Why Do Women Cheat

“Why Do Women CheatIf you have to sneak to do it, lie to cover it up, or delete it to avoid it being seen, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it.”

One of the most interesting facts is that rate of cheating among married women is higher as compared to single women. And as years passed by number is increasing by 40 percent while the rate among men is same as last year.

More women are cheating, and most importantly are willing to cheat and when confront they admit doing it. We sometimes wonder how many of our close friends and relative cheat their spouse or are actually faithful to their husbands. From a distance, they seem to be a normal happy couple or at least they show contentment to others. They are always doing the family thing. Why women cheat? There can be many reasons, they have cute kids and busy social lives then why they choose to cheat.Why Do Women Cheat, Maybe their husbands on the outside look reasonable sweet natured persons and quite satisfyingly fulfilling their marriage duties, but we don’t know the inside story.

Why Do Women Cheat

Why Do Women Cheat

I have compiled 21 reasons of why women cheat:

  • Unfaithfulness- some women turn towards infidelity not as a way to destroy marriage but as a way to stay in it.

Why Do Women Cheat

  • Extramarital adventures- some women are so adventurous or we can say selfish that they describe their affair as an extramarital adventure. They have no secrecy and no shame.

Why Do Women Cheat

  •  Why Do Women Cheat, Emotional need- more often they truly love their partners but they cheat for emotional relief. Like if the husband is busy and coming late at home and they cannot discuss daily things with him so they get themselves someone else to share that burden and with that comes another thing we call cheating.

Why Do Women Cheat

  • Sexual and psychological need- in reality, they are very nice to their husbands and fulfilling all their demands but in secrecy, they cheat for sexual and psychological reasons. With that, they become nicer and do more special things for their husbands.

Why Do Women Cheat

  • Creativity- some women just to spice up things in their life and for change or creativity choose to cheat on their partner.

Why Do Women Cheat

  • Oppressive or suffocating relationship- some women face oppressive behavior from their husbands they feel suffocating in the relationship their husbands are conservative so they think cheating is justifiable.

Why Do Women Cheat

  • Fear of separation or divorce-some husbands puts so much fear of separation and divorce on their wives that they n retaliation choose to cheat. They feel some power by cheating on their husbands.

Why Do Women Cheat

  • Hardheadedness-some women are so full of themselves that they think cheating is normal and by doing it they are not committing a crime.

Why Do Women Cheat

  • Source of pleasure- some women find it a source of pleasure by forgetting all the wrongs of it and just do it without any second thought.
  • Curiosity- some women just do it for curiosity just want to experience it one time in a lifetime.
  • Why Do Women Cheat, Inspired by a friend- women are creatures they easily got inspired by the friends or even relatives and things. They are quite materialistic in their opinions. When they see their friend cheating her husband they got inspired and try to do the same.Why Do Women Cheat
  • Lack of intimacy and attention-main cause of cheating among women is lack of intimacy in private life. Husbands are not present or if they are present not giving enough attention to the wife but to other matters. Remember husbands wives should be your first priority if you want your marriage to work,
  • Revenge – most of the time cheating is as a result of revenge. There is a common saying ‘men forget but not forgive but women forgive but not forget’ so be careful husbands if you have cheated her with some other girl you are in for a payback because women can go to any length just to get revenge.

Why Do Women Cheat

  • Anger/ego- anger always destroys relationships and ego are equally bad for it. Both just totally damaged a relationship to the extent that it is then impossible to restore it to its original value. Counseling should be must to provide those type of women.
  • Why Do Women Cheat, Bad sex- this reason is the most secretive reason which can be given to justify cheating be women. It happened to 5 in 100 women so not worth cheating.

Why Do Women Cheat

  • Low self-esteem-When you feel insecure about yourself, you seek authentication from others. This can be in the form of sensual, expressive, or intellectual attention. When you don’t love or value yourself, you may plan that onto the person you are in a relationship with and believe they don’t love or value you. Even if your husband loves you greatly, you still may cheat because you find it hard to accept their unrestricted love.
  • Independent financially- one of the most common reason is when women get independent financially she gets rude and thinks she is equal to a man of the house and can do whatever she wants and that’s lead her towards cheating that’s why most men don’t give permission to their wives to do the job.

Why Do Women Cheat

  • Weight lose- Male attention increases quickly after weight loss as they want their wives to be more stylish and it’s a fact that it increases your self-confidence also. You like all the male attention and got tempted to cheat it becomes very difficult to resist offers of other males. Once you realize other guys want you, your desire to act on it may have you feeling joyful. However, be very careful, act wisely and make your advantage and disadvantages list.

Why Do Women Cheat

  • Why Do Women Cheat, Feeling of under-appreciated- husbands need to be more appreciative towards their wives don’t let them live in stress appreciate their cooking or things they do for you so to prevent them going for the cheating option.

Why Do Women Cheat

  • Bored /fighting- women go for cheating when they feel bored in a relationship and husband-wife continue fighting with each other.

Why Do Women Cheat

  • The good guy thing- some women think their husband is such a good guy so he should not be left but for satisfying their needs they choose to cheat. They don’t want to leave them but cannot resist other men also. Why Do Women Cheat

Why Do Women Cheat

“Being single is better than being lied to, cheated on and disrespectful”


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Tell If Your Husband Hates You · November 20, 2017 at 11:48 am

It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

    admin · November 21, 2017 at 1:51 am

    Thank You for Your comment.

Rambo · November 24, 2017 at 8:28 am

Cheating is like ur eating the meat of ur dead partner always keep clam to ur husband and stay faith full cheating ur partner is worst thing of any Buddy’s life it’s like loosing every thing don’t be so materialistic sex is not everything

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