How To Help An Addict

How To Help An Addict, My son is alcoholic and smokes a lot, and does not listen to whatever I say.

We all know alcohol is a dangerous poison but what can one do if he has a relative a blood relation goes alcoholic and is destroying his mental and physical health? My son is alcoholic for a long time now he drinks and smokes too much continuously destroying his health and has become so rude now that doesn’t listen to anyone.

how to help an addict

I feel like he is depressed about something and to deal with it he drinks and smokes but he doesn’t know how it is affecting his and our life. We are suffering a lot because of him. He becomes so drunk that he lost all the control of himself and talks shit all the time.

He forgets everything we have done for him and starts blaming us for everything going wrong in his life on us. We all are aware that alcohol causes low blood sugar and it depresses central brain systems completely destroying it.

How To Help An Addict

Addicts start having seizures or they can go into a coma they can die too I told this continuously to my son but he never listens to me. He always seems sleepy when home and that comes too late and start vomiting me and my wife we are too much disturbed by his this behavior.

“No matter how bad things are drinking will eventually make them worse, that’s a flat-out guarantee”

Why my son is like that, How To Help An Addict

We all know too much of everything is bad but young people have the stamina to deal with anything so they think they are right in doing it my son is like that he doesn’t want us to lecture him about dire effects of alcoholism. I say to him you can drink but in moderation but he just simply refused me on this.

He is now not aware of his adverse effects on him but I know for sure later in life when he sees its effects he will believe us. But what about now why can’t he slow down and take precautions why is he like that why he wants to deliberately risk his life like that. How To Help An Addict.

Problems related to alcohol are too much but he doesn’t care. I am very worried about him what should I do to stop his this habit?

Why he does not listen to me or cares about me, How To Help An Addict

I have done everything I could for him but now as he is all grown up and earn he ignores me and doesn’t care about me at all. I am more concerned for him than he is for me as I grow older I realized I have ignored him sometimes but I love him a lot I used to drink but in moderation and sometimes not regularly can’t understand how he picks this habit. How To Help An Addict.

He should see other kids of his age they are ascending in their careers but he is just stuck at the same place and at the same position. He should care for me and look after me in this age instead I am doing it for him. I am craving for his company but he just goes to the pub after coming from work and always come home late at night drunk.

How To Help An Addict, I know he is facing difficulty in his workplace but is not ready to share with me this hurt me a lot as we used to be good friends he used to share everything with me now I think evil eye has seen us that this is happening.

I just tell him to stop smoking and drinking habit but he denies, How To Help An Addict

Every time I stop him to drink and smoke he start fighting with me. He simply refused to quit this habit. He thinks extreme and doesn’t understand that I am saying it to him for his benefit. He is always in a state to fight and blame me. Our home is a bowl of tension these days.

We can’t even enjoy our time together now, we just fight. He is no more fun and loving person he used to be. He harshly criticizes my decisions and put all the blame on me even if I do little mistakes. I wanted to talk normally with him but he turns it into an argument leaving me sad always. How To Help An Addict.

how to help an addict

Why he gives more priority to his friends than me. 

I know he is close to his friends now not me, he hangouts with them and makes plans with them. I used to be his priority but now I just wait for him to come home and have dinner with me but he doesn’t do it even. He is forgetting I exist. How To Help An Addict.

My self – worth is all gone, I lie in my bed thinking about his childhood how good he was then a smart kid funny and witty but now its all gone he is suddenly changed into a person unknown to me. He is extremely loyal to his friends but ignores me all along.

I love him a lot but he prefers to stay away from me.

I love him he is my child my first born I want us to spend time together but he always prefers to stay away from me I want him to join recovery groups but he just denies. He prefers to spend his time with his friends away from me. I want him to be in a relationship but he refuses that too.

I always supported him and care for him since childhood, then who is brainwashing him.

How To Help An Addict, He is my brilliant child I used to tell my family he will go way further in his life but now he is just stuck at a place not worthy of him, I think somebody is brainwashing him. He should realize it is his enemy who doesn’t want him to excel in life.

I have supported him and I still do but I want him to just listen to me once and think about his actions.

He threats to move home if I interference in him.

He threatened me to move out of the home if I don’t stop nagging him but how can I stop knowing it is going to destroy him.

I never went against my parents then why my child is against me.

I was a good kid why he is like this? I simply can’t understand! He is so against me that it breaks my heart, How To Help An Addict.

I just wanted to say to him: “trust me you will lose everything”

how to help an addict


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how to help an addict

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