Elder Sister

Elder Sister * A Blessing Of GOD*

 “Fairies are real, I have one and  I call her my sister”

Importance of Elder Sister.

Elder Sister, Anyone having a big sister knows the struggle of how emotional and stormy this relationship can be. There are some days you think she is an amazing person and other days you think she is a freak. As you both get older this relationship changes in many ways but no matter how old you both get its core remains the same. While being the eldest child she has so many high points it has a lot of low points too.

Elder SisterShe was here before you she wants to be the first always, she is the one who gets every attention and focus of your parents too It has a ton of worries also mainly in studies for not getting good grades. She did all the hard work of getting things into view for your parents so you didn’t have to. You owe her a big thank-you for that!

When you were little, a kid, you always get bullied by your fellows and you feel helpless but here your elder sister jumps in and she takes care of that for you she has a charm in that way other kids got the idea and they stop messing with you. She is your role model outside of family members, teachers and other kids you know.Elder Sister

Think about it if you are an only child it would be very hard for you to develop your character. Your Elder Sister helps you in this case by developing self-awareness in you. She showed you different approaches to life. She taught you to stand up for yourself and that saying no to things is not bad, you can go against things and that’s normal. She taught you about the value of honesty, self-assurance, and determination.

The role of elder sister in our lives.

She has helped you in many ways even you are not aware of. She helped you pass your classes with good grades. Getting through school when someone in the house has already experienced it is easy. Elder Sister, She guides you through it. She gives advice to you on which colleges to apply in because at her time she has search about all of them and she knows your interests also.

Elder Sister


If you have followed your sister’s footsteps in the studies and in professional world also, she might also provide job references. It will be a good step for you for your first job and internship also. She is your mentor by guiding you through life’s difficulties. She also helped you in finding your fashion sense. She mostly covered for you when you needed her. She makes excuses for you just to save you from parents scolding.

When you get into trouble it will always be here to save you at home. Just think about it how hard it will be to get through those situations on your own. You get a lot of her cool stuff when she is fed up of them. She defends you in front of her parents.

Some problems that we have with her.

I am the youngest child in our family. My siblings are good but we certainly had our odd fights. Most of the fights are won by our elder sister. Being youngest has its benefits and limitations also. You’re always treated like a baby. There are some things we had to learn the hard way. She can get away with anything but I cannot. She had done something but when I do that she scold me I know she had more experience of things but I also want to experience those things on my own. Certain things which I wish to do I cant because of her.

Elder Sister

Benefit for being with her.

When all your friends turn you down you know you have her. Sisters are like mothers they have motherly instincts within them so you can openly discuss anything with her. Elder Sister, She keeps all of your secrets. Unlike a brother, you can share your girl problems with her anytime. You can do all the fun things girls love with her like discussing tutorials, putting on makeup and dresses. You can use her stuff also. She gives you excellent fashion advice also.

Why do we get change once we get elder (towards her)?

Competition between siblings is a common thing. It is mostly harmless during childhood but as we grow older it can get worse. You easily get envied and annoyed with her. Elder Sister, It’s bad enough to be second. It has adverse effects on you. So you started avoiding and ignoring her.

Elder Sister

No matter how much siblings love each other there is always a rivalry between them.as an adult you just can’t openly show your emotion you hide them but it changes your behavior towards them. Jealousy makes you apart.

The relationship in between elder sister and wife.

We should ask ourselves who is more important to me my wife?Or my sister?

In my opinion, till you get married your sister should be equally important to you as your father and mother. And after you get married your loyalties should be towards your wife and kids. Your children and wife’s interests are more important for you than your sisters.

Your wife and children should give her respect. And your sister should love them. You should be sensible and create an atmosphere where both of them show respect towards each other and don’t disturb their privacy. Don’t allow them to manipulate, control and dominate you and your life.

Elder Sister

Why don’t we prioritize her with our wife?

wives are our partners in a lifetime. We have to live with them forever so naturally, they will be our first priority but we should not forget our sister. She is also someone’s wife she has to look for her husband and kids, but as she is your elder sister she will always care for you and in return, you should also respect her and care for her.

Why do we ignore her in front of our wives?

Firstly we should never ignore her in front of our wives they are in your life long before your wife is. But if you choose to ignore her there should have some solid reason for it. Maybe she is interfering too much in your life or it can be another reason.

She is a best friend of the father

elder sisters are mostly best friends of fathers and brothers also. For the father, she is his first princess. She has called him daddy for the first time. As she grows up she understands things and feelings of others. Daughters mostly never reject any work given to them by their fathers.

Elder Sister

So fathers know that they can count on them in any situation. Fathers are close to the daughters they share many things and talk about many things. When you want your father to give permission for anything just ask your elder sister and she will talk to him. Fathers favor and give more attention to the daughters. But a daughters love is true and pure.

“Sometimes being a sister is better than being a princess.”


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