Child Abuse

Child Abuse, In the United States, are more than 3 million cases of child abuse every year. It’s spreading like an epidemic where we feel helpless how to save our children from it. we are currently dedicated to at least control it but we need to spread awareness about child abuse so that maximum number of people know its causes and have all the ways in mind to save their as well as others child safe from the monsters.

Child Abuse

In child abuse, parents or the guardians fail to save their child from injury and physical harm from an unknown person or sometimes known too. It can be a relative, a cousin, a friend or anyone. The child suffers from extreme mental trauma and exploitation as a result of neglect of parents or caregiver.

Child Abuse

Child abuse is a threat to the mental and physical health of child it just destroys him and this is just because of the neglect of parents. It has so many after effects on the child that we simply can’t cover it in this topic. Are you even human doing such thing to an innocent soul? Do you have any idea what consequences it will have on him?

Do you aware of your actions? Your dead soul and dirty mind have destroyed a beautiful flower every one wishes to condemn him to death.

There are many factors contributing towards child abuse. There are four types of child abuse:

  • Physical abuse (Child Abuse)- it consists of mostly behavioral defects of a person where he physical bashes or hits a child it is not always done in isolation but can be done openly too. When someone wants a control over a child and to pour out his anxiety he needs someone, as a result, a child is an opportunity where he thinks he can’t tell anyone and his act will remain a secret.
  • Sexual abuse (Child Abuse)- in this abuse an adult use forces on child and stimulates him sexually. It is for the physical pleasure of the abuser. He forces a child to engage in sexual activates with him. Even there are some sick minded people who sell their children for sexual services and earn through this mostly poor people are engaged in such activities. Different NGO’s are working for stopping this crime.
  • Psychological abuse (Child Abuse)- in this type an adult it can be a parent too with his behavior exploit and emotionally destroys a child. It can be like terror for a child he thinks he is worthless and full of flaws and very much unwanted by his parents.
  • Negligence (Child Abuse)- it is the biggest failure considered as parents just fail to protect their child and don’t provide proper supervision to him. They forget about his safety and as a result, he faces abuse from others. It’s an equal crime from the parent’s side.

Child Abuse

Why Does It Happen?

There are many reasons for its happening but we must know how it can adversely affect our child it can result in more damaging developmental problems in a child. It has chronic physical and mental effects on his health. He can be severely ill due to it.

Child Abuse, It can change his behavior even make him suicidal. These are his days to grow to enjoy his life and a stupid human just destroys all his dreams to ashes. We never know how severely it is affecting him he can grow up to be an abuser too. It is a report that 80 percent children grow up to be abusive adults.

It has the range of emotional effects on a child he becomes ignored, shamed and terror hits him he feels humiliated and his development slows down to a great extent. He becomes less responsive towards life. He faces difficulties with his relationships, studies, and jobs.

He has trust issues and he socially withdraws from every place. He faces trouble in schools and at his workplace. He also becomes afraid of physical relationships. He doesn’t want to be with anyone and isolate himself from the world.

Flaws (Child Abuse)

Child abuse has tons of flaws it is a well-established and important societal norm that we put all the blame on the child or the parents but very few will bash the abuser. Not only the victim but also the family suffers a lot but society doesn’t take any critical step to prevent it.

We just argue but nobody agrees on the reasonable solution. Clarity should be made on this issue and achieve the best solution is what we should think about. There should have proper laws to cater the obstacles victim and family experience.

Child Abuse

Child neglect and Child Abuse is a far greater issue then we think one should never ignore if he or she sees something going on around him which is not normal. This problem can be faced by anyone so we need to be united to eliminate this problem.

Every area should make a council of people where all the data about people living there is registered, so if any mishap happens with any child residents take quick action and find the culprit.

What Happens To Victims And Their Family?

When we listen to such incident we just talk and sympathize with the family and victim but after that we forget it, when would we stand up and help them? Just when it all happened to us?

Obviously, the victim will suffer the most and then his family it imprints on his mind for the rest of his life and he will be devastated if he knows the abuser. He will think why him? Why it all happened to him? What was his fault? Why this person so heartless? The family will be mentally and emotionally drained they want justice but what happens will never remove from their lives.

It will leave solid marks on their life. They want authorities and public to find that person. Mostly this kind of people are used to it they inhabit of abusing children. Families of victim want justice and want policymakers and child protective services to double their efforts to protect other children.

The victim needs therapies to heal and family also needs to attend those therapeutic sessions, with the treatment we can say they might recover from this horrible incident.

How To Overcome It In Our Society.

One needs to take many steps to ensure the safety of children not as a family but as a society too. We should support our partners and friends for in the implementation of various child safety projects.

One needs to stay focused and open their eyes to look for any place where the children are mistreated and immediately remove the child from the situation.

Society has to make collective efforts to provide shelter and medical and psychological care to them. Try to provide the victim and his family with all the legal help and train them how to deal with the situation of sexual abuse.

Marriage in young age is also the cause of child abuse so our politicians should raise their voices and present laws to set the minimum age for marriage of girls. Girls should be encouraged to educate themselves and empower them by giving them jobs and training them for various skills. Society should support families of abuse.

Child Abuse

What Is Our Role In This Situation?

We are trying our best since many years but our efforts have not reduced the occurrence of child abuse and trauma. We need to make an investment for the permanent prevention of this problem. We should locate the communities and implicitly remove the burden from them so they should not attempt to harm others in the form of child abuse.

Child abuse is often looked as a symptom of family incompetence and disadvantage. But we should not forget the harmful behavior it poses, it needs to be recognized and changed. Prevention methods must be applied on multiple levels to sustain and endorse a long-lasting change in behavior.

Campaigns must be launched to educate people that child abuse is a harmful social practice and needs to be stopped. If you don’t want to disclose your name just speak anonymously with the officials in your area and inform them about the child being abused.

Are My Children Save?

We can never be sure if our children are safe from the outside world. There are many strangers who have bad eyes on our children but we are never aware of them. The evil eye can hit anywhere; we should be very vigilant when we take our kids outside for outings in parks and other social places.

Never let any person other than close family touch your kid. And most importantly teach your own kids about good and bad touch. Teach them what is allowed in touching and what’s not. They should know whom to trust and who is stranger with bad intention.

Our children are the most precious things for us so we need them close in front of our eyes. They are innocent and anyone can take benefit of their innocence but an educated child will know how to deal with the bad situation Child Abuse. May God protect our little souls from evil!


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Information about who is required by law to report suspected child abuse and neglect to government child protection authorities

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