What is the True Formula of Love Between Mates?

You might wonder where your real love mate is, as everybody is curious to find it! If you have already been fooled by love, then most probably you are going to hold back from the love relationship. But the world is full of surprises, as it may be possible that you find true love without any difficulty. Everybody is not the same, you may meet people who are cheating you but there are also good people. The world is full of bad and good people, everybody is not the same. The love percentage estimation can also be a good way to find whether it is feasible to make love with a person or not.

There is no true formula to know who is your true love mate but you can find a hint of your true love mate by the online love calculator by calculator-online.net. The love tester name can be used to check the chances of love with someone. You only need to enter the name of the people and know the chances of the % age of love with a mate.

There are certain symbols of true love, and if you are going to find them in person. Then no wonder the person is your true love mate.

Know What is your Feeling:

When someone is truly in love with you, then he knows what is in your mind. You need to say nothing to a person who is in love with you, as he can understand your emotions and feelings. There is no need for a love compatibility test, if a person is able to understand your emotions and feelings. It means the person is actually in love with you and really wants you to love. A person claiming to be in love with you always tries his best to keep you happy and cozy.

Always Keeping your Interest First:

If somebody is claiming that he is your true love, then the litmus test of his love is that he should keep you at the top of the priority list. You have no need to use the love calculator to test his/her love, as the person has made you the destiny of his life. A person who loves you always tries to keep you in a comfortable position beyond emotion. Emotions are only the way to express his true love, but you can understand the meaning of love if somebody is caring about you.

The Unexpected Gifts and Gestures:

The unexpected gifts and gestures are also the sign of true love. For example you may receive flowers for breakfast or in bed which was not expected. The unexpected gesture explains how much a person cares about you and it is fun to find your true love. You can use the online love calculator to find what is your true love. If somebody is claiming that he is loving you then it is impossible that you are not going to feel it.

Listen to your Heart Feeling:

Try to listen to your heart feeling and how your heart is responding. If your heart is indicating that someone is truly in pursuit of love, then try to be positive. It is better to respond positively, as it is not easy to find true love.


Love is a bird and she needs to fly, and you can’t alway remain alone. The love calculator can be handy to search your true love, but the true love can be best spotted by the symbols described above. If you are able to find the true love then try to nurture it as true love are rare thing

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