A father love for his daughter

What is Father Love For His Daughter, Daughters are the precious gift from God, The house becomes HOME as little princess comes in. We cannot express our feelings once we get the newborn daughter come in our hand. And When somebody says you became a father of the daughter.On that time you ignore everything your first priority is to go and get your daughter a big hug, and once she comes in your hand with a smiley face and closed eyes at that moment you feel the luckiest person on earth.

Father Love For His Daughter

Daughters are the princes of her Father.

That time you visit the hospital just to see your daughter and once she comes on your arm you forget everything, like every sorrows, problems etc. When God sends the baby he sends all the blessing with her.

Daughters are the one who will always be you, Son might leave you, Son might argue with you but daughters feel the father pain. When you feed her she smiles because she is your responsibility, and she needs your support. But in future when the Son runs out, she is the one who will be looking after you when you need support.

Father Love For His Daughter, Me and My Princes

I have got my daughter who is 6 years old, at this age she always waits for me to join her after work so that she can have dinner with me. She waits for me for breakfast, she brings the glass of water when I reach home.

The happy feeling which comes out from my heart is important, You partner could fight with you, you can have an argument with her and your partner could stop talking with you but the daughter stays same no matter what is the outcome. She always loves father more than her mother.

She will take your side

She is the one who will always fight for her father with your mother or other people. She is the one who will be demanding from you. And when you fulfill her request you get a wonderful feeling. Like her Birthday or any special days.

Father Love For His Daughter

Limited Stay at your home

Daughters give more respect to fathers than sons. The very first 25 years of her life when she lives with you are the most wonderful days for you and for her as well, and when she gets married then her life changes. You always dream her to come to visit her.

That time she will be having more responsibilities with husband but whenever she gets the free time she always comes to visit parents. We get very blessings from God with daughters.

Avoid Bad Habits

We have to make sure that we don’t do any bad habit in front of her, She will pick everything what you do and how you do like drinking habit or smoking.

Try to avoid them or at least don’t do them in front of her. She will not share these things with you but she will be picking up. I still remember that time when I used to smoke and one day my daughter came into my room, and she was eating the cigarette asked me what is this daddy it fell out from your pocket.

That time I realized that I shouldn’t do these kinds of things in front of her. But due to that incident, I could able to quit smoking and it is now 4 years back.

She Waits for Me

She waits for the weekend, not for she is getting days off from school but that her daddy will be at home with her for two days.

And Whenever I wake up in the morning she always asks Daddy is it your day off today. Those are the feelings which I feel that I am the luckiest daddy ever.
She always cries once she sees her father is ill or Sad. I have seen my little child prays to God that makes my daddy healthy always.

She Waits for your Instruction.

If you need help your partner could say “No” to you but your daughter will always take care of your words. I still remember those days when I get ill due to the fever and my daughter at 4 years old stayed awake with me for 3 hours just to give me company because I was ill.

Father Love For His Daughter

Different Love

The love between daughter and wife is different, the wife always there for you and cares about you but Daughter live with you for a limited time, when you are happy she is happy. The relationship between father and daughter is not defined able. But you will always feel great whenever you full her any request that she made with you.

Daughters are closer to Daddy

It is by Nature that daughter gets closer to her father then son does. The love which father gives to the daughter and son remains same for both cases but in return, the father gets more love from daughter then Son.
There Home becomes house if there is no daughter in it.

She will always take your side and even though start arguing with her brother for you. She doesn’t mess things like He does.


Once she takes the first step of walking with you that time you get to realize how fast the time ran, and she will be a girl soon to get married, She always keeps interest on my clothing that daddy wear this, that shirt suits you and she always does arguments with her mother that I will ask my daddy, and he will bring that.

Father Love For His Daughter

Never wish Son as a first child.

I have seen many people that they want their First baby as son, I was one of them but luckily I got my first daughter, now I just wonder why people always run for Son, she looks after for every basis things, the best part is that daughter likes to live with the parents at home in most cases they do but Son always like to spend the time outside.

Always try to be calm and her because she is very sensitive and will not live forever with you, there will be a time when she has to go to her house. Just keep remembering one thing that as long as she lives with you in your house she must live like princes for her Father.

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forum Father Love For His Daughter – Zakootas

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