit and all mother will think that her child has gotten change due to his partner.

Unhealthy Mother Son Relationship

She starts thinking

Then she starts thinking that his wife is stopping him to spend time is with his mother. But that is not the case Son gets apart because he got his partner and he shares all the facts with his wife.
From that stage, the conflicts begin between mother and wife. But these are totally untrue. Because wife doesn’t stop him for his mother because she is at that stage where she needs time to adjust to that house. So she just keeps concentrating on it.

We get to realize

We get to realize this bad habit when we get old enough and when different people do the same thing to us as well. But there is no point for getting realize this thing because that time you mother be apart from you.
We should keep our relationship with mother separate and with wife separate, the mother has her priorities and wife has her priority. We have to be strong enough to cope with it. We must respect mothers and our wife too. But if we do something bad to the parents our children will do the same to us as well. And if we do bad to our wife our life will be ruined so we have to balance them equally.

Unhealthy Mother Son Relationship

In Unhealthy Mother Son Relationship

In Unhealthy Mother Son Relationship, Mother can forgive and forget everything because she loves her son more than a wife. Because Wife might fight for her right, She might be loving us too much but still, she will force you to listen to her. She even feels insecure.
Mother understands the son better than a wife because wife might be knowing us for some years, but Mother knew us since our birth so mother steps back because she always wanted to see her son happy without her and that stage she just gives the space to the couple.

Unhealthy Mother Son Relationship
Mother ignores your bad habit like leaving shoes on the carpet, she picks it up for you. She also ignores like leaving a wet towel on the bed. But wife she hardly ignores. We all sometimes at the same page.
To be happy in life we have to make happier everyone. Unhealthy Mother Son Relationship

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