Special Child

Special Child, I think every child is special, don’t you? We all this so but what it means when we say a special needs child? This means that a kid is either suffering from a disease or is disabled in some way and it surely means he needs extra care he become emotional or has some learning problems.

They can be improved by therapy sessions or medicines but some disabilities have no solution like you have lost somebody part or there is some defect in you physically by birth. They can’t do stuff other kids can do but are trying hard to cope with the life.

Don’t yes I repeat don’t ever make fun of these kids. Try to show respect. Maybe there is someone in your class who uses the wheelchair or arm braces to help them walk, they are the special need kids. Kids with illnesses like epilepsy or diabetes are also the special need kids.

Special Child

Special Child

They will have to take medicine for the rest of their life. Their day might not be same as normal kids but they try hard to compete with them. Kids with weak eyesight just like me can use tablets and mobile with the help of lens or glasses we can read and use the computer as well.

Those kids with hearing or speech problems are also special need kids who can take help of hearing aid or speech therapy to listen and speak. Kids with learning problems also have special needs they can go about their regular chores like normal one’s example is a kid with down syndrome, they can be in your class.

Special Child, A kid might have a problem which is not noticeable unless he tells you himself that he is a special need person. Someone has anxiety or depression which we cannot see but we never know how much they are struggling and how their parents or family is helping them with it.

Special Child

Special Child

Life is challenging but it is extra challenging for a special needs kid. It might be hard for him to manage his daily stuff. Things that are normal for us maybe they are much difficult for him, like reading a book. If a person is physically handicapped think how he will move about. Now, what should we do? Our goal should be to help these kids to become independent and confident.

Other kids can be a big help, even siblings should help. Parents should motivate them and friends should encourage them. Meeting people is tough especially kids can be ruthless they tease and make fun of you. Don’t get bullied or teased don’t be lonely either try to speak out.

Special Child

Special Child, Siblings, and parents should be extra helpful with their special need members. We want ourselves to be independent more than anything but sometimes we need help not “over help” people just need to understand the difference between the two.

We really appreciate and are thankful to people who are friendly with us and try to help us in the best way. People should try to get to know a special need child. Try to think what it’s like to be them.

Special Child


Let me tell you some tips you need to show towards a special child.



Don’t ask annoying questions about their disability. Try to indulge in polite conversations. Try to install a good connection with the child. Treat them as normal beings so they open up to you.


Some children are unable to express their feelings verbally so you need to observe their sensory actions to understand the situation. Always look out for the ways to treat their differences, understand what his behavior is showing you.


Adults should change or at least be flexible in their ways to do things may be what you do is not comfortable for a special child. Try to use a variety of methodologies to help them understand the process. In this way, you can help those master new skills. Help them go through the motion. Use different concepts when you want them to learn something.

Special Child


Be consistent with your behavior, apply rules to follow. Parents should sit with the child and explain them everything.


A positive attitude is everything its important for special child’s that you show you believe in them. This will also change their behavior positively. Change the environment of the house making it comfortable for them. Have a check on them what and where are they and what things they are doing and what are they asking for you.

There can be many advantages and disadvantages of being a special child. You don’t get scolded or parents give you special treatment. You get a lot of sympathies from siblings and friends. Parents and teacher give extra care to you. I remember I got more time for sleeping and watching the cartoon as compared to my sisters.

I was good in my studies but my parents never forced me to study hard or scold me for average grades. They always prefer to follow my opinions. I can easily get things I want. One bad thing I felt about it was curious eyes of strangers and stupid questions of my age fellows.

I never got disturbed by my sisters but when I was young I remember some of my class fellows refuse to take me as a partner in during games period. That hurts quite a lot. I always got my favorite toys to play but I can’t go outside or in parks to play with other children.

Special Child

I got a lot of help in my homework from my teachers. I was really liked by them. Though I was disabled I was cute. People always volunteer to help me which is very favorable for me. Sometimes I went into depression and stress when I can’t do things other normal persons can do but mostly it is temporary when I count my blessing I feel blessed that I have such a supportive family. Without their support, I could not be where I am today.


We have got a right to live in this world and amongst you guys.  PLEASE pray for all the special children.


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