‘Money’ is not everything but ‘Everything’ needs money (Money is not everything).

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Money is not Everything

Money is not everything, It’s a famous saying that all the best things in life are free but not everything is free in life. You need to survive in this world and for that we need money, we can’t just survive on values, good manners and humanity we need food and other basic necessity for our survival in this world.

Money is not everything

There are things in our life we take them dear to us like our family, friends and our best memories these are all free and are our strength. They are considered a person’s priceless assets which can’t be replaceable.

No doubt money is important to live our lives comfortably because things don’t come free, we need money to buy material things and items for our survival. People who have no money become homeless, nobody takes care of them so money has its value nobody can deny.

Money is not everything

We can easily count a blessing which doesn’t require money happiness and honesty are the rare things of life they are our treasure and has cost us nothing. But food and shelter are also our basic needs which can’t be bought through happiness or honesty for them you need money. Let me give you a list of things money can’t buy: Money is not everything

  1. Respect
  2. Kids
  3. Beauty
  4. Manners
  5. Common sense
  6. Integrity
  7. Family
  8. Friends
  9. Health
  10. Trust
  11. Peace of mind
  12. Patience
  13. Luck
  14. Time
  15. Ethics
  16. Positive attitude

“I don’t need money, money needs me”

Money has its own role in our lives and it has great power in our lives, we get sick we need money to get ourselves checked up from doctors and good education also needs money. Its true money makes things easy for us and in our society, it has the power to discriminate rich and poor.

A big motivation is required to earn money and it’s not easy to earn you have to work hard for it. Big changes required money you just can’t stand up and say I will change this and that you need solid background and enough money for it too.

Money is not everything, Great people required motivation first to change this world than comes the money like Gandhi, Ibrahim Lincoln, Dalai Lama and Quaid e Azaam they all started their movements after getting motivated and after that they need money they work on a vision but they also can’t deny the value of money.

Money is not everything but money buys things too. When you want to do something great for the society you need resources and they will not come by themselves but it’s also true that when you start fighting for something nature starts helping you.

Art of living

What art of living? Living like a legend, people get inspired by you and want to follow your steps. But for this, you need money to maintain your lifestyle. For feeding your family you need money but with less money but good thinking and art you can survive in it too.

Your children need a good education so invest in it first then go for other luxuries. This is a long-term investment you are doing and it will surely pay off. Things don’t stop happening we had to follow lives track.

Money is not everything

Never worried about how money is going to come just try your best and work hard you won’t even remember after some time and get used to it.

keep traveling places for finding best for you and your family Money is not everything.

Just start your journey and things will fall into a place people will join you first start the walk and then you can run too. Step by step little by little you will grow and you will surely see the difference and then don’t forget to be thankful to God and your dear ones in this process.

Intentions of Money is not everything

We need to keep our intention and our heart pure, good work requires hard work resources can come during the process. You just need encouragement and for this, your family is there for you always.

Our main principle in life should be the art of living and you can carry it forward easily if you work hard and stay focused. Don’t be hesitant to say no to things you don’t need and only buy things that are essential for you.

You can modify useless things into useful ones and reused old stuff easily. If you keep this motto in life you will successes hugely. You need resources when you want to do something good and for that, you need to save some money.

Think ahead of time and save few pennies for your future. Never overspend than your capacity.

Budgeting Money is not everything

Make a proper budget and follow it without cheating. Divide grocery and clothes and other things and allot according to it. You can have dinner outside once a month and can save instead for the long holidays once a year.

If you keep spending more than your budget you will be broke soon. Introduce such lifestyle in your home that is according to your earnings. Money is no doubt an essential component of our life and has great economic value.

In early years there was a system of barter but then gradually paper money was introduced which now is at its peak value. Every element in this world has its economic value. Everything is available at some price.

Money is not everything

Money is necessary for establishing the value of goods and services. So its normal to say money is everywhere than saying money is everything. We need money for everything.

Opinion Money is not everything

In my opinion, its wrong to say that money buys everything yes we do need money but what we need most is happiness, smiles, and laughter of our loved ones nothing can be compared to these things. For luxury you need money but for values and memories, you just need people in your life. Things like love, fun, health, and friendship need no money.

“the poorest man is one whose only wealth is money”

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