Lying Is Bad

Lying Is Bad, We have listened since childhood truth has great power in it and it can change anything stubborn into the sublime thing. We all are taught never to take support from lying as weak takes the support of lying and truth promotes peace and wellness, one who lies never gets peace.


It’s my personal experience once when I was little I get into a fight with my class fellow our teacher make a complaint in principles office and take us both to her office so she can inquire about the matter. When principle asked I told everything and told her true.

She believed me and when returned to the class I told everyone truth from that day onwards I was given the name of principles person some called me principles investigator. Everyone was asked to beware of me as I can tell principle anything and won’t lie in any case.

They got together and planned against me and totally abandoned me, they refused to include me in their activities. I tried my best to convince them of my honesty but they refused to listen. After many tries and being failed finally I promised them not to do that thing again and will be loyal to their secrets and always support them no matter how wrong they are then they believe me.

When I grow up and was studying in college I got into many situations where I could tell truth but I love my friends and life more so chose to ignore instead. And in later life, I make a self-motto that might is right to choose what’s in your favor where private or personal, take action it cannot harm you in any way.

From that day I always mix up the truth with lies just to save my relations with others. Peace is everything for me I cannot just stop talking to anyone so chose silence instead. But trust me this habit has done well to me it saves me headaches and saves my relations.


It helped me a lot with my professional life too. I am favorite of my boss and I know my fellow colleagues are secretly jealous of me.

It helped me with my married life too when my wife got angry with me I praise her like I compliment her cooking and beauty and she got happy 😉

Is it bad?

Yes, lying is mostly considered bad. There are some situations in life where I think lying should be allowed or you can mix lie with truth like when you want your children to understand something you can lie to them maybe its good for them later or you can also lie when you need some privacy.

But overall I must say telling hard truth to someone is better than concealing it with sugar-coated lies. If you do this often you will be treated as a mistrusted person and your reputation will also be destroyed. So don’t rely on lying that it is thought convenient it may be harmful too.

Lying, Yes it is bad

It is bad many relationships require trust and mostly high levels of trust so it automatically gets broken when you choose to lie it will ruin your relationship and it has no meaning whatsoever.

A person will not depend on you once they get the idea of you lying to them in every situation. You would have problems in relationships if you keep on lying your life will get tougher and tougher and trust will be a shaky factor in it.

The pure form of lying

We all know since we born it is a very first proverb of our lives that honesty is the best policy, so yes lying to adults is bad but adults can lie to their children when in need and when the situation demands like death is scary factor for children and we have to protect their fragile brains so when someone close died we just can’t straight away be told them we conceal the truth by lying and making up something less scary. The innocence of children is very important and it must be preserved as long as they get older and wiser and can understand things on their own.

It’s not always bad, nope..

Well, I summarized my version of lying as it is an untruth but we expressed it as truth, some people believe and say that lying always is not bad but generally it is bad but in some situation, it is a good thing to lie.


We should have a solid reason for lying to someone. Sometimes you are doing a favor to someone by lying to them and not telling the truth. It is morally right in these cases.

I personally disagree with people who say speak truth only, why can’t we just protect someone from the hard truth by lying what if it affects their health badly what if they got a heart attack after hearing the truth. Why lie? It can have many reasons:

  • To protect someone from harm
  • Not to hurt others feelings.
  • Lying to know what truth behind something is.

Sometimes telling truth can do more harm than good, so I say lie if it makes your relationship and your life better. We all know women are more self-conscious than men and they want to hear good things about themselves.


They want us to say they are attractive and pretty so tell this to them trust me they will bloom and care for you more. If lying makes other more comfortable and happy do lie frequently not always but do it more often.

Teachers and bosses should also lie sometimes to motivate their students and subordinates. I believe in encouragement instead of criticism. These are positive methods to help them grow and will show good results to you.


Lying for your own benefit and to harm others is bad but if you lie to help or motivate someone then there is no harm in lying. Don’t lie for a bad reason lei for a good cause!



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