My Son Is Against Me

My Son is against me, Children’s minds are very soft they begin their lives loving their parents than their family and then friends. They grow to judge people not so harshly but once grown up their perception of life changes they become more and more judgmental about the ways of their parents. And if they find any flaw with them they try to cut them out of their lives.

My Son Is Against Me

We never know that which thing of their parents has them make like that person who doesn’t want to listen or in some case just move out of the house. Same is the case with me I feel my son is getting against me day by day he is getting farther shows anger and resentment of living with me.

 I don’t like this and just wanted to overcome this problem. I wanted to be in good terms with him and for that, I am trying my best. Here are some tips I am following and hoping it would help you too.

Never beat him on his mistakes (My Son is against me).

I love him a lot but sometimes he gets on my nerves by not listening to what I am saying and he is growing up and becoming a strong individual so it’s not good that I beat him. I don’t remember I have beaten him on his mistakes; you don’t count those soft spankings I did just to make him understand something. Everybody does mistakes I know but to beat him is just not the perfect solution.

Never yell at him if he tries to get smart (My Son is against me).

I know he is growing up and in this process, a child is going through tough things. He needs to concentrate on his studies and how to bring good grades and do the assignment properly and on time. I try very hard not to yell or shout at him. He takes interest in home chores too and when he wanted to be smart I let him be, I appreciate him and always prefer his advice or work he suggest give importance to it.

My Son Is Against Me

Never discriminate him in front of the mother (My Son is against me).

Mothers are the being who is very sensitive to their sons they love them unconditionally. My wife is same she even used to ignore me for our son, she loves him that much. She wants me to be polite and soft towards our son, she wants me to take care of him and never discriminate or underestimate his abilities so no matter how wrong he may be I seemed to just control myself in front of his mother, as she is going to be always taking his sides.

Don’t interfere if the mother is giving him lecture (My Son is against me).

She is always in her favor but she is firm women she lectures him a lot to make him understand situations in life and I have seen he listens to her too. She wants me to be understanding too about her ways and doesn’t want me to interfere when she lectured him about something.

Never discriminate him with other siblings or newborn sibling (My Son is against me).

It’s my personal experience that you need to give equal importance to all your children as the ones who have come earlier to you will feel jealous if you discriminate him with his other siblings. He is your first born so he needs more attention and there is nothing wrong with it if you want him not to feel bad than do it for him and for the sake of his personality.

“a child who is allowed to be disrespectful to his parents will not have true respect for anyone.”


Never give priority to your pets rather than children (My Son is against me).

It’s good if you have pets and I know people get attached to them but no way you are allowed to give more priority to them than your children they will keep that in mind throughout their lives and mock you.

Don’t show angriness to children if you are upset (My Son is against me).

It okay if your day was tough at work but don’t put its stress on the weal minds of your children they are now not in a position to understand you so cut a slack and give them this. Keep office things at there and be a good father at home.

My Son Is Against Me

Never be disrespectful to son (My Son is against me).

Children are more than sensitive creatures they observe things a lot and quite conscious about the behavior of those in his family. So it’s a tip to never be disrespectful to him in any way, they are also human being though quite little now but at some point they have to grow up and if they have some memory in their brain of you disrespecting them than it will be quite difficult for you and then do not blame them than for their rude behavior, because they have learned it from you.

Never argue in front of the son he will do the same. Show respect for elders so that he can pick and do the same (My Son is against me).

I tried to never argue in front of him so that he doesn’t pick it up and think it’s normal to argue. I tried to show him by my behavior how to give respect to elders and their opinions, so he got the idea and do the same.

Never get frustrated talking to him (My Son is against me).

It’s the nature of children that they asked about things so don’t get frustrated and scold him instead you need to encourage him and talk to him politely. Remember a child learns through his mother or father to be a good example for them to follow. If you want them to be good in life present them with something good too. They are not going to learn on their own you need to take their hand and take them to the right path.

My Son Is Against Me

Tell other children to listen to the elder son (My Son is against me).

He is elder son of the family give him due respect, make other children understand that he is also a responsible member of the family after mom and dad so they need to follow his orders and obviously he being all big will feel this responsibility and act according to it.

“You will grow out of my lap but not my heart”

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