Single Parent

Single parent, I don’t understand why do parents not think of their children when they decide to separate their ways? Like you are responsible for a Living being how can you just think about yourself? If it’s all about you then why you created a human being? Just to agonize your children?

single parent

Being a single parent is a full-time job and you have taken the responsibility with your consent. If you think I am going to bash those parents than you are wrong I am here to explain the hurt and problems of those children who are facing difficulties because of their parents being divorced.

Our society is going crazy as the young parents are not taking responsibility that they are damaging their children by not solving husband wife problems. You want to live single life do it just don’t marry. By separating you encourage hate in your children. Your first priority should be raising healthy and happy kids.

Single parent children often face addictions, aggression, and wrongdoings. You aimlessly argue with each other forgetting that your offspring is listening to it and making his/her own assumptions. They need your attention and you are busy with your problems they need your love and support providing just the resources is not enough for them you need to be present in their life also.

Single Parent

It’s a survey that 45% of children grow up to be abusive to the single parent. Single mothers face resource problems and single father’s children face lack of time from their parent. Then there is a problem of stepmother and father, it’s very difficult for children to give that importance to another person which they have for their mother or father. Conflicts between parents increase high levels of disagreements and endless arguments between children.

single parent


“there is no friendship no love like that of a parent for the child”

The Problem That Children Face

Single Parent, There are a lot of problems that children of single parents face let me tell you some of them:

  • Having to confide in no one is their big issue. They have a problem with opening up to people they are afraid people will make fun of him/her. They feel quite nervous all the time, so they sit separately and don’t mix up with other children.
  • They avoid gatherings because they are shy of talking to people. They feel stressed out and always maintain some distance with people. They are always thinking negative about situations and people Single Parent.
  • They act out of anger and doesn’t care about feelings of others. They shout when they feel nobody is giving them importance.
  • They are always in self -doubt, if they find a job they will feel that they are not worth it and can destroy their career. They are conscious of what people think about them. They through their behavior create negative problems for themselves.
  • Their decision making power is zero they get easily stressed and anxious over things and unnecessarily think about things and get tensed.
  • They have no negotiating power in them. People can easily manipulate them.

single parent

“its easier for a father to have children than for children to have a father”


People Give Strange Look If I Tell Them That I Am A Son/Daughter Of A Single Parent.

A very BIG problem in single parent son is people look at me like I am an alien. It’s very annoying for me, I ignore it but sometimes it got me so bad that my mood gets destroyed and I feel like punching something or someone so hard.

Single Parent, I want to hurt people who make fun of me. It’s a challenge for me to look these kinds of people in eye and interact with them. I know my mom has worked so hard to raise me and she is best but sometimes I miss my dad.


single parent


When my class fellows come to games with their parents and me with my mom and sometimes without her when she has work to do they give me strange looks that I feel like a whole appear in earth and I drown in it. trust me my life is not easy and you are making it more difficult.

I feel sorrow drowned me and I feel envious of my friends when they tell me stories of the holidays they spend with both their parents. I want people to understand me, they need to understand my problems I want myself to be strong.

Why Do They Get Divorced, Why Don’t They Live For The Sake Of Their Children?

Single Parent, There can be several reasons for parents divorcing and not thinking about their parents.

  • Financial troubles: I know people face financial troubles and they go to places for financial assistance but they forget their families and decide to stay there and the only option they are left with is to divorce so they can live freely. They make financial commitments but forget their children.
  • Bad parenting: parent should think about their parenting qualities, they should think about their children how much important they are for them how important their presence in their children’s life. For your children’s maturity and emotional strength, you need to be present in their life. Take out the time from your busy schedule and spend time with them.
  • Loneliness: they will feel alone they need both their parents.
  • Lack of self-esteem: they carve you and your affection don’t deny them. Don’t blame them for your conditions. Do good for them and raise them well.
  • Difficulties: your absence is going to create difficulties in their life and when you divorce it’s a great loss for them try to be more protective and don’t divorce just for their sake.


single parent


Sometimes I Need Mother/Father But They Are Not With Me.

When you are a child of single parent you will feel lack of their presence in your life. As they are going to earn for the household so they will not be present all the time and you will miss them. You may feel abandoned and sadness will wash over you. When you want them and they are not there you will have a difficult time socializing and connecting with people also Single Parent.

Parents Have Ego Problems.

Mostly parents who divorced have ego issues they just think about their self and ignore well- being of their children. They are not understanding that this behavior is damaging their kids. Your motto should be:

“ no matter what my kids come first, it’s that simple”

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