Discussing Problem 

Discussing Problem, Who thinks it’s good to discuss the problems you shouldn’t be discussing in front of your children? No! it’s not good its damaging for your children as they have delicate minds and they absorb what is going on in front of them so it can affect them negatively and I think no parent wants that for their children.

Discussing Problem

I am not in favor of couples discussing personal problems in front of their children which should be kept private should be discussed in private. It’s not fair to them that they see their loved ones fight or argue with each other. Children should only concentrate on their studies and sports don’t confuse their minds with your serious issues Discussing Problem.

You are the example for them they will learn everything from you; you are role model for them to present yourself accordingly. Some people are in support of this as they think children should understand the importance of relationships.

But I am opposed to this opinion, there are no benefits of discussing issue in front of your children you are going to make them psycho and increase anxiety and depression in them you are going to make them selfish and there will be no problem-solving skills will appear in them they will think its justified to fight and create an issue is normal for them.

Discussing Problem

There are disagreements in any household people are different and they have different opinions but when you have the responsibility of few individual at your shoulders you need to be vigilant in taking care of them and good behavior building in them should be your first responsibility. You have to create an environment that has healthy relationships with one another.

“Don’t rescue your children from a challenge teach them how to deal with it”


Don’t disrespectful to your elders in front of children he will do the same.

Being a mother it’s your responsibility to build the strong character of your children but when you chose to ignore them and just be busy in your own problems than you don’t have right on them in future. You are damaging their personalities when you choose to disrespect your husband in front of them.

He is the father, father is a head of house he needs proper respect and love from his children and children as they spent most of their time with their mother learns things from her and if she doesn’t respect her husband she will not let them respect their father. Discussing Problem

Children learn things from their elders so it means young siblings will look at their elders for inspiration. If you scold elder one young sibling will never give him that respect he deserves because they will think he has no value in front of parents than why should they bother to listen to him.

Discussing Problem

Give value to the husband in front of children. So they can do the same.

Wife is a mother too she should think about several things she is the one who has to make her house paradise for her family rather if she chooses to make hell for them than on body is a more foolish person than her.

The husband should be given due respect from his wife as he earns living for them, he works for 14 to 16 hours in a tough competitive environment for his families happiness and when he comes home all he needs is happy faces of his children and wife.

Wife and husband are two wheels of a car and if she refused to support him and show it in front of her children than they will also never value him and after growing up not going to give value to each other and their other relationships.

They have sensitive mind when little whatever to feed to it will imprint there and that’s going to make them what they are going to become in future. Wife always wants attention from her husband and children she wants to be the center of attention I am not saying it is true for every household but mostly it is true Discussing Problem.

She just thinks about herself she needs people to revolve around her, she wants her children to just listen to her, not to her husband and this is wrong on her part.

“You can’t teach children to behave better by making them feel worse.”


Never show negative impacts of elders because the children will disrespectful to you.

Your elder one is going to grow up fast and he will be the most sensible one among others it’s a fact. But being a mother it has the huge responsibility of you to turn him a respectable member of your house. He will be a role model for younger ones.

If you keep scolding him in front of them what they will think of him? They will think him useless who has no respect they will think if our mother is not giving him importance than why we should do that. They will cut him off and will make fun of him and its blame is on the mother.


Parents never scold children at the same time.

Its responsibility of the mother to raise her children a good person and if she fails to do so that she is basically a failure overall. Mothers should never scold or even beat her kids in front of other people, this will ruin their personality and you are destroying their confidence too.

Children have always naughty nature I have very few calm children in my life its normal for them to do fun and being naughty but if she got their complaint and started beating shit out of them in front of other people than she needs to stop right then and there because it’s a wrong attitude on her part, this is not the solution of the problem.

You need to be calm and when you are at home and sitting together that’s the time you should lecture them about manners and tell them about the importance of good behavior, In this way you are going to raise well-mannered decent kids people will love and adorn Discussing Problem.

“In the end you are going to give your children happy mother who loves life.”

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