Will You Marry Me

Will You Marry Me, It’s a study that says one in every four divorces regret their decision of splitting up later.

Would you consider remarrying your ex? Divorce is a horrible fact in one’s life there surely are bad memories connected with it that why we hesitate to discuss it publically.

To remarry your ex – this very idea is impossible but to some, it may bring secret longing they feel for that person. People are hesitant to admit that they want that person again, Will You Marry Me.

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”

I am going to tell you about two couples and explain their stories of remarrying their ex, they are surely going to surprise and motivate you if you are suffering from the same situation then you will find them enchanting.

Will You Marry Me

There is a 66 years old women who has her own knitwear company and lives with her husband of 67 years who is a retired advocate. They live in North California. They have three grown-up children.

They first got married in November of 1972 and got divorced in 1995, but in August of 2016 they got married again. They are quite a happy and cheerful couple they are now delighted that they will grow old together.

Will You Marry Me

When I met Victoria I asked her the reason for her divorce. She told me that as she has married him again now their relationship has more meaning it is deeper now. They appreciate being together.

Now they do not take each other for granted. She says they both realized that they are lucky to have this second chance. When they first got married she was 22 and he was 23. They met on their common friend’s wedding.

He was then taking training to become attorney. He was very handsome with dark hair and brilliant eyes. He was a gentleman and make me laugh. We saw each other at the wedding and talked until we realized there was quite some time passed since we started talking. Couple of days later he asked me out.

“The older I get, the less time I want to spend with the part of the human race that didn’t marry me.”

Will You Marry Me

I accepted and that’s how we started dating each other. After 2 years he proposed and I thinking he is the “one” accepted his proposal. We married after 5 months. I was very nervous at that time but everything went smoothly.

Will You Marry Me

Later we moved to California so he could take over family business because of his father’s death. I was very excited to set up my new home and never thought of unhappiness in those days.

But slowly as when we were at home together we argued a lot and there were more silence between us, I feel I was more happy at work or outside. Than after the gaps of three three years my three children born. We have a huge 6 bedroom house.

But after around 12 years of marriage, we began falling apart. He was very busy in fact busy all the time in his business, he used to travel a lot. It was hard to be in touch and I feel abandoned. We were young and rather supporting each other we grew unhappy.

We started arguing a lot. And eventually one day packed my bags and left him. He was shocked and try to make up but I refused. Our children were also busy in their lives. We spoke through lawyer and got divorced, in the process I got to know he was also having an affair. Will You Marry Me.

I was shattered. It was 2002 when I received the news of my sisters illness she was seriously ill. I went to see her and there he was, came to see her. I was struggling through depression and we just talked. After knowing everything he wanted to support me.

“Marriage, ultimately, is the practice of becoming passionate friends.”

He took me to lunch that day and though we were seeing each other after seven years we spoke like we used to there was no awkward silence between us. It was relief for me. He was also happy to see me and I needed a shoulder to cry on. My sister died after 5 days and he was with me all that time he was my support as I grieved for her.

Will You Marry Me

Age has changed him; I saw his soft side which I have forgotten. We started seeing each other again and after one year he convinced me to remarry and in July of next year we got married again in a simple ceremony. It was just our family affair. Will You Marry Me.

Now I thought about it, it has bring extra romance in my life which I absolutely love. It’s wonderful to know we are growing old together and building a beautiful life for our children.

There is this 76-year-old catering manager who lives with her husband of 77 years, a retired engineer, in Netherland. Their first marriage was in 1955 on Christmas eve but got divorced in 1965. They had two children.

They got married again in December 2014. They first met at a birthday party. They immediately noticed a spark between them. They started dating each other and after three years got married. He gave her beautiful diamond ring as a wedding gift.

When they got married she was quite young. She wanted to spend time with her friends but he doesn’t want her to meet them, he always wanted her home, and got angry if she stayed out late. She got upset with him she met a new guy at friend’s wedding and started liking him meanwhile they had their first newborn.

He suspected something is wrong with her but choose to ignore it, their second child was born after 2 years. I was young this a too big a responsibility for me so despite him begging me to stay I moved out. I got married again and he was more outgoing and exciting than my first husband. Will You Marry Me.

We were happy. Meanwhile, my ex-husband remarried but after two years his wife died in an accident. I further have two more children with my second husband but on one fine evening, I got a call that he had a heart attack.

Will You Marry Me

He left me alone, I was devastated. After about a year in a family get together hosted by my daughter we saw each other again. He looked older but somehow same with those dark, lovely and kind eyes. We sat facing each other talking about things for hours.

He kissed me goodbye and that was a wonderful feeling. We started seeing each other again; we talked and have dinner or have long walks. We feel that we are addicted to each other.

After six months he got down on his knee again and proposed which of course I accepted. It was a delightful experience to get married again. In a beautiful ceremony of 100 guests, we got married. We feel our selves lucky to found love again.

We are different emotionally this time, more mature and understanding. Everything seems very fitting now.

More matter what husband and wives are the pillar of any marriage and they should exert full effort to work it out. Second chances are a blessing but everyone can’t have them so try to appreciate it! Will You Marry Me.

“Being someone’s first love is great, but to be their last is beyond perfect”

Will You Marry Me

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