Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking, There is no other option to succeed in life besides hardworking. When you put yourself in difficult situations only then you will be successful in life. We all know famous people of the world have not become famous just to sit idle they got famous because they faced the challenging situations work hard for it and succeed. So it imprints on our mind that to succeed in life one has to do hard work.

Positive Thinking

But this thinking is wrong, if that’s true labors who do a lot of hard physical work were successful or the student who studied for 12 hours come first in his exams. If that’s the case every gentleman who works from 8- 10 would be a rich person.

Positive Thinking

So it proves that hard working is not the only thing which helps in becoming successful you have to include many other things too. Let me tell you a story so you can understand my point more. There was a small village there lived a laborer who used to sell rumble from the mountains, he first broke it into pieces then sell it into the market he used to work daily for 16 to 17 hours. But it was very difficult for him to look after his family in such small income Positive Thinking.

Once he went to a big shop and saw a shopkeeper selling a beautiful stone to a customer. He asked the shopkeeper how do you get this beautiful stone he replied this is the same stone I have purchased from you yesterday and by using my skills I have further broken down them into smaller pieces and after polishing them I resell them to my customers in high prices.

He got very worried that I do such hard work but I got a little wage of my labor and he is getting such high cost of it just by applying simple techniques at his home. So the moral of the story is one should use his brain along with the hard work so that he can achieve a high price for what he is originally getting.

Positive Thinking, Its true hard work is the key to success but along with it, one has to apply other things like his unique skills and mind techniques to be more successful and to earn more for his family. We should have positive thoughts throughout our journey as they will lead us towards our goal.

Nature of our thoughts always determines the quality of life we should lead whether to be happy, sad or contented it all depends on us. We should be thankful to God as blood is flowing into our veins our heart is beating we are blessed with family and friends, so to pay back one should think happy thoughts to live a joyful life. Positive thoughts are responsible to create a spring in us to work hard for the things and to do action. We should always remember it:

Positive thoughts can move mountains

Our actions determine the path of our thoughts so keep them clean and straight and think about ways to lead them on the road of positivity. We need to think how we can bring such change in our life which results in achievement of success, happiness, and fulfillment in life.

We are all blessed with brains and the good thing about the brains are is they are always willing to adapt to the positive changes we just need proper thinking patterns for it to work. Let me tell you some positive thought through which you can change your thinking and move towards success.

Positive Thinking

1.       Use positive declarations to change your thoughts: declarations are not always positive it can be negative too, people like to make negative declarations to distract you from your path of glory just because they are jealous of what you have in life. If it is put into your mind that no matter how hard you work you are a failure then you will give up easily and that’s what they want. Don’t give them the pleasure of seeing you fail. Prove them wrong be clear about your goals and use proper functioning of your brain to achieve it. you can do it and you have to do it for yourself.

2.       When to use full stop: stop thinking about your misfortunes and start thinking about your loved ones who have stood by you in your hard times and think about their sincerity stop cursing yourself for the failures and start committing yourself towards hard work. Polish your skills join programs and training sessions and one day you will be successful. Human makes mistakes and human also correct them now put the full stop in front of your mistakes and start correcting them. Think positive and positive things will happen to you.

3.       Stop being miserable: stop wallowing into the misery created by you and stop punishing yourself by being gloomy and pessimistic. Stand up for these negative thoughts wake up and do something. These thoughts are just harmful to you mentally and physically both.

4.       Count your blessings: stop taking your joys and blessings for granted start counting them force yourself into thinking about those and ignore the misfortunes. Think about people who even don’t have half of what you have. Fill yourself with satisfaction. You have food, you have shelter, you have clothes some people don’t even have those to be happy and strive hard for more. Be grateful!

5.       Enjoy your achievements: okay you have achieved your goal you are happy but try to enjoy your success dream big and enjoy bigger. Start looking for new things but be contented with what you already have is a must. We all know happy minds think better. Enjoy your family as everyone is not blessed with one.

6.       Keep your moral high: keep your head and moral high, try to lift your spirit. Take the challenge and get out of the depression. Try, try and try again!

Forgive and forget the past bad deeds and failures seek joy and contentment in the Present. Be like a child free of bad thoughts and forgetful of the past failures. Control your moods and fill your life with a positive aim only than you will be truly successful in life.

Positive Thinking

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