How To Educate Our Children About Child Abuse

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Child Abuse

Child abuse, Teaching our children all those moves and ways to save themselves from evil-minded people in today’s world is very important and a must step one should take to keep them safe. We should teach them all those ways to shove his wrong intentions in his face.

We taught our children to look at both ways when they start crossing the road but with it, we should teach them how to save themselves in every type of misfortune and accident. Body safety is very important even for these simple minds they need to learn what’s right and wrong when it comes to touching.

Now don’t get late more and educate them about the importance of saving themselves while they encounter bad persons. It is an estimate that approximately every 1 in 6 boys and every 1 in 4 girls are sexually abused before they start their teens.

Child abuse

Child abuse, scariest things are perpetrators are not always stranger in most cases your child known him either he is family or friend. We never know by a face which child suffers what in his small life but almost all of them know their perpetrator and imagine how bad they must be feeling seeing him every day.

Role of parents (Child Abuse)

Parents will always think that this could not happen to their kid they never leave them with any outsider or stranger he was always in sight when they are outside. What about inside? Have you noticed what happened to him inside the house from someone you trust? Aren’t they going to pre-school there are a number of unknown people with bad intentions there? Do you send them to play with neighbors kid?

It is a fact that you can’t prevent the risk of child abuse fully no matter how vigilant you become in taking care of your child.

A child can be a victim of abuse during play dates and with neighbors too they have good homes but you are not sure about their minds. They need to be kept under eyesight when are out on the playground and in the school buses.

Also, parents need to be aware of the responsibility that now their kid needs a proper guidance or you can say knowledge about this fact which is called child abuse and it is a duty of every parent to tell him how to deal with it effectively. Maybe your little time and knowledge might save him from serious harm.

Don’t be scared too much you are going to save a life and a humanity and most important your home. don’t hesitate and consult a specialist for your child who will teach him certain moves which prevent any misshape from happening. We can’t force them not to interact with others but need to make them confident that they can! Just talking about safety is not enough in today’s world don’t think he is too young to know about this do this before its too late.

Child abuse

Let me help you by telling you some things to make your child safe and less vulnerable from child abuse.

Child abuse

Talk about body parts

You need to name the body parts which are not to be touched by anyone other than parents. Use proper names for them teach them actual words don’t make it ambiguity for them. This way it is easier for them to understand and recognize the situation if they, unfortunately, get caught into one. Try to feel comfortable using the names so he/she will also feel comfortable seeing you. Know that it is going to help him so you need to be very clear in making your point talk clearly that this is an inappropriate thing and shouldn’t be happening to you.

Teach about private body parts

Tell them about private body parts differentiate between them. Tell them they are not for everyone to see and touch. Always tell them to cover those only moms and dad can see them naked no one else make this point very clear to them.

Outside they need to be fully clothed and people must see them like that only. Go to doctors with him and explain he can also see him naked if it is required because he is the healer he can check their body because he has good intentions of healing them.

Child abuse

Teach about boundaries

Tell him/her that private parts are not to touch for anyone that no one should even ask for it to touch and they also shouldn’t ever touch other person’s body parts even if he allowed them to touch. It is a wrong thing they keep it in mind and tell their parents immediately if it ever happens. They should have enough confidence to shout right there and then to scare that person. All this must be told to children so they give it importance and learn to tell you if this thing occurs to them.

Don’t keep secrets

Your child must be your best friend keep him under your wings and befriended them so they never keep anything as a secret. They should know that there is someone taking care of them in a friendly way who understands them and loves them unconditionally so we need to trust him/her and should not keep anything a secret if we tell her she is going to take care of the matter and never let any bad thing happen to us. When they know this thing they become more confident and will tell you everything from A to Z!

No picture rule

Tell him it is not allowed to take pictures of any body part. The world is full of perverts they can use it for some sick purpose nor should they click and neither ask for it. and tell them no one is allowed to take pictures of their private body parts. You never know where and for what purpose they going to use it.

Child abuse

How to get out of scary situations

Teach your child to say no to people when faced with scary situations. Do it firmly and don’t hesitate to take action if necessary. Teach them to leave the place immediately if they think something wrong is about to happen.

They should come up with words to refuse other persons offer. If the situation goes out of hand he/she needs to shout and that too loudly, you help him learn some effective moves to deal with it too so the perpetrator got confused and worried about people might come and run away. Children should be taught to tackle the situation and for this, you can take help from professionals too Child abuse.

Take these safety precautions and may GOD keep safe every child from such situation and people.



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