Girls Are Better Than Boys


Girls are better than boys, Its universally proven that girls mature faster than boys, a girl tends to be more intelligent than a boy in all the things of life. Boys become more responsible and sensible when they come to puberty, but girls are more responsible even way before they hit puberty.

They are fully matured as compared to their opposite gender. In appearance, boys look stronger than girls but in intelligence, they cannot compete girls. Also, it’s a fun fact that girls are taller than boys until puberty.

So girls mature faster than boys so male intelligence does not surface until after puberty. Girls have an advantage over boys in this case. Girls are better than boys.

girls are better than boys

I have read somewhere that men on average are more intelligent than boys but I think they just have the advantage of being taller than girls, not intelligence. Maybe they have 3-4 points more IQ than girls but there is a difference in it, girls are smarter in dealing everyday chores than boys. It’s just a myth that taller people are more intelligent than shorter ones, and men as just happens to be taller than women they are considered more intelligent and that is wrong in my opinion. Height should not be the bases of smartness. Girls are better than boys.

Girls are better than boys

When you compare boys and girls on the age bases like at age 10 than it’s like comparing boy of age 10 with the girl of age 12. Logically speaking, grown up and more mature boys and girls have higher thinking capacity than their younger versions, so girls on average are more smart and intelligent than boys. You can also say that sex difference marks and explains the difference in intelligence.

There are countless reasons and I am explaining few of them here:

  1. Sweet voice: women generally have high-frequency vocals and they have a difference of components in their voices that’s the reason you heard more female voices in TV and Radio advertisements. This makes girls smarter than boys. Girls are better than boys.
  2. Good communication skills: I am a girl and I think women have better communication skills than men. Girls can convey their message most efficiently than boys.
  3. Punctuality: I am a girl and there is a general misconception about girls that they do make uo and they take a lot of time in dressing up and are always late but people are wrong here let me give you an example of female teachers they are always present on time early morning at schools and always dressed up good too.
  4. Hardworking: girls are more hardworking than boys, they do jobs as well as manages their homes.
  5. Calm: I am pretty sure everyone agrees with this statement that girls have more calming nature than boys and are quite shy too.

girls are better than boys

Yes, girls are better and smarter than boys, throughout the passing year’s girls process to excel and outshines with their brain in every field of life. Can you believe a girl discover DNA instead of a boy? Girls are always proven to be hard workers, mature beings, they know a lot more than boys. They have a lot of knowledge. They are pretty with brains. They are more aware of life realities than any boy dreamed of being. Girls are better than boys.

No doubt men are very hard working but I think women are hard worker than men, how? They just don’t work at a 9-5 job but also manages and organized their houses. Do household chores and look after their kids also, do kitchen work, grocery and laundry too. An example of it is my mom she always scolds me for not organizing my room or putting things not on their right places but my father just comes home from work and relax. Girls have more brain than boys as all the toppers of my session were girls when I was in school. Boys tend to have careless rather carefree nature, girls are responsible ones. Girls are better than boys.

girls are better than boys

Boys don’t even bother how they look when girls take spare some time and do some makeup and hair to look good so who’s more presentable? Obviously girls. All the boys in my class look like they didn’t even wash their faces. Yea ewww.

Girls always outperformed boys. They smell way better than boys. Girls always prepared themselves beforehand. Girls have better listening skills than boys. Girls have a clear focus of everything, rather than boys who ignore things and delay them. Girls are better than boys.

girls are better than boys

Girls get better grades when studying than boys

The Internet is full of researchers and debates that girls get good grades as compared to boys. Girls always outsmart boys. No doubt guys are physically stronger but they cannot compete girls in studies. They tend to follow rules and regulation. They pay close attention to instructions and details. They show more self-discipline than boys. Boys easily got bored and frustrated but girls always fulfill long-term commitments. When I was in school all the girls submit their homework on time but at least 2 to 3 boys stand at the back because they didn’t submit their homework. Girls always indulge in relaxing activities like watching TV, surfing internet and reading, it’s hard to make boys sit at home. Girls are better than boys.

girls are better than boys

Mathematics and science are girls field

I know boys likely to choose engineering, chemistry, and mechanics because they are considered to have a sharp understanding of subjects like mathematics and sciences and they are expected to perform better. However, girls get good grades in all of these subjects than boys even when they are not feeling comfortable studying them. Girls are better than boys.

Gaming and computer

Gaming and computer are always considered as boys hobby. Media plays important role in this, always showing boys as a die-hard fan of gaming but I tell you girls are better at gaming and better computer programmers than boys. Girls can design 3D games and can generate more complex coding system.

girls are better than boys

Women make better supervisors and leaders

Girls have this maternal streak in them and its natural. They are better bosses at the workplace understanding problems of their team. They are less biased than boys. If you ever cross them wrongly they can be your worst nightmare. This sex is considered emotional so they can better understand the emotions of their subordinates. Girls are more rational thinkers and team coordinators at their workplace.


Girls care more about their parents as compared to the boys. It’s a study that 40% of the women cared for their parents as compared to 20% of men.

Girls are more cost-effective to raise in the long run

Yes, I know girls spent on makeup, clothes, shoes, and jewelry and empty the pockets but boys require financial assistance from parents that whys girls are more cost-effective as compared to boys. Girls are better than boys.


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