Motivational Speech

Motivational Speech, What is the motivation? It consists of cube b (b3) means it contains three set of B’s which are a belief, behaves and beget. Our thinking must be based on belief and behave and beget will reach us automatically. One always starts with begin which is a belief in something.

Motivational Speech

Let me tell you a golden statement that is your function is always based on your behavior which is an important part of belief system. If you want to succeed in life you need to change your belief system. When your belief is good your behavior will automatically boost.

Everybody wants awesome output but don’t forget if you want excellent output you need to provide input to in the form of hard work. Then comes beget means reward or result which will be according to your wish.

Motivational Speech

Motivational Speech

It doesn’t matter if you are experienced in your field or you have just started your business or career you need to know the essential steps to success which is needed for keeping you motivated towards your goal. Let me share these wonderful thoughts with you which will surely motivate you to work for your goal.

  1. Why unmotivated people couldn’t get anything in life because they choose to do nothing rather motivated people choose to do what they rather not do in normal circumstances.
  2. Everyone wants success but little work for improving their situations and take charge of the responsibility and make changes.
  3. Its nature of people they always make pending decisions to avoid unpleasant situations at work like I’ll do this today if I get organized but tomorrow I’ll take leave.
  4. Who doesn’t want motivation but it requires control over emotions and effectively managing your mind and time. If you fail you will go into depression and become quite.
  5. We all know what is the most depressing and demotivating sentence yes you got it right it begins with. Someday I’ll do this. Tomorrow will start this.
  6. It’s common to think about negative things but do this simply just go to a quiet peaceful place and try thinking positive thoughts, do pray and meditate regularly.
  7. If you want big results ask big questions and answer them. Questions like ‘why I want to become a millionaire?’ Is better than asking ‘how will I start new setup?’
  8. Following your goals is good but follows those goals that scare you rather than those that excite you they are important for strengthening your motivation muscles and thoughts.
  9. Fear of failure is a common cause of holding people back but knows that without action how will you succeed in life, failing is part of life you can’t always win.
  10. Nobody is going to give it to you free you have to earn it and make effort for it. Every value must be earned.


Motivational Speech

Let me tell you story of a famous footballer. His parents were very poor, they were four siblings all sons, one day his father called him and give him a shirt he asked his son what do you think will be the price of this shirt he answered one dollar his father said okay good try to sell it in two dollars. Motivational Speech.

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He starts thinking how he can sell this one dollar shirt in two dollars. An important point to note here is he didn’t lose motivation he started thinking ways to sell in two dollars for him it wasn’t impossible. He washed the shirt and ironed it and hanged it neatly in the hanger and went to the market for selling it.

After eight hours of hard work, he finally able to sell it in two dollars. He came back home and give those two dollars to his father he said, well-done son. After some days he again showed a shirt to him and asked about its price. Son again said it’s for one dollar.

This time his father asked him to sell it for 20 dollars. He again starts thinking about ways to sell it but didn’t for one second he thought this is impossible. He kept thinking, with the help of his friend he pasted sticker of mickey mouse on the shirt and go to the school where rich children used to study there one boy forces his father to buy him this shirt and father in addition with price of shirt that was 20 dollars give 5 dollars as a tip to him he went home and give 25 dollars to his father he was very happy and said, my son, you will be very successful in life.

All this was possible because the son believes in himself and behaves accordingly and the result was more than what he expects. Money.

One day again his father called him and showed the t-shirts to him when he said its price is one dollar he again asked him to sell it but this time for 200 dollars. He didn’t for one second think how this is possible has my father gone mad, rather he starts thinking again how he can sell this shirt for 200 dollars.

He was sitting in his room suddenly on TV there was an announcement that a famous holly wood actress in coming to town for the press conference Fear. He took the train and go there after much struggle and running he reached her when she was about to go on stage he asked her almost pleaded her to sign the shirt he said you are my favorite and I came from far to see you please sign my shirt and she cannot say no to a cute kid and signed it.

Motivational Speech

He came back in the market and start shouting here is the shirt signed by famous actress just in 200 dollars. People came together and soon form a crowd and offering him different prices one said 200000 dollars and said he will have this shirt at any cost kid sell him the shirt and came back to his father gave him 200000 dollars his father became so proud of him and said you my son will succeed in everything in life you are so motivated nothing will stop you and world will know your name.

And his words were true he later became a famous footballer and broke many records. So conceive, believe and achieve is what we should strive for, the only way to get successful in life Motivational Speech.


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