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Bob Proctor Meditation: Abundance and Relaxation

Are you seeking for a beautiful guided meditation to help you relax and calm your mind? Maybe you’ve tried various meditations but can’t seem to ‘focus’ yourself? This is the perfect meditation for you if you need help focusing and clearing your mind. Below is a meditation by Bob Proctor.

Meditation with Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor was a self-help author and lecturer from Canada. He also played a role in the film The Secret. Bob understood the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced mind. He has produced countless meditation films that have benefited millions of people. Proctor’s lessons emphasized the importance of having a positive self-image in order to achieve success. This is why he’s created so many enlightening meditations aimed at bringing clarity, positivity, and self-love into people’s lives.

This meditation is one of my favorites since it immediately captivates me. There is virtually little music in the background. Bob’s deep, caring voice is all you hear throughout. He instructs you to simply listen to his words as he leads you into meditation. His remarks are both reassuring and forceful and purposeful. His voice is so calming that you feel wrapped in a warm blanket within seconds of hearing him talk. He manages to make you feel both comfortable and concentrated at the same time. He gives you encouraging affirmations without seeming preachy.

Throughout this meditation, Proctor refers to ‘the lavender energy.’ You can practically smell the wonderful perfume of lavender as the vision of the lavender energy consumes you. He believes lavender has therapeutic characteristics, and he employs it to make you feel more awake and present in the world. This meditation is one of my favorites because after I finish listening, my eyes open and I smile. I am completely at ease with myself. “You are a tremendously powerful individual capable of achieving all of the greatness you imagined.” This slogan that he repeats throughout the day really sticks with me. He also suggests that you “share your plenty with anyone who is willing to take it.” This is such a beautiful message, in my opinion.

When you sit to practice this meditation, it aids in the quieting of your mind and the removal of any negative impediments or scarcity thoughts you may have. If you do this just once, you could notice that you feel better during the day and are able to achieve more. The real strength, however, comes from repetition.

You can also boost the effectiveness of this meditation by incorporating these money and riches affirmations into your practice. You will be in a calm, quiet state of mind once you have completed your meditation. Then, when you repeat these affirmations, your mind will grow more open to the concepts they contain.

Starting a daily practice of employing this meditation to establish an abundant attitude is a habit that will help you develop that habit and increase your focus and wealth in the long run.
Find Out More About Bob Proctor’s Law of Attraction Messages

The Law of Attraction underpins the concepts of this meditation.

Bob Proctor is known internationally as one of the top Law of Attraction teachers, and he has a lot of information on how to use this law to grow any aspect of your life, thanks to his participation in The Secret.

He claims that The Law of Attraction is founded on The Law of Vibration, and that shifting your paradigm to vibrate at a new level, one where your objective already existing, is the key to achieving any goal.


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