What is Reiki, In 1922 there was a Japanese Buddhist master whose name was MikaoUsui who discovered Reiki as a form of the alternative of using medicine? Though it has been originated from Japan almost all the popular cultures of the world are adopting it as a tradition. Please Grab your free Reiki Healing Bracelet: Click here



It is basically a technique in which they use the power of their hands to heal a person as they believe that hands contain an energy which is called “universal energy” and it can be transferred to the patient to heal him it can be physical healing or emotional encouragement too.

Reiki practitioners say this universal energy or force is called chi, it is a lifesaving force but there is no such evidence proven by medical science, Reiki is a pseudoscience. Many clinical types of research have been conducted so far but the outcomes are always same they say it is not an effective medical treatment and cannot treat any medical condition.

Conventional treatment is the only solution to the patients healing from severe diseases like cancer and Reiki can never replace it. Usui taught more than 2000 people Reiki before his death, and interesting fact is he died teaching it on 9 March 1926 with a heart stroke.

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Who Is It For

Reiki has proper teachings means you have to learn it and it claims that it can physiologically treat people and can manipulate the disease symptoms or condition. These teachings are not supported by medical sciences research so it is said to be based on metaphysical concepts.

Many types of research done on Reiki are poor in nature and design and are bias. As they say, there is no reliable evidence that Reiki can heal medical conditions. It is just helping in promoting general health or you can say general wellbeing of people.


Grab your free Reiki Healing Bracelet: Click here


When a person practiced Reiki he connects himself with the life force of the universe and this energy can be then transferred to the person who wants to receive it. Miracles can happen sometimes.

Persons who are in pain can get Reiki done on them and it will ease their pain, yes it has mind-blowing effects. If you are suffering from chronic back pain which is for longer periods of time then go for Reiki you will feel immense pain relief.

Reiki is known to clear out emotional blocks so it is very good in stressful situations. It can clear out things stuck in your mind these could be unearthed things also. You want to let go of the past bad things than try the Reiki.

They are not like a massage or a coaching this is way more than that. A specific time won’t be given to you and you would require more than one session. You will feel a positive energy flowing through you and will be ready to make changes to your life.

Why This Is Important In Our Lives

Reiki is very important for us as it will guide us how to make all the wise decisions and how to care for our general health, we need to listen to our bodies and get rid of the negative thoughts. Reiki will restore our balance which we are losing and it works directly on the root cause of the problem and relieve us of its symptoms. You should go for Reiki treatments for:

  • It relieves you of anxiety and hypertension.
  • Boosts your energy.
  • Mind and body are relaxed.
  • Limit the grieving process.
  • It also helps infertility issues.
  • If you want better sleep Reiki is helpful.
  • Relieves pain and supports good health overall.
  • Aids in spiritual growth.
  • Promotes emotional stability.
  • The clean body of toxins.

The more you are present in your body the more you will concentrate on the well-being of you and those around you.


How To Perform It

Reiki is a very well-known process which is popular among Asians for healing the chronic pains in the body, anxiety attacks, depression, addictions and insomnia in addition to strengthening the immune system. If you do yoga it is very helpful for you it can enhance your yoga practices as it offers strength, creativity and promotes balance in the body.

Reiki has four degrees in which knowledge and energy are passed to the student via Reiki master when a new person practice Reiki it acts as a vessel through which Reiki is passed to others in this way he himself and others heal.

When you place your hands on or above the head of the patient energy is transmitted which acts as a healing agent. It is easily learned and can be performed on anyone. First, you need to find a master who can teach you Reiki ask your friends maybe they know someone who practices Reiki.

When you start practicing Reiki you know when to leap from yourself and embrace the energy. Work in sessions with your master. Reiki can be taught in three degrees.

The first degree takes 8-12 hours to teach. In this, you are told how to self-care and you practice it with each other. You learned hand placement in it so when you performed it on your family you know what you are doing. If you just need it for your family and yourself first degree is enough for you.

The second degree is all distant healing in this you will learn hand to body connection and mental connection too. These are used to enhance hands treatment power.

The third level of training is only done by Reiki master. It is the advanced level not for everyone only people who are willing to master Reiki can proceed to learn it and help others.


There are some signs that show you are ready to practice Reiki:

  1. When you from within yourself create an urge to heal and have a desire to expand it to the rest of the world. You want your planet a better place to live for yourself and for others. You want your future generations to prosper from it.
  2. When you value more than conventional medicines and like yoga, acupuncture, and likes of it. Reiki is beyond tradition.
  3. When you have faith in something greater than ordinary things. You don’t see it with your eyes but believe n a superior power. It is something larger and loves you beyond anything.
  4. When you want greater change in your life, Reiki lasts for a lifetime once you start working with the energy you attune to it and it opens new doors of opportunity for you. You are at your highest and best in life.

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Who Can Get Benefit From It

Reiki can be done for the treatment of following things:

  • When you are not sick but you want to relax as you feel tired of your daily routine.
  • When you need boosting the energy levels you want to pick up yourself.
  • When you are taking medicines but tired of them and want something soother for your soul mentally and physically.
  • This is really very beneficial for the patient with cancer and who are going through chemotherapy.
  • When you have a serious medical condition that requires surgery first try Reiki it will be very helpful for you.
  • We all know hospitals are quite a depressing place so practice Reiki when you are at the hospital.
  • It’s helpful for pregnant ladies and infertility.
  • It’s good with other complementary therapies.

Does It Has Side Effects?

I am not sure about the side effects but it is a long-term process which is for the best interest of a person it is cleansing of your body so basically it is a detox process and will surely bring positive changes in your life.


During Reiki process try to stay away from harmful things try to avoid alcohol and sugars and other harmful chemicals. Try to have regularity in your medicines to give the best possible state to your mind and body.

Overcome Fear.

I have listed down the side effects of Reiki that you may suffer in each level of it:

  1. You may experience changes in food preferences like before you liked something and now you hate it. you opened a third eye which is very annoying sometimes. You may develop psychic abilities which can be terrifying for you if you experience it for the first time.
  2. Reiki is known as the opening of heart chakra which is the point connecting physical and spiritual realms once open your sensitivity to the energies will increase. You may feel highs and lows in energy levels during Reiki practices. You may experience mood swings, also feel aversion towards confrontation.
  3. You start seeing more glowing and bright chakras. Also, deep empathy and compassion towards others are common which is actually not a side effect. Sometimes you will feel lightness and level of consciousness will increase. You may feel vibrations too.


Overall there are no negative side effects of Reiki all these effects will aid your body in healing. You will grow spiritually, So give Reiki a chance to heal you.



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