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Things We Need To Understand When Our Parent Pasts Away (Parent left us)

Parent left us

Parent left us.

Parent left usParents are a gift from God. They are a form of blessing, when alive they treat us like flowers no matter how old we get they are always there for us to give love and care. When we are little the take care of us in every way they give us good education and manners, they want us to excel in every field of life and are always worry for our wellbeing.

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A Complaint From A Mother To Addicted Son , How To Help An Addict

how to help an addict

How To Help An Addict

How To Help An Addict, My son is alcoholic and smokes a lot, and does not listen to whatever I say.

We all know alcohol is a dangerous poison but what can one do if he has a relative a blood relation goes alcoholic and is destroying his mental and physical health? My son is alcoholic for a long time now he drinks and smokes too much continuously destroying his health and has become so rude now that doesn’t listen to anyone.

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Problems of Being Children Of A Single Parent

single parent

Single Parent

Single parent, I don’t understand why do parents not think of their children when they decide to separate their ways? Like you are responsible for a Living being how can you just think about yourself? If it’s all about you then why you created a human being? Just to agonize your children?

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