Lying Relationship

Lying relationship, Lying is considered as cheating and deceiving to the ones who trust you and this is like hurting another person with bad intentions knowingly. I know there can be times in life when telling a lie is a good thing sometimes, but mostly it comes in bad ethics.

Lying relationship

Truth is ultimate basis of good trust building is important but it’s a fact that we don’t feel comfortable when we have to tell a truth but we don’t even shy from telling a lie and this is mostly in our professional lives.

If you are telling a truth to make another person happy then there is no harm in it sometimes it motivates other person but other times people use it to hurt the feelings of others and that is wrong. Mostly we started lying when we see people around us lying continuously so we also don’t feel its bad and start lying too.

Lying relationship

There are many types of lies you told like sometimes your lies are so well intentioned that they are quite morale boosters but other times they are just meaningless or you being selfish with other person and that’s immoral.

Just think about it whether your lying has worst consequences or not? Are you doing the right thing by telling lie or not? Just think about it first before saying anything!

Lying relationship

“the truth may hurt but lies kill”

Lying relationship


Lying relationship, Do a survey ask people are they comfortable to be lied to? 95% of them will say we are not comfortable being lied to and can’t tolerate it.

  • They want the truth from their partners their family and friends mostly. So don’t shatter their hopes and tell the truth. You don’t want your friendship or relationship to be destroyed don’t put them in jeopardy and start telling truth.
  • Let me tell you some advantages of telling the truth that will motivate you to tell it:
  •  There is a kind of truth called white lie it’s a mixture of lie and truth, so spoke it instead of straight lie.
  •  When you tell a lie to your classmate that you like his handwriting it will encourage him even if it’s not true but it’s not bad to lie here.
  •  Telling your wife you like the food she cooked even if its bad in taste will motivate her that’s good lying she will be very happy with you.
  •  Just lie to your friend you like his partner it will save your friendship with him.
  •  Protecting feelings of your parents by lying to them when they do something wrong just because they are old is good for both you and them.
  •  There is a kind of dangerous lie that we told to just protect ourselves try to avoid though it is an advantage to you.
  • It helps you avoid conflicts and hurting others.

Lying relationship


  • There are millions of disadvantages of telling a lie to let me list down some important ones for you:
  • It kills the sense of freedom for someone and you gain the control over them.
  • Sooner or later you have to pay the cost of lying when other person finds out the truth.
  • It will lead to problems in your relationship.
  • It will destroy the trust and many distances occur due to it.
  • You will be blamed for everything again and again once they found you lying.
  • Lying to your husband and wife has serious consequences it can lead to divorce or separation.
  • The more we lie the less they trust us.
  • Our professional life will be damaged due to our constant lying we may become jobless.

Lying relationship

Lying relationship  who get benefits

Lying relationship, Obviously, the person lying is going to get all the benefits form lying. We don’t know how malicious nature he has that he considered lying good thing and do that quite often.

Damaged is done trust is broken but he got the benefit so his purpose of lying is achieved he will be happy ignoring the long-term disadvantages of lying.

Problems with Lying relationship in life  

Think how you feel about liars? Is this acceptable to you if you are being lied? Are you okay with lying in return? These all questions are the solution to this lying habit if we just think on them. We often got so fascinated by lying we cant even detect it.

It’s also a lie that people say they don’t lie. Everybody lies but the extent of telling a lie does counts. You are creating your own hole when you lie because it’s proven that sooner or later you got caught lying it’s not going to work forever Lying relationship.

A little lie is okay to be told but avoids big ones they will create a mess for you that it’s going to be hard for you to solve.

Lying relationship

Lying relationship effect

Relationships are fragile and handle with care thing and you destroy it by lying to your boyfriend or girlfriend. They will not trust you again and think of you as a cheater. And you solely are blamed for this.

Work environment effect

Telling a lie in your work environment is bad for you to avoid it at any cost. If you want to save your job then telling a small lie is allowed but lying continuously to pull the leg of your colleague or to defame someone is bad and karma will hit you hard if you do it.

Lying relationship, socializing effects

If you lie to gain sympathies of people around you and you fake it then its bad they will know in future that you lie and will avoid helping you but if you genuinely want someone to like you and lie a bit about yourself then it’s not a big deal.

If you are lonely and lie to get socialize then its okay but don’t overdo it. Generally, a layperson is not liked by many so beware of lying.

Lying relationship

The problem in Lying relationship with it family

yes, it will create serious issues in families I have seen families got destroyed due to it. The family is a bonding which is very pure in the family no one wants to hurt you and you understand each other and in this environment, if you lie then you are deceiving those who love you and that’s a bad thing on your part. Don’t hurt people who love you more than anything Lying relationship.

“lying is the quickest ways to ruin a beautiful relationship”

Lying a little is but normal big lies are not allowed! Lying Relationship

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