Children hates me

 My Children hates me, I had always respected my parents and in return, they respect me a lot, same I believe for my kids but I am a bit disappointed here my children are always against me to which I am very worried.

My Children hates me

It is very easy to disrespect someone and taking them for granted and we usually do this to our parents. They have made a lot of sacrifices for us and faced many hardships just to provide a better life for us same I am doing for my kids but still, they are against me My Children hates me.

I am making a hell of an effort to raise strong, happy and healthy kids but they are making it difficult for me. I think they don’t have any idea how much I am doing for them I fail to understand why is this so.

“children learn more from what you are then what you teach”

I love them a lot and I just need respect from them but not getting it which makes me more worried. Am I lacking in something? Every child needs to understand their parents and the choices they make we parents need respect and love from them and a little bit of appreciation too.

 They should know how much we work for them to provide for them and in return, this treatment is really a big disappointment for us. I know they are naïve but a little understanding is all I ask of them. I love to see them enjoy quality time with me but they are always arguing with me and kill all the joy of my life.

My Children hates me

They are always against my decisions and judge me quite harshly. I also had arguments with my parents when I was young but I was never this disrespectful towards them. And I want my children to be respectful towards me too.

My Children hates me

My Children hates me, I had always thanked my parents for the things they have done for me but I think my children have no regards for things I do for them. I present them with gifts on special occasions and take care of them when they are sick, but never have I seen them bring a cup of hot coffee to me.

They take me so for granted that when I reached home they just ignore my arrival and don’t even welcome me with a simple hello!

What Are The Causes That Children Don’t Respect Us

I think I know the causes of their disrespect towards myself but let me pour out my heart in front of you so you can also decide if your children do same to you or not. Does he stop listening to you after few minutes of the conversation?

 Does he deliberately ignore you? Roll his eyes when you are talking? Or shout at you during conversation? Frequently says whatever and walks away? Then yes your child is being disrespectful towards you.

 Parents are so concerned about their kids being good children in front of others and they want them to treat other people respectfully they want their kids to show good behavior and be kind towards others those parents often have the most disrespectful kids My Children hates me.

 WHY? You are not understanding your kid. You are not taking into consideration what he wants from you. You are forcing your opinion on him is this the reason for him being disrespectful, he wants to show you how your behavior is affecting him. Let me give you an example:

My Children hates me

My Children hates me, There was a man who was very loving towards his son and always listens to what he needs and says. He watches his son’s behavior towards others.

 He works hard to teach him how to respect his elders. But often he yells at him and ignores his requests. Time to time he keeps interrupting him when he talks.

My Children hates me

He used to pour all his frustration on him. After some years he noticed a sudden change in his son’s behavior he start doing same things his father used to do the shouts and be disrespectful towards his father. Now that man was very worried for he is facing it hard why is his son doing it.

But I know you people now understand why his son was doing it because he has seen his father doing same. Moral of the story is children always learn from their parents so try to show to them what you want them to become.

Pay close attention towards your child’s situation and refrain from being disrespectful yourself. If your child is against you don’t allow this behavior to continue for long go to the root cause and treat it calmly and patiently.

Kids are innocents help them change their behavior in this way they had in their mind that their parents are watching them and are aware of their feelings. Never allow them to treat you badly it will make them treat others badly too My Children hates.

What Are The Negative Thoughts Children Have

Behind every behavior of children, there is always some thoughts try to reach their level to find what negative things they are thinking. See if you are providing them the chance to think negative.

My Children hates, Always say what you mean don’t confuse them and try to fulfill all your promises towards them. Children’s negative thinking can be due to a lot of reasons let me list down some for you:

My Children hates me

  • Are they given way to many chances? Try to make them teach how to be responsive towards you. You give them the command to do something and make them understand that you want them to fulfill it urgently. You say what you want and compelled them to follow it. this practice of listening to you will make them positive about fulfilling what you want from them.
  • Stop giving confusing commands give clear cut instructions. Avoid conflicts and stop being hypocritical to them. Treat them equally so they respect you.
  • Don’t forget you want to develop them into a good human being, give only one command at a time so they at a young age start following you. After age 5 they can handle multiple commands so don’t confuse them and this way their trust you will also develop.
  • Don’t misuse your authority and be kind and do better reasoning with them instead of scolding them. Sit with them and talk to them about things of their interest.

“children close their ears to advise but open them to the example”

How To Become An Example Of The Best Dad

I am going to write down few tips and points for you to follow and I am also following them to become the best Dad for my children.

  • Open eyes – I am keeping my eyes open now and if something feels wrong I instantly talk to my kids. This way they know their father is keeping a check on them. I give them directions on how to use things and putting small responsibilities on them to make them sensible now. I use to be snappy but now I try to be cheerful whenever I am around my children.
  • Help from teachers – I am taking help from their teachers off course secretly. I ask them for advice on how to help my children with homework and they give me ideas on how to make harmony between them. Whenever my child is facing some problem we parents and teachers collectively try to solve it and now I am noticing my children trust me more than before. I discuss their grades with them and their teachers and us instead of scolding them try to understand their reasoning. I believe they are now more open towards me.
  • Social skills – I am preparing them socially also by working hard on their social skills. I want them to learn new things and experience realities of life in a better way to build a positive attitude in them. A happy parent makes a happy child so they are very happy now as I am taking them on short trips every weekend to engage them in different activates with my self-included. We are now creating a strong bonding between us.
  • Bad behavior – no kicking, shouting and yelling and cursing is allowed in my home now.
  • Independent – I want them to become self -sufficient and this way their confidence will also grow. They will proudly take new responsibility and become independent early.
  • Communication – as a Dad I used to be quite shy but now I have opened up towards my kids and we don’t afraid to speak our hearts now. We discuss new topics and I judge their emotions and love. Now they started believing me when I told them I love them.

“there is no such thing as a perfect parent just be a real one”

 My Children hates me

Why My Son/Daughter Always Against Me Whatever I Say.

Bringing up children into a grown man is scary there is a lot of pressure on you. People make mistakes so does the parents, they always want best for their child. Small mistakes are allowed but don’t cause serious ones. Admit when you are wrong and try to amend your ways only then you will achieve what you want from your kids and life My Children hates me.

“treat a child as though he already is person he’s capable of becoming, My Children hates me”

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