Parent left us.

Parent left usParents are a gift from God. They are a form of blessing, when alive they treat us like flowers no matter how old we get they are always there for us to give love and care. When we are little the take care of us in every way they give us good education and manners, they want us to excel in every field of life and are always worry for our wellbeing.

Parent left us

When we reach adulthood they are more concerned with our job and relationships they want us to have everything we need and if they think we need help though we are perfectly capable of doing it they help us anyway.

Parent left us

They are a source of happiness for us, they are our heroes, kings, and queens of our life. Children always look at their parents for support so does they miss them when they passed away. When you live together or apart family is the thing which is dear to everyone and if a single member of the family goes away he and she will be missed very much.

You feel incomplete without them even knowing that everyone has to go at some time but the pain of it just breaks our heart. We need to understand some facts regarding the loss of one or both of our parents. Here this article will help you in many ways to understand and how to cope with this tragedy.

“Your parents may not be perfect but they are the most precious gift for you”

 Parent left us

Parents Have To Go They Will Not Be With You Forever.

We are blessed to have our parents with us but there comes a stage in life where we just feel helpless and that stage is when our parents leave us forever and go to an eternal place where we all will go someday when our time will come it is a fact and nobody can deny it.


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They are not superheroes though we see them as one so they have to go forever we just have to pray that their death is not painful for them or they don’t fall to some serious illness Parent left us.

Once They Are Alive The World Respect But And When They Left Nobody Care About You.

It’s true when our parents are alive world revolves around us. People respect us and think we are very important but as soon as they left nobody cares people forget us completely nobody cares how we are surviving, how we are coping with our daily life.

In reality, this world is cruel and everyone just cares about himself, they don’t give a damn if you are well or not if you have eaten or not if you have something to wear or not only your parents are the humans who care for all these things and want you to have all these things.

We Should Care For Them As They Cared For Us Because Once They Left You Will Criticize Your Self That You Have Never Done Enough.

When we are small they care for us now when they are old and we grow up it’s our responsibility to take care of them as being told they can’t take care for themselves its difficult for them to do daily home chores and go for shopping and hospital it’s our responsibility being a human and their child to take care of them and to fulfill their needs.

In old age people become fragile and its difficult for them to do hard work even then they constantly strive to do it so we should care for them as they did for us when we were little because once gone you will curse yourself that why didn’t you do it when they were alive.

The Things You Do With Your Parent, Your Children Will Be Doing Same With You.

Care about them provide them with necessities because if you ignore them and just be busy in your life you will face this thing in future where your children will ignore you and leave you on your own and nobody will take care of you and you will be lonely.

Then and only then you will remember your time when you ignored your parents for worldly goods and then nothing will console you and you will just weep for that time.

“Parental love is the only love which is truly selfless, unconditional and forgiving”

You Have To Be An Example Of The Best Child Of Your Parents So That You Can Teach Your Children The Same.

Don’t ignore your inner feelings and try to act on your instincts be an example for your children as they will learn from you when they see you taking care of your parents it will automatically fit in their mind that elders need to be taken care of and they need much respect.

When they will grow old they will respect you and help you as much as they can they won’t feel you as a burden but as a blessing. So you, when you need it for you, give it to your parents. They will be happy and pray for you.

Always Respect Your Elders With Your Children.

Children always follow footprints of their parents to show them that you respect your parents and elders do they will also respect their grandparents. Grandparents always love their grandchildren and this is nature of children that whoever loves them gets their love and attention.

Parent left us

When Parent Leaves They Say To You That I Have Gone And You Will Be Coming To Us Sometime.

It difficult, it’s painful, it’s destroying to leave your parents to their eternal place that is grave but you should not grieve too much as there will come a day when you will be united with them you just have to wait patiently for that time.

Always Be Strong And Handle The Situation Don’t Lose The Temper Because Your Children Are Watching You.

Be polite and don’t lose patience as your children are watching you they are watching you closely they are learning from you and your behavior. So set an example for them don’t ever lose your temper or talk in bad words if you want them to be strong give them situations to observe where they learn how to be polite,  brave and strong this will help them a lot in future.


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