How To Determine a Woman’s Sexual Compatibility [ Easy Guide]

It is possible to gauge a woman’s potential performance in bed based on certain cues and behaviors that she displays. While it may not always be accurate, paying close attention to her body language and sexual signals can increase your chances of having a satisfying experience with her.

These observations are among the techniques used by The Player to achieve his desired outcome. Have you ever wondered what a girl will be like in bed before sleeping with her? Surprisingly, there are numerous ways to make an educated guess.

1. Kissing Skills

The manner in which she kisses conveys a lot about her lovemaking skills, as it involves utilizing her entire body and not just her lips. If she engages her hands, presses her breasts against you, and vocalizes her pleasure, then she is likely to be an exceptional lover. The most exceptional female lovers also generate sexual excitement by starting with gentle kisses, perhaps licking your upper lip and sucking your lower lip, and while doing so, they may play with your hair or guide your hands to certain areas.

2. Good Communication Skills

A woman who can match your level of conversation and actively tries to understand your perspective is a valuable find. In relationships, it’s common for people to have to make compromises in their listening and communication styles, especially in the early stages of finding a partner. While some may appear uninterested or even change the subject, the woman who will impress you in the bedroom is the one who takes it all in stride, remains engaged and shows genuine interest in your topics of discussion. Likewise, it’s important for you to reciprocate and show a similar level of interest and openness when discussing her interests.

3. Good Dancer

A woman’s dancing ability can be an indicator of her rhythm and movements in the bedroom. This doesn’t necessarily mean that she needs to have the same dance skills as Beyoncé to excel in bed. Many people compare sex to dancing, and the way a woman moves her body to the music can give you a glimpse of how she might move with you. The next time you’re at a club, pay attention to how a woman sways her hips and moves to the beat of the music. It’s likely that a woman who feels and enjoys the music will also know how to make you feel good in bed.

4. Try New Things

Engaging in sex can cause a slight rush of adrenaline. While we’re not suggesting that a woman needs to be a thrill-seeker or an adrenaline junkie, she should be open to taking safe risks from time to time, such as surprising you with gifts, planning a weekend getaway, or even making a career change. Simply put, if a woman is hesitant to try new things in her daily life, she may be less inclined to experiment with new sexual positions.

5. Savour A Moment

It’s important to savor the experience of sex and not rush through it. When you’re dating someone new, pay attention to whether they take the time to enjoy the little moments in life, like watching a movie with you. Someone who appreciates these moments is more likely to also value spending time in the bedroom and making sure it’s a pleasurable experience for both partners.

6. Good Sense of Humor

Having a good sense of humor is essential when it comes to sex. Sex is not always like what you see in the movies – sometimes it can be tender and romantic, while other times it can be wild and primal. The best lovers are those who are able to have fun during sex. Laughter triggers emotions, and if two people are able to make each other laugh during sex, the experience is even better. A good sense of humor is an attractive quality in both men and women, and there’s nothing sexy about a woman who is physically attractive but lacks personality.

7. Passionate About Fitness

It’s not necessary for a woman to be obsessed with going to the gym to be good in bed, nor is it about her weight. However, being flexible and having good cardio can make a difference. Even if a woman is skinny, she could still lack flexibility. Being physically active increases the chances of being great in bed. Sex is like a workout, and if you don’t exercise regularly, it’s unlikely you’ll be good in bed. Moreover, it’s attractive when a woman takes care of her body and strives to maintain good health. It indicates that she pays attention to her body’s needs, which could translate to the bedroom when things get steamy.

8. Taste in Eating

Observing how someone handles their food can reveal a lot about their sexual style. Pay attention to how they use their fork and how they savor their food. Are they sensuous and enjoy the flavors, or do they rush through their meal? If someone takes their time while eating, it’s a good indication that they prefer a slow and prolonged sexual experience. For instance, if they take pleasure in slowly savoring their food, chances are they will take their time exploring your body and making every moment count in the bedroom.

9. Flirts Like A Pro

It’s important to note that being good at flirting doesn’t necessarily translate to being good in bed. However, flirting can certainly enhance the sexual experience and create a sense of anticipation and excitement. Women who are skilled at flirting may have a better understanding of how to build sexual tension and create a more pleasurable experience for both partners. Ultimately, good communication and a willingness to explore and experiment with different techniques and approaches are key to being a great lover.

10. What She Wants

It is important to note that confidence in bed does not necessarily mean being dominant or aggressive. It simply means being comfortable in your own skin, knowing what you want and expressing it in a way that makes you feel empowered and respected. A confident partner is more likely to communicate their desires and boundaries, which can lead to a more enjoyable and fulfilling sexual experience for both partners. Additionally, a confident partner is less likely to feel self-conscious or insecure during sex, which can be a major mood-killer.

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