How To Attract Happiness Into Your Life – Simple Guide


The idea that you attract what you focus on was one of the first things I discovered about the Law of Attraction. It sounds like a fairly straightforward idea. My husband Nick and I started delving deeper into it when we noticed how many times throughout the day it applicable. We really concentrate on the following three factors while using the law of attraction in our life to attract happiness.

What do your thoughts generally centre around?

Are you someone who sees the world as half full or half empty? Examine your inner dialogue by listening to it. How you feel is impacted by your thoughts. Positive thoughts produce positive emotions, whilst negative thoughts produce bad emotions.

Just think like a happier, more upbeat person to become one! So the next time a bad thought crosses your mind, attempt to reframe it. It could require some practise. You’ll soon find it easy to continually think positively. You can rephrase negative thoughts like, “My legs appear large in these jeans,” into positive ones like, “My legs are powerful.” They transport me all day long. I am able to since I have strong legs. Happy sentiments and a more upbeat attitude on life result from happier thinking. (Plus, they draw joy and positivity to you!)

What do you frequently find yourself discussing?

Our society has a tendency to be unfavourable. Want proof? Just spend ten minutes watching the local news. It appears that complaining is a common way for us to interact with one another. The adage “Misery loves company” is true! The wonderful thing is that joy also enjoys company. Try to connect over something positive in your life, rather than starting a conversation with a complaint. It may be a favourite television programme, an upcoming trip, or anything else that makes you grin.

Your life will be more upbeat the more optimism you emit from your lips! I’ve noticed that the more favourably I express myself, the happier I feel and the more positively I think. I’m aware that I frequently leave uplifting talks grinning broadly and reflecting on how fantastic life is. These joyful discussions might just give you a little extra spring in your stride!

As a side note, remember to appreciate people who compliment you. Many people minimise compliments or feel obliged to criticise themselves after getting one. They are taking notice of your awesomeness! It’s important to receive presents, praises, and other forms of gratitude to maintain your happiness.

Law of Attraction is effective.

You will attract unfavourable results if you think negatively.
You will attract positive results if you think positively.

Most people are shocked by this. Realizing that your current existence is a direct outcome of your past and present ideas is a difficult lesson to acquire. Doesn’t it seem wonderful to know that by simply altering your ideas from today, you can build the future of your dreams?

The greatest method to attract the specific things, people, and experiences you want is to have an optimistic mindset, use future-focused language, and cultivate an anticipation that good is coming into your life.
Make a conscious decision not to consider, write about, or speak about something you don’t want whenever you see it.

When you start to worry, immediately switch those thoughts to positive ones that involve enjoying what you do want. consciously and purposefully daydream good things.
Realize you’re focusing on what you don’t want whenever you find yourself passing judgement on someone. Change your thinking by acting.

Famous celebrities were aware of the Law of Attraction’s effectiveness. Dr. Martin Luther King referred to his well-known statement as “I have a dream” rather than “I have a worry,” and Mother Teresa declared that she would attend a pro-peace rally rather than an anti-war protest. They recognised its beneficial influence. Both of them were aware that opposing something meant concentrating your efforts against it, which only served to increase its prevalence.

Because of this, cultivating good ideas can be accomplished with the use of methods like hypnosis. When you learn to focus your attention and keep an eye on your thoughts, you will have more power to create the things you want.

What do you do while you’re idle?

What sort of books do you read? In addition to more conventional reading materials like books, periodicals, and newspapers, I’m referring to social media and other online content that you may read. My reflections on what I read can last for hours, and occasionally for days. I also like to tell my friends and family about the things I read. Your ideas, what you say to others, and even how you feel about yourself can all be influenced by what you’re reading.

What do you have on? Do you prefer watching suspenseful or upbeat television? Is your favourite programme rife with conflict? What matters most in this situation is how you feel and what you are concentrating on when watching these programmes. The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are shows I adore watching. They do have a lot of drama, as Nick points out. Every week I witness that. I also see the characters’ personal development and the hope and thrill that come with falling in love. That is my main emphasis. I truly enjoy seeing the updates as they get married and have kids. I adore watching the joyful new couple in the closing episode.
The Lesson

Once I truly understood the significance of my thoughts, words, and actions, I started to become more conscious of them. Since I started focusing on these aspects of my life, I have noticed some incredibly encouraging developments. The good times never stop coming! Being aware of these things might make it easier for you to make the necessary adjustments to bring more happiness into your life.

Modify your outlook

This may sound completely cliched. One of the most prevalent bits of advice is to “change your mindset to be happier,” which is so cliche.

So, consider this: Are you the type of person who always sees the “problem” or the “solution” in any circumstance?

Many of us tend to think negatively out of habit. We understand how something will go in the way of our happiness or how a circumstance will undoubtedly go south. Imagine yourself like a magnet: if you exude negativity from your core, the world will experience it as well.

It’s time to switch things up! Try to start seeing the positive instead of always heading in the negative direction. Say “yes” to more things without considering how they will turn out badly. Find the silver lining in every negative circumstance. Change your perspective so that you perceive the joy rather than the sorrow. By turning your centre from negative to positive, you begin to radiate positive energy, which will attract joy and good fortune to you.

Speaking kindly

Words are actual objects. They have the power to bring about both smiles and tears in people. They have the power to either make or break a day.

A wise man once observed, “The mouth speaks from the abundance of the heart.” Could it be that your heart is also negative if the words coming from your mouth are usually negative?

It’s time to use upbeat language! You can “fake it till you make it” even if you don’t always feel optimistic. Try to limit the words that come out of your lips to to those that are uplifting, encouraging, affirming, and positive. You’ll get used to it eventually because your heart has also altered.

The best part is that people will remember you as the one who uses words to spread good!


Reflecting on both the good and terrible aspects of your life can be done through meditation. It gives you the opportunity to change your perspective while still being aware of what occurs to you. You may frequently take a step back from the feelings of any event when you’re calm and view it objectively. You’ll discover that things aren’t always as bad as they seem and that practically every negative circumstance can be turned around to your advantage. This way of thinking will eventually feel natural to you.
Fill Your Life With Inspirational Activities

If you consume junk food, your body will be sick, weak, and unable to perform at its best. If you eat well, your muscles will expand, your bones will be sturdy, and your organs will function at their best.

Your thoughts are the same! What are you putting inside it?

Fill your life with things that make you happy and more optimistic, such as uplifting music, enlightening podcasts and audiobooks, thought-provoking TV shows, and films that change the way you see the world. Instead of wasting time on “mental junk food,” fill your life with activities that uplift your spirit and mind.
Quit attempting to manage everything.

The fear of the future is virtually often the cause of anxiety, negativity, and despair. We may adopt a permanently pessimistic mindset as a result of our worries that something bad will occur in the future, which may cause unpleasant events to occur in our lives.

But back off! Give up trying to be in charge of everything and let life happen. You won’t benefit from being afraid of the future. You have no control over whether awful things may occur in the future. It will be tougher for you to enjoy where you are now the more you worry about the bad that is just around the way.

Stay in the moment. Consider what is happening to you right now, both the good and the terrible. In your current circumstance, look for those happy moments or those inspiring ideas. Enjoy every moment of the now instead of stressing about the things you can’t control in the future.


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